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Low-Cost Dental – No Access to Dentistry Can be Deadly

Kristy Henderson


Many Americans lack low cost dental access. This crisis is keeping minorities, senior citizens and low-income individuals are often cut off or isolated from affordable dental care. This is a crisis!

In this article, we will discuss the lack of dentists in low-income areas, dental costs, and affordable options for improving your smile.

Low-Cost Dental

High dental costs are the number one reason many Americans don’t see a dentist. With offices charging $200 for a routine cleaning and exam, this comes as no surprise.    

low-cost dental

Dental costs are through the roof! Filling cavities can cost several hundred dollars, and dentures or braces may run into the thousands. Even with insurance, it can be difficult to afford out-of-pocket expenses for these procedures. 

Many people who struggle to afford dental costs trust low-cost dentists to work on their smile, but cheap dentistry is often poorly executed. Dentists think that because they’re charging less, they can perform at a lower standard. This is wrong! 

Some low-cost dentists make up for lost profits by increasing the number of patients and cutting treatment time in half. This means less time discussing oral health and less time learning how to prevent disease. Low-cost dentists also limit access to dental care because the money they receive is significantly less than the standard fee. This can mean long wait times or low-quality dental work. 

Many people avoid licensed dentists all together when trying to reduce their dental costs. Instead of overpaying a dentist to perform a dental deep cleaning, they go to a dental hygienist in training!

Low-Cost Dental Deep Cleaning 

There are at least two dental or dental hygiene programs in each state, each with a class of students needing hands-on training before graduation. Many of these schools have clinics that offer low-cost dental treatment to the public.

Dental hygiene schools that serve the public give discounts on cleanings, fillings, root canals and other services. Some of these discounts save patients 50% or more. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for a low-cost dental deep cleaning, which cam cost over $1,000.

While these schools may be a good option for getting low-cost dental treatment, they have their downsides. One downside of this low-cost dental option is a lack of privacy. Many hygiene schools resemble cubicles with dental chairs in each little cubby, so you will most likely be in a room with many other patients.

Another downside of going to a dental hygiene school for low-cost dental work is the pace of your hygienist. Because they very much still in training, your hygienist will likely take an hour or more to complete your cleaning. Instructors will stop to check every stage of your cleaning, further extending the time of the procedure. These cleanings can also be uncomfortable due to the inexperience of the hygienist.

low-cost dental

Many people go to dental hygiene schools for their low-cost deep cleaning because they lack available dentists in their area. Low-income areas are hit the hardest by a lack of dental professionals.

Low-Income Dentists in Impoverished Areas 

Each year, more low-income dentists move out of impoverished areas and into more profitable ones. In doing this, they widen the divide between patients in need and accessible dentistry, personally alienating lower-class people for profit. This alienation leads many to seek dental care elsewhere, like dental clinics or emergency rooms. This is very dangerous.

Dental clinics see so many patients per day, it becomes difficult to provide quality care to everyone. This can result in complications or ineffective treatment.

low-cost dental

Emergency rooms are another place alienated patients go for dental care. Each year, more than one million Americans turn to emergency rooms for dental issues like toothaches. These visits cost roughly $1 billion per year and often yield poor results.

The lack of low-income dentists puts vulnerable people at risk every day. Because they don’t have access to low-cost dental care, they are left with few options.

Vulnerable populations also lack access to low-income dentists. Continue reading to learn more about dentistry in low-income communities!

Low-Cost Dental for Vulnerable Populations 

Much of the U.S. population doesn’t have access to affordable dentistry. Racial minorities, senior citizens and low-income individuals are especially vulnerable when it comes to accessing low-cost dental care

Not having access to low-cost dental care can be deadly. In 2007, for example, 12-year-old Deamonte Driver died due to an untreated abscess in his tooth that spread bacteria to his brain. He needed a simple $80 tooth extraction. Sadly, his family was homeless and had lost their Medicaid coverage, making them especially vulnerable.

