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Affordable Smile Makeovers – We Did It Because Somebody Had To

Imagine needing to change your smile. However, after going to a dentist specializing in "affordable smile makeovers", you receive a dental treatment plan that’s more expensive than your car. So you do what most people do: fold up the treatment plan and set it aside, and continue to deal with the pain of a bad…
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No Dentist Smile Makeovers Now Available at Brighter Image Lab

No Dentist Smile Makeovers are more affordable than you think. #BrighterImageLab, a Dallas based company, is using technology to challenge the dental industry by offering a more reasonable, viable option for no dentist smile makeovers to people needing to improve their smile. The product is a removable dental veneer called Press On Veneers or BIL…
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New Technology Makes Smile Makeovers Affordable

New Technology makes Smile Makeovers Affordable for clients with No Dentist Visit. launches online with introductory videos and new client promotion. New technology is opening the door to affordable smile makeovers for a wider range of clients through removable dental veneers. Brighter Image Lab has been offering its process known as “Lab Direct” to…
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