Austin Children's Services
Austin Children's Services

What gives a smile meaning isn’t the physical act of parting lips or the inherent beauty of someone’s teeth. What makes a smile meaningful is the cause behind it. Austin Children’s Services believes a smile represents joy, passion, security, and hope. However, all too often those simple feelings are out of reach for children as a result of being raised in homes of abuse or neglect.

Austin Children’s Services gains support from Brighter Image Lab

Our goal at Brighter Image Lab has always been to provide smiles for as many people as possible, and we don’t stop with creating our PressOn Veneers. Consequently, sometimes that means working with organizations like Austin Children’s Services. For more than 30 years ACS has been working to end child abuse and neglect in the Austin area. They provide residential and non-residential services aimed at strengthening families so they can keep children safe in their own homes.

Brighter Image Lab has chosen to support ACS not only through monetary donation, but also by promoting their organization and cause. As a result, we ask you please help ACS bring more smiles to the faces of children in Austin Texas. Make your donation today!


Everyone deserves a chance to smile, and your donation helps make that a reality.

In recognition of the wonderful work ACS does for the children of Austin, May 16th is Austin Children’s Services day.

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