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“You Have A Dirty Mouth”

We Know. We started out in 1997 with one goal – to help people brighten their smile, – 300,000 clients later we have seen it all…Almost 20 years of proof that the 1 reason people try to go online for teeth whitening is they believe teeth whitening will improve their smile without going to the dentist. However, the Truth is 85% of our clients really need their teeth cleaned first. For some it’s just been a year or two but most have not have their teeth cleaned by a dentist in over 5 years because of cost, fear or… In 2009 these facts lead us to the research that eventually created our 5 Amazing Innovative Products – Any One Of These 5 Would Change The Industry On It’s Own.

Our challenge was to give the right people a “real” choice

People with smoking, tobacco, coffee, aging stained teeth – and are not going to see a dentist

Until now, most teeth cleaning was either done by dentist or not done at all (that’s not a choice). Our Challenge was to change the status quo created by dentist and make the choice better. We had to accept that all our preconceptions about dentist teeth cleanings were false and that the technology existed to the point that new innovation could and would make it possible for anyone to professionally clean, bleach and polish their teeth themselves without a dentist. We refused to rest until we created a system that was the best it possibly could be. No one has ever created a better lab direct professional teeth cleaning, bleaching or polishing system, ever.

$71 Teeth Cleaning, w/ Free Teeth Bleaching Nationwide
Lab Direct with No Dentist Visit…

Veneer details
1mL Syringe - Keeps the gel fresh for a longer period of time
4x Contouring - Curved in multiple dimensions to ensure balanced gel application
Heavy Resistance Plunger - Helps control the amount of gel used with every application
Metal Tip Applicator - Keeps you from wasting your bleaching gel
Overnight Usage - Made from materials safe enough you can sleep with them in overnight
Sure Fit Seal - Reduces the amount of wasted gel by creating a suction hold to the tooth
Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gel - Nothing gets your teeth whiter, longer
Lifetime Replacement Warranty* - Get 1 new custom fitted bleaching tray per year
Infusion Strength Tartar Remover - This gel is designed to remove tartar and calcium from the teeth.

Introducing the Power of 3 Advantages With our New “Infusion 3 – includes Hand Crafted Custom Trays, Detox “Teeth Cleaning” Serum and Hi-Intensity Pure Bleaching Gel”

Now we can offer Professional Teeth Cleaning with FREE Teeth Bleaching – Just $71 per arch. It’s all done lab direct with NO Dentist Visit. Designed to Deep Clean -Detoxify, Desensitizes, Re-Mineralizes, and Brighten Teeth Plus Works to Remove Bacteria, Bio-film Plaque Dissolve and Soften Tartar and Calculus Then Bleaches and fully cures past the surface to make your teeth feel cleaner and brighter than ever…

“Tooth Decay is the #1 Preventable Disease in the World”

IT WAS PAST TIME TO GO BILISTIC…Sometimes the facts are just so obvious that something is just wrong – and that is the case of teeth cleaning for most in the U.S. and even around the world. Estimates are, that only about 25-30 percent of adults have their teeth cleaned by a dentist every six months… anything less is neglect – only 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 adults. The statistics are far worse for children of lower income households. In short, teeth cleaning is the largest form of class welfare in the country, and there’s no excuse for it. This is America, the greatest country in the world. We have the finest technology, the best designers, the highest caliber chemists, and yet I’m asked to believe that a brush and a paste for 2 minutes a day, is the BEST we can come up with?! It’s outrageous that it’s own community has allowed greed to suppress modern advancements in the dental industry. Ignoring things like calculus, biofilm, and tartar is unacceptable, and it has to be removed – Dentist, or No Dentist. Believe me when I tell you, that we didn’t want to take on the responsibility of helping people clean their teeth, but after decades, it became clear that no one else was going to. So we tackled it head on, so you could have a real choice.

