Affordable Smile Makeovers – We Did It Because Somebody Had To

Imagine needing to change your smile. However, after going to a dentist specializing in smile makeovers, you receive a dental treatment plan that’s more expensive than your car. So you do what most people do: fold up the treatment plan and set it aside, and continue to deal with the pain of a bad smile. Many people are left in this predicament and their hopes are gone.

Review the latest studies on dental health in America and you will see that there is an ocean of people that are severely unhappy with their teeth. Their smiles are bad and it affects their health, their relationships, their careers, and their self-esteem.

In the past, people have turned to the dentists as the sole source of information for smile makeovers. But now many people are looking beyond the dental industry because they feel the high cost of the dental industry bears a heavy portion of the responsibility for the problems in the first place. That alone keeps them from a real solution.

Dental veneers, dentures and implants are the Cadillac of the dental industry, and many people aren’t looking for a Cadillac; they’re looking for an affordable answer that can get them back to their lives. What they are discovering is the new “No Dentist” smile makeovers created by . The “No Dentist” solution comes from the ingenuity of their “lab direct” process that puts clients in the driver’s seat. Almost out of nowhere, one dental lab in Texas has logged over 6500 dental veneers from clients adamant about improving their smiles.

“At Brighter Image Lab, we didn’t set out to challenge the dental industry,” says Bil Watson, ”We saw our clients struggling with severe problems, and we saw that most of them were out of options. We didn’t spend thousands of hours to painstakingly develop a revolutionary new product because we wanted to.”

In the beginning, it was tough. No one had tried it before and the process at that time was developing. Clients consistently told them, “It’s not perfect, but will you just keep trying? I need this more than you know.” So they continued to hone the design and made big investments into software, technology, packaging and streamlining the process to where they are today. The results are amazing.

Now even dentists are referring clients to Brighter Image Lab. People who were saying “No” to the dentist are now calling to ask about the No Dentist Smile Makeovers. Watson states, “When people ask us why we did it, we tell them we did it because somebody had to.”

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