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Brighter Image Lab is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone, and we are intentional about making sure people feel respected, supported, and connected at work – regardless of who you are or where you live. Diversity fosters innovation and helps us provide the best experience possible to our clients. To apply for any of the following positions, please send your resume to

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Removable Veneers Special

Removable Veneers Special $795.00

reg. $1,598.00

Removable Dental Veneers - made with the Highest Top Quality Materials & Craftsmanship and includes: Pearl Polishing, Hand Detailing & Finishing, 4X Contouring, Micro CAD Scaling, Sure Fit Seal

*Available to Ship Worldwide   *Limited Supply

Teeth Cleaning/Bleaching Special

Teeth Cleaning/Bleaching Special $138.00

reg. $199.00

Top and Bottom custom Fitted Infusion Trays - Plus (8) syringes of Infusion Serum +Plus (4) syringes of Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gels - Protective Carry Case

*Available to Ship Worldwide   *Our #1 SELLER

Snore Guard Special

Snore Guard Special $795.00

reg. $1,598.00

The Rebil™ APM works by keeping the airway open and improves breathing while sleeping. Rebil™ adjustable position holds the lower jaw in a forward position so it does not open during the night and cause the airway to collapse.

*Available to Ship Worldwide   *Limited Supply

Tooth Polisher Special

Teeth Polisher Special $795.00

reg. $329.00

New Bilistic - Pro-Series Polisher w 6 prophy heads - cleaning- polishing paste with (4) disclosing tablets and Bilistic Dental Tools Set with Tongue Scraper and Protective Carrying Case

*Available to Ship Worldwide   *Limited Supply

Infusion Detox Serum

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Micro-Enamel Detox Serum helps dissolve layers of bio-film, plaque, tartar, and calculus providing direct, un-compromised access to the surface of the tooth – making it possible to get the cleanest, brightest teeth you’ve ever had!

*Available to Ship Worldwide   *Limited Supply