New Technology Makes Smile Makeovers Affordable

New Technology makes Smile Makeovers Affordable for clients with No Dentist Visit. launches online with introductory videos and new client promotion. New technology is opening the door to affordable smile makeovers for a wider range of clients through removable dental veneers.

Brighter Image Lab has been offering its process known as “Lab Direct” to clients for over 12 years online. Now, they’ve expanded using new technology to include new “snap on teeth” or “clip on smiles” under the name

The Cost of New Technology

“We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing a never before used process for creating removable veneers for smile makeovers that virtually all clients can afford,” said Bil Watson, president of Brighter Image Lab

“ is the only dental lab in the world to have invested in this much research and equipment to make removable dental veneers without the dentist or the dentist markup cost. As a result, they’re more affordable.” utilizes its “Lab Direct” Process and cutting edge technology from Harvard and MIT software developers who developed the precise CAD design technology. Hence, takes removable veneers to the next level.

The Benefits of New Technology

Due to other makers of “snap on teeth” or “clip on smiles” only being available through cosmetic dentists, they come at a much higher cost. However, the truth is that dentists simply send impressions to dental labs. That’s why Brighter Image has spent over two and half years engaged in painstaking and meticulous development of the “Lab Direct” Process for removable veneers. Eliminating the dentist saves clients about 70% and, as a result, allows millions of people the opportunity to smile freely with new Smile Makeovers that just press on over a client’s existing smile for a perfect fit.

Made from a durable, while flexible dental resin, the Press On design will keep you smiling for years! Furthermore, the natural looking, resin-based veneer gives the impression of a perfectly shaped and visually appealing arch of teeth not available in the hand-made, hand-carved and obsolescent way of making veneers. In addition, by injecting at high temperature for strength with extremely thin designs, the dental resin material developed by NASA creates a perfect smile design and contouring with gorgeous detail. Consequently, every smile makeover is designed uniquely for each individual’s smile.

The Lab Direct Process is free from shots, free from drilling so you are free to smile like you always wanted to without any invasive dental procedure at all. The Press On Veneer client is almost anyone with chipped, broken, discolored, missing, or loose teeth. Clients afraid of the dentist or who are unwilling to pay the dentist cost can finally purchase a removable, long-lasting veneer that snaps onto their existing teeth and creates a new, more brilliant smile.

Take Advantage of the New Technology

Imagine having the freedom to look as good as you’ve always wanted, while picturing yourself feeling comfortable going out with your friends and family. Envision really enjoy smiling and laughing again. Press on veneers finally makes this possible.

Change your smile, change your life! Why wait for your best smile ever? Why put off enjoying the ease and comfort of having a gorgeous smile to show the world? Finally, you can get the most affordable smile using the best technology ever available with Press On Veneers. Call Brighter Image Lab today. Go to to get your unique and wonderful new smile.

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