Get to Know us by Getting to Know our Clients

We love our clients and we’re extremely proud of the work we do for them. Occasionally some of them will record videos from their homes, schools, and workplaces to share their story with us. We believe that these amateur videos showcase our work in a way that a paid model in a studio never could. So, we want to share them with you. This page is dedicated to highlighting the real life experiences of the people who use our products every day. We hope that as you watch them you’ll be as informed, inspired, and entertained as we were. Our mission is to change lives by changing smiles, and these stories are just a few of the thousands of cases where we’ve been able to do exactly that.

We've been helping people improve their smiles - affordably & without a dentist - for the past 18 years. In that time, we've come to learn a lot about the people we serve. First and foremost is that our clients all have 1 thing in common: they want a better smile, and going to the dentist wasn't the best way for them to get it. That's where the similarities end. In making the last 25,000 No Dentist Smile Makeovers, we've found that our clients are extremely diverse, and there's a good chance you already know someone who's wearing our veneers. They're bus-boys, school teachers, roofers, CEOs, soccer moms, high school students, single dads, retirees and more. They span all neighborhoods, all ethnicities, all income levels, and we think these videos showcase that fact very well. No matter who you are, or where you feel you fit into the world, we know one thing is true. Press On Veneers can give you a more attractive and confident smile and can open up new circles and opportunities in a way that few other cosmetic changes can. Scroll down to get started today.

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