Help Cynthia Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Ever since 6th grade my teeth were messed up! I never smiled in middle school and high school or now! If you add me on Facebook all my photos are the same! I NEVER show my teeth because I hate them so much! I feel it’s affecting my self esteem! I tell my boyfriend all the time and sometimes cry because I just wish I had a beautiful smile like everyone else I hang around with! Everyone always ask if I’m mad but I’m not its just cuz I can’t smile like the way I really want too! My mom took me to a Dentist one year cuz my front tooth were two teeth together underneath my crown but I think I needed a root canal and they still put it on anyways! Now it’s coming off and I got a big bump on the top of the tooth! I hope you guys do help me with my smile because I really really need it!

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