How Low Cost Dental Veneers in Tijuana Helped Create Press On Veneers

In 2008, the Great Recession forced businesses across the country to adapt or perish. Hitting every market from real estate to web design, small businesses were particularly vulnerable to the economic downturn and millions were forced to tighten their belts and redefine what constituted “the necessities.” As people began to understand the effects of the new status quo, pivotal changes became necessary, and the area of dentistry took a hit during this period—as did every other facet of business.

During one evening walk, Bil Watson of Brighter Image Lab got into a conversation with a fellow dog walker that opened his eyes to an unfilled need for people who simply did not have the funds now to fix their smiles during what were critically tough economic times in the United States. Complimenting her on her beautiful smile, the woman was quick to share that she had just returned from Tijuana, Mexico where she had undergone the final half of a two-part treatment plan for dental veneers. She was thrilled about the effects of what she viewed as elite dental veneers.

She obviously loved the effect and was ebullient in her praise of the dentist in Mexico who had helped her afford the veneers that she would never have been able to afford in the United States. After a lengthy conversation with her, Bil asked her what other options were available if she hadn’t gone to Mexico to get veneers. “None,” she replied. As a single woman on a fixed income, she truly believed that a future with bad teeth was going to be her only option before she found a reliable dentist in Tijuana. In that conversation, Bil understood the lengths people will go to in order to gain a nice smile.

That encounter resonated with him. He had worked to bring affordable teeth whitening to the public, and he now began to understand that people needed more than just a whiter smile. As he began to research the options, Bil understood what this woman had been trying to impart: there simply were no good choices beyond traditional veneers or bulky, unattractive clip on smiles. Many people hesitated at more than just the cost—though the $10,000.00-$15,000.00 price tag was staggering enough. The client feedback for dental veneers was riddled with warnings regarding breakage, grinding nightmares, and fiascos with dentists who were literally unprepared to apply veneers. People were looking for a way to get a nice smile for a reasonable price, even if just to wear for a high school reunion, without grinding their teeth down to nothing.

Bil strongly believed that the wave of new technologies held the answer for these people. Responding to what he felt was a critical gap that existed between dentistry’s disregard for people who could not afford to fix their teeth and the overwhelming call for a self-help product in the area of cosmetic smile enhancement, Bil believed he could leverage the technology to help people get the smile they wanted without dentistry and without altering their teeth. It was this vision that produced Press On Veneers and spurred Brighter Image Lab even further forward in creating a thin, removable, reversible cosmetic veneer of clip on teeth.

It didn’t happen overnight, though. No one had ever set out to go about in this way, and his business model was firmly committed to not only a perfect product that didn’t look or feel like fake teeth, but also a price point that would be affordable for everyone who just wanted the appearance of a nice smile. However, the entire design was predicated on the use of technology, rather than dentistry, in its design and implementation. Technology had replaced operators, salespeople, filing cabinets, and the beeper, and Bil knew that technology could tackle a smile makeover as well. For two years, he worked to find the emergent technology and combine it with the necessary software to create a product whose design and manufacture were still nothing more than a concept.

Like a sculptor with the vision to see the form trapped inside the marble, Bil knew the answer was there and struggled against the naysayers, forcing the technology and software into a new arena of smile enhancement. More than anything, the force that drove him was the urgent requests from potential clients for him to continue to try to find a way. The cavalier attitude towards people who did not have the means to fix their teeth had taken a toll on people who were already sunk under the weight of the recession. With money getting tighter, potential clients were waiting in line for anything that could help them compete for jobs with a nice smile and allow them to get back to work.

In the end, it wasn’t good fortune or luck that led to the Press On Veneer. It was two years of seven-days-a-week workdays for Bil, divided into 10-4 and 8-2 am, until he found the solution. The core philosophy of creating a revolutionary product to meet the needs of people who had no other choice for an affordable, non-dental, smile makeover drives Press On Veneers and the staff at Brighter Image Lab to continue to make removable veneers better with each technology advancement. Trust, appreciation, and innovation have made a beautiful smile available to everyone from Melbourne Australia or Manchester United Kingdom to Tijuana Mexico through visiting today to learn how easy it is now to have the smile you want the world to see that’s affordable and without flying to Tijuana Mexico..

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