Lab Direct - No Dentist Visit - All Online

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bilistic™ Teeth Cleaning|Bleaching|Polishing system  
Single Arch Bleaching Tray

1.) Bilistic Infusion Tray™
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Select: Single (1) Straight Cut - $47
Single (1) Arch Cut Tray - $57
Double (2) Straight Cut - $74
Double (2) Arch Cut Trays - $84
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2.) Bilistic Detox Teeth Cleaning Serum™
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Add: $24.002 Syringes for$12.00 ea.
$34.004 Syringes for$8.50 ea.
$54.008 Syringes for$6.75 ea.
$74.0012 Syringes for$6.25 ea.
$84.0016 Syringes for$5.25 ea.
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3.) Bilistic Hi-Intensity Pure Teeth Bleaching Gel™
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Quantity: $24.002 Syringes for$12.00 ea.
$34.004 Syringes for$8.50 ea.
$54.008 Syringes for$6.75 ea.
$74.0012 Syringes for$6.25 ea.
$84.0016 Syringes for$5.25 ea.
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To complete your order, consider including some of our add-on items.
Clean & Polish Kit  
Clean & Polish Kit
4.) Pro Polisher with Dental Tools
Combo: Clean & Polish Kit for $199.00 - Learn More
5.) Shipping Options
Include: 14 Day Processing for $22.00 - Learn More

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30 Day Standard Processing - Learn more about 14 day processing at checkout

Your Customized Trays are made with the Highest Top Quality Materials & Craftsmanship:

  • New Arch Cut
  • Hand Detailing & Finishing
  • 4X Contouring
  • Pressure Formed
  • Sure Fit Seal

Our #1 Seller > $138 for 2 Infusion Trays, 8 Syringes of Detox Serum & 4 Syringes of Bleaching Gel

Brighter Image Lab

1.) Introducing the New “Infusion Trays”

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The most effective dental trays ever made.

Most every dental tray ever used, is defective by design. Soft material with too much flex introduces saliva & enzymes to the treatment process, which compromises the contents and significantly lessens their effectiveness. Dentists have known about this problem for as long as they’ve been making these trays, but no one has ever tried to solve it. We solved it.

The new, black, Bilistic Infusion Tray™, is the first of its kind and it’s the epitome of effective and efficient. No dental bleaching tray has ever been made to consistently capture this degree of precision fit and form.

Our Infusion Tray allows treatment materials to infuse directly into the tooth without being compromised by the natural enzymes in your saliva; penetrating the surface and accessing the tubular pores of the tooth. The importance of this Sure Seal™ technology cannot be overstated. Our trays look different because – they are “profoundly” different. The truth is, if you want your teeth to be bleached to the lightest shade they’ve ever been, you have to do it in Black Bilistic Infusion Trays.

It all starts with the Bilistic Infusion Bleaching Trays. While the Arch Cut Custom Bleaching Trays look very nice, our Straight Cut Trays are where the magic is at. Specifically designed to seal out saliva and sulcular fluid keeping them from entering the bleaching trays. These trays, provide 5 to 10 hours of active Bleaching compared to the typical half hour.

Clinical Research Associates (CRA) as well as other researchers have found that Bleaching gel in conventional bleaching trays is only purely active for 25-35 minutes. This is due to rapid contamination of the bleaching gel from saliva and enzymes in the mouth.

Are you “SHOCKED BECAUSE ITS ‘BLACK’?” – 97% of all clear bleaching trays are ineffective at the time they are made. The innovation and design of the New Infusion Treatment Tray creates so many new advantages that ONCE YOU GO BLACK…Proven to be 4X stronger – 60% thinner, Hands down, dental trays are now obsolete! Clearly – the clear dental trays were not getting the job done.