Deamonte had many barriers standing between him and his oral health. His race and income level both contributed to his death. Though lawmakers vowed at the time to make a change, nearly 200 million Americans still go without dental insurance, and more than a third don’t see a dentist yearly.

low-cost dental

Access to low-cost dental care would have saved Deamonte’s life.

low-cost dental

Low-income individuals are also alienated from low-cost dental care. Around 48% of Americans qualify as low income, 47% are affected by periodontal disease. Is this a coincidence? NO!

Many low-income individuals have periodontal disease because they can’t afford the basic dental procedures needed to prevent it. Low-income Americans also lack access to healthy food or overly fluoridated water, making it even more difficult to maintain good oral health.

The elderly population also lacks access to low-cost dental care. This is concerning because people become more susceptible to periodontal disease (gum disease) as they age. Despite this, a fifth of people age 75 and older haven’t seen a dentist in the past five years.

Many senior citizens lose their dental insurance after they retire. While their Medicaid coverage is helpful for medical purposes, it doesn’t cover preventative dental care. So, they are left with limited options.

Seniors often choose dental hygiene schools for their dental cleanings after retirement, but this low-cost dental treatment can be uncomfortable and may take hours to complete.

Some states in the U.S. offer a great option for low-cost dental care.

Dental Therapy – a Possible Low-Cost Dental Solution? 

States like Minnesota have implemented a new low-cost dental option for people in need – dental therapists.

Dental Therapists are licensed oral care professionals who work alongside a dental care team to provide clinical and therapeutic care at a reduced rate. They are required to undergo two years of training after High School. In addition, they must have a written collaborative agreement with a practicing dentist and practice primarily in low-income areas or those with a shortage of dental professionals.

In 2009, Minnesota authorized dental therapists to practice statewide. The state requires a bachelor’s degree in dental therapy or a master’s degree in advanced dental therapy. By allowing dental therapists to practice, the state of Minnesota has provided its low-income citizens with a low-cost dental care option.

In Minnesota, dental therapists work in emergency rooms to helping to reduce the number of people seeking dental care in the E.R, which saves people and the state money.

Sarah Wovcha, the executive director of Children’s Dental Services in Minneapolis, expresses the need for dental therapists in ERs

“I cannot imagine our clinic operating without these critical members of the dental care team. For us, they have proven to be a financially viable solution for making sure that low-income, uninsured and underinsured kids in our state have access to high-quality dental care.”

low-cost dental

Although dental therapy is not widely practiced throughout the U.S., more states are embracing the profession. In the future, this may be a great low-cost dental option for all Americans. For now, the issue of affordable smile solution remains.

Luckily, Brighter Image Lab offers a great low-cost option for anyone looking to improve their smile.

Brighter Image Lab: Meeting the Need

Over 20 years ago, Brighter Image Lab was founded to address the central need for low-cost dental solutions. It is our mission to make sure we are approachable as well as affordable. Our customer representatives can be reached 24 hours a day to help you through the process with ease and compassion.

Many people feel anxious when visiting the dentist because they feel judged. At Brighter Image Lab, we see every client with a perfect set of pearly whites from day one, because it is our job to see the potential in every smile. When you snap on your set of Bil Veneers for the first time, you will see the potential in your smile that has been holding you back for so long. 

Your low-cost options shouldn’t have to be low-quality options. With Brighter Image Lab, they aren’t. Bil Veneers are made from top-quality materials and have the potential to completely transform any smile. With our Lab Direct Process, you are able to bypass the dentist and save thousands!

Continue reading to learn more about Bil Veneers!

Removable Veneers - Now You Have A Choice

Bil Veneers: The Low-Cost Smile Solution You’ve Been Looking For! 

More than a third of low-income Americans don’t smile because of poor oral health. Ashamed and stigmatized, they are cut off from opportunities such as social advancement and work that could possibly bring them out of poverty.

Luckily, there’s a way to improve your smile without draining your bank account. Brighter Image Lab’s Bil Veneers are a great alternative to expensive procedures like porcelain veneers.

low-cost dental

You can remove the veneers as often as you want, or keep them on for an all-day smile solution. They are made from a crystalized resin and designed to be lightweight and durable. They’re comfortable enough for constant wear and strong enough to hold up against food.

Bil Veneers are ultra-thin and removable. They simply over your existing teeth to give the appearance of a perfect smile.

