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School is out and summer is upon us! Warmer weather makes everyone year to be outside, get active, and get some sunshine. Summer is also the time when we catch up with friends, travel, and visit family. For some people, these are events to be dreaded rather than anticipated because of a challenged smile. With broken teeth, missing teeth, pointed teeth, or stained and chipped teeth, being in a social setting becomes uncomfortable when you feel you have to hide your smile. Lumineers and Snap-On Smile have historically offered a way past that challenge with dental help through your family dentist. Created to bring people into the closest dentist, the Snap-On Smile was designed as an entry level component to Lumineers porcelain veneers and only available through a dentist. People with bad teeth went into the dentist to ask for this Snap On, hoping that they would get a quick - Read More

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Finding A Good Dentist Near Me

How dental marketing keeps me from visiting the dentist School was out! I think the only person more excited about the end of school, besides the school staff, was me. No more 6:30 wake up alarms for a solid month would put me back to getting a full seven hours, and I have to admit that I was jazzed. The downside was that with summer, came another laundry list of things that had to be done. Athletic physicals, lawn mowing in the brutal Texas heat, and the dreaded trip to our local family dental professional. Going to teeth cleaning was about as much fun for me as—nothing I can think of. As the Rolodex of chores whirred through my head, I paused at the dentist visit to try for a second to wrap my mind around why I dreaded the task so much. Unlike so many people, I have insurance - Read More

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How Many PPM Is A Safe Amount For Fluoride In Water?

A closer look at the link between fluoride in the water & health issues   Walk down the self-care aisle of any grocery store and you will find an array of toothpaste and mouthwash that promise to do everything except make you taller. Use this one to get whiter teeth and another one to help sensitive teeth. What do most of these products have in common? They contain fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring chemical substance found in minor quantities throughout the air, in water, soil, plants, animals, in toothpaste, many city water supplies, soft drinks, and at the dentist. The effort to ramp up fluoride in the United States began as early as the 1930s in an attempt to prevent dental caries through the addition of fluoride to the public water supply. By 1951, water fluoridation was the official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service with fluoridated water - Read More

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My Conversation With a Rich Dentist

There are a lot of really great dentists out there. Sometimes, in our line of work, it's easy to forget that. We hear so many horror stories from our clients that it seems like there are more dentists causing problems for people than fixing them. But that's not true. Most dentists are good people, trying to do a good job for their patients. We don't dislike dentists; in fact, the ones who take the time and get to know us, really do see the value in what we offer and many end up working WITH us in a truly symbiotic relationship. BUT the reality is that our No Dentist Smile Makeovers put us at odds with a big portion of the industry. In marketing terms, we're considered a 'disruptive technology'. And that's just a fancy way to say that we've found a new way of doing things that's changing the status quo. - Read More

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Brighter Image Lab is bringing a smile to the faces of children in need by supporting Austin Children’s Services:

What gives a smile meaning isn’t the physical act of parting lips or the inherent beauty of someone’s teeth. What makes a smile meaningful is the cause behind it. A smile represents joy, passion, security, and hope. However, all too often those simple feelings are out of reach for children being raised in homes of abuse or neglect. Our goal at Brighter Image Lab has always been to provide smiles for as many people as possible, and that doesn’t stop with creating our PressOn Veneers. Sometimes that means working with organizations like Austin Children’s Services. For more than 30 years ACS has been working to end child abuse and neglect in the Austin area, by providing residential and non-residential services aimed at strengthening families and keeping children safe in their own homes. Brighter Image Lab has chosen to support Austin Children’s Services not only through monetary donation, but also by - Read More

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Dentists Have No Right To Limit Who Can Whiten Your Teeth, Justices Say

The U.S. #Supreme Court has ruled that #dentists have no authority to regulate competiton The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the #North Carolina #dental board does not have the authority to regulate teeth-whitening services. By a 6-to-3 vote, the court said that the state board, composed mainly of dentists, violated the nation's antitrust laws by regulating the activity of competitors. #Teeth whitening at a dentist's office can be expensive, so non-dentists started offering the service at a lower price at spas and shopping centers in North Carolina. The state board of dental examiners, which consists mainly of dentists, accused the whitening businesses of practicing dentistry without a license, and ordered them to stop or face potential criminal charges. At that point, the Federal Trade Commission intervened to block the board's actions. A lower court sided with the FTC, agreeing that state regulatory power ends when it gives private dentists - Read More

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Is Your Texas Dentist Ripping You Off?

Is "#creative diagnosis" by Texas Dentists really a ripoff? My household's level of confidence in dentistry is at an all-time low. About six months ago, my texas #dentist informed me that my "bunny teeth" were likely getting in the way of my professional success, a problem he could correct with a (pricey) cosmetic procedure. If I let him fix my teeth, he told me, he was sure I would start "dressing better." A few months later, my husband scheduled a basic cleaning with a new Texas Dentist. Once they had him in the chair and looked at his teeth, they informed him that the regular cleaning wouldn't do at all: He would need to reschedule for an $800 deep cleaning. No thanks. We were convinced we must look like suckers—until I came across an op-ed in ADANews, the official publication of the American Dental Association. The article, by longtime pediatric dentist - Read More

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The Shame of Poor Bad Teeth in a Rich Dentist World

Poor Bad Teeth - Embarrassed To Smile If you have a mouthful of poor bad teeth shaped by a childhood in poverty, don’t go knocking on the door of Rich Dentist. I am bone of the bone of them that live in trailer homes. I grew up next to Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett, the hostile former drug addict from the prison TV drama Orange Is the New Black. I know her by her poor bad teeth. Pennsatucky – a scrappy slip of a woman menacing, beating and proselytising to fellow inmates – stole the show during the first season of the Netflix prison series. But amid an ensemble cast of similarly riveting, dangerous characters, it was her grey, jagged poor bad teeth that shocked viewers into repulsed fixation. She was the villain among villains, a monster that fans loved to hate; ‘Pennsatucky teeth’ became a pejorative in social media. Actress Taryn Manning’s - Read More

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Emotional Effects of Tooth Loss

Approximately 30% of the working or retired population of the United States are missing at least one tooth. Tooth loss can happen for a multitude of reasons: bone loss, gum disease, an accident, or other health issues. Obviously this isn't aesthetically pleasing, but what about the emotional ramifications? Numerous studies have shown that people with tooth loss are viewed in a more negative light than those with perfect smiles. People with tooth loss are all too aware of this reality, and it can have a terrible impact on their mental health. Many issues can arise from something as serious as tooth loss. Some of which are: depression, poor self-esteem, and speech problems. These problems can lead to a person isolating themselves and being unwilling to socialize. When teeth or tooth loss is quite apparent (perhaps a front tooth is missing) the depression and social anxiety can increase. Individuals with missing - Read More

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Those Who Can Afford a Dentist Don't Need One

Picture the ideal "American dream" family: A father with a job that pays well, a nurturing mother, and their 2.5 children. This family has the time and money to schedule all of their necessary dentist appointments. In this reality, the father's job probably has excellent benefits that include dental insurance, the mother will take the children to their dentist appointments, and the children grow up with the assurance of regular dental care and braces to fix any issues with their smile. This upper middle-class family with already perfect teeth easily makes the recommended bi-annual trips to the dentist for upkeep. Unfortunately, this is not an actuality for the majority of families. Many poor and lower-middle-class families do not receive adequate care, in part because most dentists want customers who can pay cash or have private insurance. This prevalent problem raises the question: Is the dentist in the habit of helping - Read More

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