How long does it take to make the veneers?How do I clean my Press On Veneers™?What if I don’t like my PressOn Veneers™?When will I receive my Press On Veneers™?

What if I don’t like my PressOn Veneers™?

Our Client Services Representatives are trained to ask questions to find out the specific cause of any fit issues. They are educated on usual problem areas and can usually determine the exact cause of any fit issue within the span of a brief phone call. We ask that our clients have the same level of…
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When will I receive my Press On Veneers™?

It usually takes no more than 1 week to receive the initial package to take your impressions. Once we receive your impressions, it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your Press On Veneers by courier. You may elect to take advantage of our SmileExpress™ program upon purchasing. SmileExpress™ will guarantee you receive your…
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