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Hi my name is Taina I am 18 years old. My father is a  veteran meaning we don’t get dental insurance what’s so ever. I’ve always dreamed of getting braces since young. In my childhood I had an enormous gap between my teeth along with an over bite due to thumb sucking, as years passed by terrified to go into high school with a goofy smile I decided to do something about it in 9th grade. I wrapped a clear rubber ban around my two front teeth and slowly but surely my gap closed. My 14 year old self was quite happy with the results  until the public noticed it when I smiled, embarrassing.  I’ve been wearing the rubber band every since and never take it off afraid it’ll revert back to a gap. Now from the shifting I have two gaps on the sides of my front teeth and one is longer the other and crooked. They’re both also farther out than the rest of my teeth. I get nicknamed “spongebob”  at the day care I work at. My slight yellow discoloration doesn’t help very much either. I’m tired of looking like a “bucked tooth rodent” I was referred to in school. I want to smile and look like I’m 18 years old.

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