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My name is Susan, and I am thinking on getting your PressOn Veneers.
Here is my story:
All my life I have been plagued with bad teeth. My parents were not rich
so they could not afford regular visits to the dentist. As result of this, I had
have many teeth pulled. My front teeth were so bad, I have had numerous
fillings and now, if those fillings were to fall out, the teeth would not be able
to support new fillings. I have a big gap on the lower left side where I used
to have a partial tooth bridge but after 18 years, the one supporting this tooth bridge started
hurting and had to have it removed. I am missing a tooth on the upper left
side that affects my smile so I dont show my teeth when I smile, for me to
have that tooth replacement with a bridge costs $750. I already had 2 teeth
replaced with a bridge on the right side which cost me $1200.
My front teeth as I mentioned are ugly and this too affects my smile. I am very
self conscious when I talk because I think people stare at me when they see
how ugly my teeth are and that I am missing teeth.I started looking online for cosmetic teeth covers
like imako or secure smile but people say they really look like fake teeth and I
want to have a beautiful smile that looks real. I saw your pictures of clients and read your
Press on veneers teeth reviews and know that these will be perfect to cover my teeth.
The cost of dental implants is too high and painful. Even the cost of dentures online is a little
less but I could not get used to a dental partial denture that I have to cover the gap
on the left side, I don’t think I could get used to full dentures and the time I
would have to take off work just to heal after having teeth pulled would be
too expensive for me.
I am 54 years old and I just recently lost my husband on sept. 28th 2014
I need to be able to smile without being self conscious about it. I am hoping that Brighter Image
veneers online will help me!

Please help.
Susan Karmazenuk.

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