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Our Fit Philosophy

Our #1 Fit Philosophy is - To Make the Best 1st Impression

It's this simple: we have one size - It's the correct size made from your impressions.

Because as our client, you start your job by supplying us a great impression of your teeth!

Exact impressions of your teeth make a great fitting dental veneer everytime!

Our clients start every job, we simply finish it by designing your dental veneer from your impression.

Removable Dental Veneers are unique because our clients start creating their veneers themselves. They take the initial impression of their existing teeth. This allows us to have the exact teeth size and statue which fits accurately. The Brighter Image Lab® foundation was established on finishing the design process from the impression we receive.

Dental Impressions

Our motto is: "Life's too beautiful to have a smile that does not fit your face." Consider the logic of this bold statement: "A correctly fitted dental veneer alleviates years of embarrassment, allowing you to transform your whole self image by yourself."

Brighter Image's Veneers are custom designed and wear evenly, to be comfortable through long days, with no need for removal.

It all starts by receiving a great impression from clients! It ends with us designing you a wonderful new smile that can change your life.

New Improved Master Modeling Fluids(MMF) for precision details and accuracies
With Higher Resolution 3D scanning than ever before. Faster curing and set strengths
That allow for faster processing and turnaround time.

High graphic resolutions allow our designer and lab technicians to use craftsmanship contouring and reshaping skills that produce thinner yet stronger cross locks for each and every covered area of the Bilveneer we build with all the details and shaping leaving an ultimate pearl like polished effects that last. This graphic contouring serves to allow better seating of our BilVeneers than ever believed possible before now. This New Technology creates powerful advances in both of the most important elements of designing - fitting and appearances – This is and always will be our true focus.


5 Things you should know about the fit and feel of your veneers

Our technology allows us to make dental veneers that are extremely thin (even as thin as a contact lens in some areas) and even though this additional layer is measured on very small scale it is important to understand that the veneers will always feel:

  1. Thicker - than your existing teeth
  2. Longer - than your existing teeth
  1. Wider - than your existing teeth
  2. Adhesive Dots - may be required
  1. Remakes and/or Adjustments may be necessary as part of our process.

In the past, these aspects were viewed as a negative, but more and more people are praising the increased dimensions as a positive, because of the improvements to the overall look of the face and smile. Elongating the smile makes it more prominent which can give the appearance of youthful energy and decrease that undesirable ‘tired‘ look. Widening the smile, helps the face look smoother and more even. These changes are all on a very small scale, but you can see from our photos that the results are incredible!

3 Things You Should Know About the Fit and Feel of Veneers

5 Main reasons some clients might not like custom veneers:

Psychologically, Press On Veneers can change the way you view yourself and the way others view you. It will take up to two weeks or more for your mouth to become accustomed to wearing Press On Veneers. It may take you longer to become accustomed to seeing yourself wearing the veneers. Friends, family, and loved ones may not support your new smile. All of these issues may be resolved with time and frequency. As with all things, your body will grow used to wearing and seeing yourself with the veneers the longer you wear them. That's the time to show your friends, family, and loved ones your new smile.

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14 day processing requires purchase of Smile-Express option (a $195 add-on). Delivery times not always guaranteed. Ask a Smile Specialist for more details.
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Client Services Team

Our unique process requires a lot of interaction with the client in order to achieve a perfect custom fitted veneer, so we make sure to provide an amazing support team to help you along the way.

Our Account Representatives ensure you make the most informed decision about custom designed removable veneers. If you still have questions about the Lab Direct Process or what Press On Veneers can do for your smile, we ask that you send us your photos and call or chat with one of our Smile Specialists now!.

We're here to help you make your impressions, track your order, and most importantly, help you adjust to wearing your new smile. Ready to make the change you should have made years ago? Start your order now.

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Making A Great Impression
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Our Simple 4 Step Lab Direct Process Is Very Easy

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Step 1: Start by becoming a client online

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Step 2: We express you our Lab Direct System

Making Impressions

Step 3: Read our simple instructions and bite down on the impression trays. Return to our lab.

Returning Impressions

Step 4: Our Dental Lab will process your Press On Veneers and return them to your door.

Receive Veneers

Now you have a set of Press On Veneers with no dentist visit, no shots, no drilling, and no adhesives.

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See Our True Service Process
See Our True Service Process
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The Press On Veneers
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