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Read Our Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our frequently asked questions to find quick answers to your questions. Often, our clients find the answer they need here without having to wait for one of our smile specialists to respond by support ticket, chat, email, or phone.

How long does it take to make the veneers?

How do I clean my Press On Veneers™?

Using a denture cleaner should remove any stains caused by daily staining activities.

What if I don’t like my PressOn Veneers™?

Our Client Services Representatives are trained to ask questions to find out the specific cause of any fit issues. They are educated on usual problem areas and can usually determine the exact cause of any fit issue within the span of a brief phone call.

We ask that our clients have the same level of commitment when requesting a remake due to fit issues, disclosing all known corrective areas by making notes, taking photos, and shooting video footage if necessary. The more information our design lab receives, the closer they will come to creating the one fit for your smile!

We offer a 100% Results Satisfaction Guarantee which allows us to remake or replace your veneers up to two(2) times, offering you the chance to re-send additional impressions, photos, videos, notes, and suggestions to our design lab to assist in getting the correct fit for your teeth – all at no additional cost to you!

When will I receive my Press On Veneers™?

It usually takes no more than 1 week to receive the initial package to take your impressions. Once we receive your impressions, it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your Press On Veneers by courier. You may elect to take advantage of our SmileExpress™ program upon purchasing. SmileExpress™ will guarantee you receive your veneers within 12 business days from the day after we receive proper impressions of your teeth (excludes weekends and holidays). If the impressions are not usable, extra impression material will be sent and the term will be extended another 12 business days until the day after we receive a good, working impression of your teeth. All Press On Veneers purchased with SmileExpress™ will be sent to the client by FedEx. Note that cases vary and unique cases may require a longer amount of time. Each client receives the same level of care and attention for quality and accuracy.

Why order Lab Direct™ Impression Systems?

We offer the convenience of delivery directly to your door or office with lower prices, and faster service.

Is Brighter Image Lab™ a web only company?

Brighter Image™ is not a web-only company. Some competitors operate out of a basement with little or no inventory and no live help on the phone. Brighter Image™ has full time trained agents ready to answer any questions and help you with your order (over 90% of calls are answered within 15 seconds). We realize that, while the Internet makes ordering easy and efficient, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone if you need help.

Is your Teeth Whitening Process safe?

YES! Studies from the Academy of General Dentistry, (AGD Impact, April 1998, p.23), during the past five years have proven the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process to be safe and effective. A small percentage of people may experience some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, which disappears once you stop using the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process or by decreasing the amount of time you use the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process.

Why is your Hi-Intensity™ Gel better?

Brighter Image™ is the manufacturer of Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel. We specialize in manufactoring only competitive strength teeth whitening gel. Our Hi-Intensity Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is the most preferred by top models, actors, executives and athletes.

Our Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is a pure blend of 30% Hi-Intensity™ carbamide peroxide with no fillers or mixed blends designed to achieve the safest, fastest, most dramatic professional results in the least amount of days with the least amount of maintenance.

Our 30% Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is 40% stronger than used by most dentists. You will not find a finer Hi-Quality Professional Strength 30% Hi-Intensity™ whitening Gel.

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We strongly recommend current clients login and submit a ticket from the account area to reduce response time and receive more individualized service. Prospective clients can use the form below.


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Chat With Us

Prospective clients may find our chat service answers most of their questions without having to pick up the phone or open their email inbox. Our knowledgeable Smile Specialists are ready and able to answer all sales related questions. You will find a link to chat at the bottom of every page (chat may not be available on mobile devices).

Due to the nature of our chat service, we do not recommend chatting for current clients. When our current clients chat with us, it is necessary for our Smile Specialists to copy all communication into the individual accounts, increasing response time.

Contact Us

Below, you can find our mailing address, phone number, and email address for each of our locations. In order to keep response times low, please contact us using one of the methods above first.

US Headquarters

2433 South University Drive
Fort Worth, Texas
United States of America

Toll Free: 1 888 257 2455
Fax: 1 817 207 8205


UK Location

456-458 The Strand
Suite 107
London WC2R 0DZ
United Kingdom

Toll Free: 0800 048 8036
Fax: 011 1 817 207 8205


AU Location

Building 2, Level 1
49 Frenchs Forest
NSW 2086

Toll Free: 1 800 628 104
Fax: 011 1 817 207 8205


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Returning Impressions

Step 4: Our Dental Lab will process your Press On Veneers and return them to your door.

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Now you have a set of Press On Veneers with no dentist visit, no shots, no drilling, and no adhesives.

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