These revolutionary veneers are designed and artisan hand-crafted by a 15-member crew of smile technicians. Their perfectly polished texture and unbeatable shine will have you wondering why you ever needed a dentist to improve your smile. 

low-cost dental

Starting at just $795, Bil Veneers are a great value. Brighter Image Lab offers financing with 100% approval and no credit necessary, so smile transformation is possible for virtually everyone. But we don’t stop there! We partner with a non-profit organization that gives candidates a complete smile makeover for FREE. Read on to learn more!

New Life Smile 

New Life Smile is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the underprivileged overcome the disadvantages of a socially unacceptable smile. They find candidates with massive potential who want to improve their smile and do everything in their power to make it happen. 

The organization’s smile specialists work shoulder-to-shoulder with dentists in the area and go beyond traditional dental methods to transform each candidate’s smile.

low-cost dental

In the U.S., 40 million people live below the poverty line, 1 in 4 do not have dental insurance and 28% say their smile hinders job and relationship opportunities.

New Life Smile funds non-invasive smile makeovers, providing clients the ability to advance their lives, personally, socially, and financially.

While New Life Smile cannot create a new smile for everyone, the organization has learned that dramatic change is possible for those who want it.

Lasting change starts with a smile. It changes the way people see themselves, which allows them to rediscover confidence they forgot they had and explore new opportunities that weren’t available to them.

If you are interested in becoming a New Life Smile candidate, click here to submit your story today!


Finding low-cost quality dentistry is a difficult task. This is concerning because untreated cavities can spread into the gum tissue and grow into abscesses, causing excruciating pain and, in some cases, death.

Low-income areas are often deserted by dentists, leaving people with little to no options for dental care. Many low-income Americans have nowhere to turn, so they go to emergency rooms that rush through cases and provide sub-par dental care

Essentially, dentists are failing the ones who need them most. They are building barriers between the lower-class and affordable smile enhancement. This is wrong!

Luckily, Brighter Image Lab has been breaking down barriers in the dental industry for over two decades, so we’ve got you covered!

Our revolutionary Bil Veneers can transform your smile in an instant without a dentist! These veneers are ultra-lightweight, durable and completely removable. You simply snap them over your existing teeth for the appearance of a perfect smile.

Too many Americans are alienated and marginalized when it comes to affordable dental care. At Brighter Image Lab, we work tirelessly to offer low-cost dental options for anyone who is unhappy with their smile.

You can join the ranks of thousands of satisfied Bil Veneer clients and transform your smile today by clicking below and placing your order!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

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make a change

Make A Change – How 4 People Took Action and Transformed Their Smiles

Kristy Henderson


Your smile shouldn’t be something that you have to be afraid of you shouldn’t want cover your teeth when you smile. Your smile shouldn’t be something that you have to be afraid of you shouldn’t want cover your teeth when you smile.

Before I get started, I want to tell you it’s not always your smile. It is important to act on anything you think will make a positive change in your life. If it’s not your smile, act on whatever it is that you feel will make you more yourself. Some people have their hair and nails done or get new clothes, and some people already have everything they need to be who they want to be. 

I’m going to show you four people who took action to make a change in their their appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence. I am so humbled to be a part of their smile transformations. I’m proud that not one of them went into debt, none of them paid thousands to a cosmetic dentist office and all of them took action. 

Why is it Important to Make a Change?

It is important to make a change because light attracts light. I want you to see this light in all the other pictures I’m going to show you.

I want you to look at the after pictures and see the energy. I want you to realize the only difference between the before and the after is that someone took action. Someone used good energy to become the best person they could possibly be

I could not be more impressed with what I see when I see the energy of a new smile make a change in people’s lives. I always say that smile is the number one thing we do to get people to see us differently. When our clients see these people seeing them differently, they become a different person. They gain so much confidence when they see their new smile.

I’ve seen so many people put on a Bil Veneer, get their make makeup done and their hair fixed and colored, and stand there afraid to death of what’s going to happen when they leave my office.

I’ve seen the same situation where they get so caught up on how many good glances they’re getting, how many good looks, long stares, and actual smile returns they get with their Bil Veneer. The magic of this is that when they give a smile, they almost always get one back in return.