Bilistic Infusion Trays will Feel Different and Look Different – Because they are different. And that’s OK, it’s normal! Your teeth may experience a tighter than expected fit – this means that the “Infusion” process is working to reach past surface areas that even dentists cannot reach. This tightness will go away within a few minutes while your teeth are being cleaned and brightened…

2.) “Infusion-Ultimate Detoxification Serum”

deep cleans, desensitizes, re-mineralizes and works to dissolve tartar and calculus…

A professional strength, oral irrigation agent with detoxification…“Infusion Ultimate Detox Serum” originally designed as a professional strength, highly substantive, bactericidal irritant to attack biofilm, plaque. Our research developed in to strong antimicrobial properties, that not only work to clean the entire mouth but at the same time dissolve and soften tartar and calculus “Infusion Ultimate Detox Serum” is extremely effective. It also tastes great and leaves the mouth feeling unbelievably clean and detoxified.

Most people think their teeth really are not that bad! This picture is closer to the average person. That’s the reason we provide our clients with disclosing tablets to start our process. Detox Cleaning Serum is the single most important advancement since the invention of the toothbrush. Cleaning your teeth is imperative to achieve dramatic bleaching results, because you can’t bleach what you can’t touch. Most people who are trying to bleach their teeth are wasting their money by doing it over layers of bio-film, plaque, tartar, and calculus rather than their actual teeth.

mouseover to see 10 day results

Our Detoxing Serum helps dissolve these barriers and provide direct, un-compromised access to the surface area of the tooth – making it possible to get the cleanest, brightest teeth you’ve ever had!

Our innovative Detox Serum contains the highest quality ingredients available and each one was sourced for its proven effectiveness. These include: A concentrated tartar softener which is specially formulated to remove the toughest calculus buildup. A re-mineralizing agent, that helps strengthen the tooth and enamel against damage. A first of its kind desensitizer that coats, rather than clogs, the pores of your teeth to reduce sensitivity, while allowing the teeth to cure. All of this ensures that you’re getting the most effective Smile Care System money can buy. Until now, the cost of going to the dentist meant that most people had to choose between cleaning and whitening, but with our Bilistic Detox Serum’s proprietary blend of ingredients, we offer a proven way to clean and brighten your teeth – for a fraction of the cost, and without the dentist.

Name Any Product That Does More For Dirty Mouths!

  • Deep Cleans surfaces & pores
  • Reduces Bio-Film
  • Softens Tarter/Calculus
  • Remineralizes/Strengthens
  • Desensitizes
  • Brightens and shines

3.) Pure Hi-Intensity (Non-Blended) Bleaching Gels

Scientifically designed to deliver exceptional results.


Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gel is essential to get your teeth to their whitest shade possible. Our proven gel formula has helped over 300,000 clients achieve the best smile possible, and we know if you try it, it will work for you. Our pure blend gel is formulated for the deepest bleaching possible, going past the surface of the tooth to the pulp, improving the appearance of your teeth better with no Lights or lasers.

The secret to effectiveness of our gel is constant continuous temperature control of our Pure Blended Bleaching Gel. In order to maintain stability, our gel is kept at a consistent temperature. Even after your order is created, we continue to provide cold packs wherever necessary to ensure you receive the gel at the optimal temperature for maximum effectiveness.

4.) To TRULY GO BILISTIC we have to add a pro series polisher

“Every once in a while a product comes around that is so revolutionary that it’s no longer – Do you want it or do you need it – instead it begs the question: ‘Why hasn’t this been available before now?'”

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We spent almost $1 Million Dollars asking our self the same questions and researching and then developing it…The best tooth polisher, the best prophy heads, the best tartar/calcium softener/dissolver, and introduced them to our trusted and proven Lab Direct Teeth Bleaching System to create the first true Teeth Cleaning, Bleaching, and Polishing system. Now, for the first time ever, you can truly polish your teeth from the comfort of your own home or office without going the the dentist. Better still, you can use the same polisher to clean and polish your family’s teeth!


Use “O” and “U” motions
Guide the prophy tip along your top teeth using “O” motions, and along the bottom teeth using “U” motions.

