Help Lamont Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My story started when I was a child having to wearing braces to correct my over bite  and having large teeth in the front kept me from smiling as well talking in front of someone because of being insecure. I am in need for the new cosmetic teeth covers because when  I  speak I see people cover their teeth by using their lips every time they speak with me it is a jab at my self esteem .  At work I notice I have withdrawals from interacting  with people because I notice when I speak it seems people are staring at the discoloration of my  teeth plus the fact there not straight (which the new cosmetic teeth covers will fix) Many times when I have questions about something pertaining work , I will wing it or do things without asking because I  feel very insecure about my bad teeth.  This has been a night mare for me since I was a child. Having braces early in childhood only to have them removed when my parents where going through their divorce just made things a lot harder for me to interact with people I just withdrawal myself from going out to meet people even at my job where I could interact more which I would love to but don’t. I pray for a day that I can speak to people without the feeling like I have to be short with my words in order to save face. Now at 43yrs old I would like to smile and talk at the same time. I would like to smile in our next family pictures and surprise my family because I never smile.


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