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I am a Working Mom who Never Smiles due to her bad teeth, I had little to no dental care as a child as well as an adult, I had little to no dental care as a child as well as an adult.  I as well as ALL 3 of my children have anadontia.  My wedding pictures are ok. my photographer said he had never seen a more serious bride.  The saddest thing… 27 yr.. old daughter is getting married in November, and I intend to “hide” as much as I can to avoid ruining her wedding photos and album because of my bad teeth and the fact I never smile.  I have few pictures of myself and my family because of my smile due to having bad teeth.  My middle daughter has had her braces on since 2008 and refuses to get them off worried if she does she will have bad teeth like her mom. Both my middle and youngest had braces, but their teeth are tiny and jagged and they never smile as well.  I know a lot of this is genetic and blame myself for their teeth but if I had a veneer to wear I know I could give all of my children hope that just because you have bad teeth and never smile there are options out there to turn this around!!


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