Bilistic disposable prophy angles are an essential component for best results. Their ergonomic shape helps reduce unnecessary pressure designed to ensure smooth function. Accessing the sub-gingival aspects of the tooth is a snap with Bilistic disposable prophy angles. Our soft cup design, ensures you get the finest polished feeling every time. W/ NO Dentist.

  • Smooth-running, quiet gear design
  • Ergonomic shape reduces bounces/uneven pressure
  • 100% latex free
  • Improved flare for better sub-gingival access
  • Soft prophy angles designed for smoothest rotation and consistent performance
  • Guide the prophy tip along your top teeth using “O” motions, and along the bottom teeth using “U” motions

“Did you know that more people with commercial electric tanning beds wired in their homes than there are people with Professional Teeth Polisher in their bathrooms. It’s insane!”


5.) A Teeth Cleaning Solution Should Include Bilistic Dental Tools

We are proud to have developed our new innovative designs in our Bilistic Pro-Series Dental Tools. Handmade details such as the weighted stainless steel cross patterns for non slip and precision instrument handling that provide for an extremely effective touch, reach and control. Made from the highest quality stainless steel. Our Dental Tool Set provides all the necessary instruments for professional dental cleaning.

All sets includes one handle and its mirror, one spatula scalar, one probe scalar and tweezers

Plus we also include our All Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper for a more complete mouth cleaning.

  • Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue.
  • Helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue.
  • Helps remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath.
  • Enhances the sense of taste.
  • Gently stimulates the internal organs.
  • Promotes overall oral & digestive health.

“As you sleep, your body is detoxifying. Much of the film on your tongue is toxins excreted from your body. You don’t want to re-ingest that do you? NO! Scraping your tongue first thing in the morning will remove this sludge from your tongue and from your body, improving your overall health and improving your immune system”

PressOn Veneers™

The Smile You Really Want – Today

For every person that finds our Bil-istic Smile-Care System™ and knows that it’s the solution they’ve been looking for, someone else and thinks, “That’s nice, but I need more.” If you believe your smile needs more than just a cleaning, and you’re in the market for a full smile makeover, know that we’re the industry leader in Lab-Direct, Removable Dental Veneers. If you’re interested in our custom-made cosmetic smile covers, follow this link for frequently asked questions, 100s of real client photos, and full pricing for our PressOn Veneers.

Move Sliders For Before & After Dental Veneer Pictures.

Actual client

Actual client

Simple Facts:

  • We Cost Less: The average price of a dentist visit after fees is $550 and more, our cost is $138 for Both w/No Dentist
  • We Offer Specials: Watch for our email or ask about our daily specials on bleaching gel. We Make It Affordable
  • It’s All Done Online: For many seeing a dentist for teeth cleaning and whitneing is not a choice. Now You Have A Choice
  • Dentist Lack The Technology: Less than 1% have the ability to complete our process in their office. See Our Technology
  • We Ship Worldwide: Everyday to all areas of the US, UK, AU and many other countries Watch This Client’s Testimonial
  • We Innovated, designed & created: Our Lab Direct Process – Bilistic Infusion Trays, Infusion Serum – Hi-Intensity Bleach, and More
  • Still Not Sure About Lab Direct Teeth Cleaning, Bleaching & Polishing? Watch Our Webinar: Part 1, and Part 2

Teeth Cleaning - Teeth Bleaching - Teeth Polishing

Go Bilistic – Professional Teeth Cleaning, Bleaching & Polishing Sets

Today’s Special $138.00

reg. $199.00

Top and Bottom custom Fitted Infusion Trays – Plus (8) syringes of Infusion Serum +Plus (4) syringes of Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gels – Protective Carry Case

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Today’s Special $138.00

reg. $169.00

New Bilistic – Pro-Series Polisher w 6 prophy heads – cleaning- polishing paste with (4) disclosing tablets and Bilistic Dental Tools Set with Tongue Scraper and Protective Carrying Case

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*Available to Ship Worldwide

* Limited Supply

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