When they give that smile that wasn’t possible before, and when they start seeing people’s reactions, their confidence grows. They are being seen differently and they’re being treated differently. Their newfound light attracts light and they’re rewarded for taking action and making a change. I hope you can see that it’s the most important message I have today. 

Brandi’s Smile

The first smile belongs to a girl named Brandi. Brandi’s case was pretty important to me, and the reason being is she had a smile that had a diastema, discoloring and a gap. Her teeth were kind of protruded. 

Brandi took action and she’s got a smile that she’s not going to be afraid to show again. When you’re 26, 28, 30 years old, and you’ve put off that decision for so long, there has to come a time where you decide it’s okay to feel better and to take action. 

I’m just super impressed with Brandi’s results and her willingness to make a change in her life. I can’t thank her enough for sending me these pictures. 

make a change
make a change

Marquin’s Smile

The second smile I saw was from a man named Marquin. Marquin’s smile a challenge for him. Every job interview, every personal introduction, every first appearance was more difficult because of his smile.

It took people getting to know him before they saw who he was behind his smile. Marquin had a smile that was truly holding back and greatly affected his appearance. We had to design his Bil Veneer over a very challenging smile, but we were able to give him amazing results. Now, Marquin has a smile he can be proud to show the world.

I wish we could do what we did for Marquin for more people. I wish more people knew that there are more choices that can get them the results we got for this guy. This young man is going to be looked at differently in every conversation he goes into. It would have been a shame for him to have to hide his smile at important events like pictures, presentations, or interviews. I’m so impressed with what I believe his opportunities will be now that he has an approachable smile.

I can’t tell you enough about how I appreciate the fact that something got him to me. I’m thankful he had the intent to take action and make a change in his life. You can see his full smile transformation in the pictures below.

make a change
make a change

Kimberly’s Smile

The third smile we transformed was for a woman named Kimberly. Kimberly’s smile was challenging because she was missing teeth. When you’re missing teeth, even if your other teeth are fine, it creates challenges for your existing bite. 

When Kimberly showed me her smile and asked what we could do for her, I told her if she would work with us, we would get her a smile that she could be proud of. I would try to bring some of the squareness of her teeth to make it fit her face. 

I was incredibly impressed with Kimberly’s pictures and her ability to take action and make a change in her life. Take a look below and see her amazing results! 

make a change
make a change

Hendrick’s Smile

The fourth smile we designed was for a man names Hendrick. When Hendrick came to me, I didn’t know I was dealing with a set of teeth that could be made attractive without being moved. I really think the number one mistake that dentists make in this country is they don’t offer people with a bad smile the ability to contour some of their existing teeth so that they can have access to a better or greater or more complemented design that fits their face. 

I was so incredibly amazed that we were able to get Hendrick a design that fit his face and a color that matched his skin tone.

Hendrick’s smile is never going to be perceived negatively again. His Bil Veneers are going to be a positive point in every conversation he goes into. His bottom teeth were fine, which made his smile transformation still so much easier. We contoured his teeth little by little to form the perfect smile and created the illusion of one with the right shading and the right definitions in the right places. All of these features give Hendrick the appearance of a $20,000 porcelain veneer makeover. Every detail ensures that anyone who looks at his smile will see perfectly executed dental veneers. 

It’s all about the way that we treat people – the way we see them. When we see people differently, it allows us to treat them differently, and they feel that. Over a period of time, it makes a change. It changes how they feel about themselves and the responses they get from others. 

It means everything that we do what we do. The way we are able to make a change in the way people are perceived, the way they perceive others, and the way the perceive themselves.

A smile’s not a luxury, I tell people that every day. What I’m trying to tell you this week is, Hendrick was able to make a small change that made a big difference. I’m so thankful he was able to make that change in his life. I think his new smile will be a long-term investment in himself that will continuously pay off. See his results in the pictures below! 

make a change


I’m going to close this blog with the case that hit home for me. Many of the people I work with remind me of who I would have been if I hadn’t been in this business.

