What is included in your Lab Direct Teeth Whitening Systems?

You will receive our complete Lab Direct Teeth Whitening System. Complete the easy to follow, 4 point instructions on making the impressions for your custom fitted trays.

You return these impressions in the pre-addressed stamped envelope back to us and then we will process your impression trays the same day we receive them, just like we would do for a doctor, and mail them back to you at no additional cost.

Our service provides maximum strength 22%, 30%, or 38% Carbamide Peroxide Gel - the highest strength gels available. Unlike other procedures that offer questionable results at high prices and often require on-going maintenance, Brighter Image™ is affordable and offers a 100% results satisfaction guarantee. Ask your local dental office and compare the price of regularly $600 or more, compared to the Brighter Image™ Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening price of $79. You will save money and obtain the most advanced Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening System in teeth whitening today.

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  5. Each set of veneers are custom made for you
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