I had a bad smile that held me back. My teeth were crooked, long, jaded, and they weren’t contoured. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met the people along the way that steered me in the right direction. I would have probably been just like this guy, trying to work with an undesirable smile. I wouldn’t have known any better.

I’m so glad that somebody said hey there’s something you can do, because when I look at what we did on his top teeth, his color, the way we filled out his existing smile and then look what that did for his overall confidence.

I hope this week’s blog taught you that life rewards action. The smile recipients we discussed were rewarded with self-confidence, self-esteem and an enhanced appearance.

If you have something that you want to improve, and you have a chance to take action, take it. If your smile is bad, we’re a good choice for you. If your smile’s good and you don’t need it, then act on something else you’re missing. If something’s causing you to stand back, or something’s causing you to stand down, make a change. Act on the things that will make a change in your life. Whether it’s weight, hair loss, skin tone or eye color, be brave enough to take action and make a change. 

Don’t be afraid to smile and take action. The number one thing you can do to improve yourself and change your position in life, is to take action.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Dental Crown – An Amazing Solution or a Terrible Mistake?

Kristy Henderson


If you’re reading this, odds are you’re trying to decide whether or not to get a dental crown. You are asking yourself: Is a dental crown an amazing solution or a terrible mistake?

In this blog, we will explore the different types of dental crowns, common side-effects, and other options for improving your smile.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped “cap” that covers the visible portions of the tooth.

What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Crowns are most commonly used as a restorative measure to protect teeth that have been damaged by decay, but they can also be used as a cosmetic device. They can be made from a variety of materials, including metal or porcelain.

If you’re considering a dental crown, there are a few materials to choose from. These materials include: ceramic, gold alloy, porcelain-fused to metal, and base metal alloys. Here is a breakdown of these options: 


Ceramic dental crowns are porcelain-based and most often used to restore front teeth. They are able to blend naturally with the surrounding teeth.

While this material has the benefit of blending well, it is very brittle and will likely crack or break over time.

Gold Alloy

Gold alloy dental crowns are made from a combination of gold, copper, and other metals. This dental crown option is rather durable. It also does not wear away at your natural tooth, which is a plus.

Porcelain-Fused to Metal

Porcelain-fused to metal dental crowns have a metal base. They are more durable than the ceramic option. Unfortunately, durability is one of the only upsides to choosing this type of crown.

Porcelain-fused dental crown procedure removes much of your tooth’s natural structure.

Base Metal Alloy

Base metal alloys dental crowns aren’t prone to erosion and are relatively kind to your surrounding teeth.

As you can see, there are many dental crown materials to choose from. Each comes with some level of risk. Whether it cracks easily or is unkind to neighboring teeth, each material has its downfall.

The dental crown process itself also poses many possible complications. Read on to learn more!

What are the Side-Effects of Dental Crowns? Pain, Discomfort, Sensitivity and More! 

Dental crowns come with many possible complications. Many patients suffer pain, discomfort and sensitivity. Some even experience allergic reactions, tooth decay, and infection. These issues often take several weeks to subside. In some cases, they never do.

Many patients continue to suffer excruciating tooth pain even when the process is long over. They are forced to schedule more appointments, endure further treatment and pay a much higher dental bill than they anticipated

Here is a run-down of some of the harsh side-effects that make dental crowns a potentially terrible mistake: 

Sharp Pain or Tooth Ache

Patients often experience sharp pain or aches after their dental crown procedure. This almost always means the nerve in their tooth has died.

When a tooth nerve dies, gasses are developed and pus forms. With nowhere to go, the gas and pus irreversibly harm the teeth.

If you experience this side-effect, your tooth will require a root canal. This can end up costing an additional fee of around $2,000.

dental crown

Gum Pain, Disease, and Recession

A dental crown can cause pain or soreness in the gums. Many people experience gum sensitivity and tenderness. This pain may persist and require further appointments or treatment.

Many people who choose dental crowns are also affected by gingivitis. Gingivitis is a gum disease that inflames the gums, making them turn red and bleed. This may lead to gingival recession (gums retract from the teeth). In extreme cases, this condition leaves parts of the tooth root exposed.

dental crown

Pain When Biting

Many people who get dental crowns experience pain when biting. This discomfort is often caused by the crown being too high. This placement obstructs the teeth on the opposite jaw, causing discomfort.

In order to remedy pain when biting, the height of the crown must be adjusted. This means scheduling another dental appointment and paying more to fix the work your dentist did poorly.

dental crown

Possible Complications

Chipped Cap

Certain types of dental caps are more vulnerable to chipping. Your dentist may be able fix small chips, but large chips often require a replacement cap.

The porcelain used for porcelain-fused-to-metal caps may break away, revealing the metal structure underneath. These chips may not need to be repaired if the metal is still intact.

Cap Detachment

Caps can detach for many reasons. Biting down too hard and natural wear and tear cause many dental caps to detach.

The cement holding the cap in place can also wash away, causing the crown to become loose. A loose crown can lead to infection or decay of the underlying natural tooth. This will require immediate attention and can cost hundreds-if not thousands-of dollars to remedy.

Dark Line at the Gum

Dental caps made of porcelain infused with metal often leave a dark line at the gum. This eye sore is the metal of the cap showing through the gums. If this dreaded dark line forms in your mouth, it will require yet another procedure to fix.

Improper Fit and Alignment

A cap that’s too high or off in fit can result in tooth pain. 

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

Dental crowns are very expensive. The cost depends mainly on the material used in the crown.

The average cost is $800 to $1500 per crown. This price can rise depending on the material used and tooth size. For example, a gold crown can cost as much as $2,500.

The cost of a dental crown also rises if a dentist has to do more preparation to the teeth. Many dentists end up performing root canals or dental implants, both of which increase dental crown cost exponentially.

dental crown cost

Keep reading to learn how long dental crowns last!

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns only last around 5 years, and many don’t even last that long. 

dental caps

While it is possible for small chips to be repaired without removing the crown, large or multiple breaks require a complete replacement. This means you will have to start the dental crown process completely over. This will cost you more money, time, pain, and discomfort. 

You will likely have to continue replacing your dental crown every 5 years for the rest of your life. What a commitment!

Want to avoid this life-long responsibility? Read on to discover a new alternative to dental crowns.

Are There Any Alternatives to Getting a Dental Crown? YES!

Snap On Dentists don't make Snap-Ons

Dental caps can be extremely expensive and often come with many side-effects and complications.

Brighter Image Lab’s Bil Veneers are a great alternative to dental caps. They are completely removable and require no alteration to your existing teeth. They simply snap over your natural teeth for the instant appearance of a perfect smile.

Unlike dental caps, Bil Veneers require no appointments, come with zero side-effects, and don’t require a dentist. 

Bil Veneers are great alternative to getting dental caps because they are affordable and come with no complications. These unique veneers are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. They are strong enough to hold up against foods and durable enough to last years with proper care.

If you don’t like your smile, you don’t have to pay thousands to alter it. Simply cover your smile imperfections with Bil Veneers!

Benefits of Choosing Bil Veneers Over a Dental Crown

There are many benefits to choosing Bil Veneers over a dental crown. Here are just a few:


Bil Veneers cover  your front eight teeth. This is a benefit because each of your smile teeth will be identical to the next.

With Brighter Image Lab, you won’t experience any color differences or placement issues. You’ll receive a comfortable, durable cover that fits over your teeth for the appearance of a perfect smile.


At Brighter Image Lab, we fix smiles for less than the cost of the cheapest dental crown available.

Our revolutionary removable veneers have a low starting cost of $795. Even better – they cover each of your smile teeth. With Brighter Image Lab, you get complete, consistent coverage for far less than the cost of a single dental cap.


The convenience of Bil Veneers is a great benefit to anyone considering a dental crown.

Brighter Image Lab’s Lab Direct process allows clients to complete their smile makeover from the comfort of their own home. We simply mail you an impression kit, walk you through the simple process, and use that impression to design your new smile. You never have to come in or have anyone touch your teeth. How convenient!

If you choose Brighter Image Lab to improve your smile, you won’t have to worry about additional appointments or procedures. You won’t have to alter your natural teeth or suffer painful side effects.

Our Lab Direct process delivers top-quality veneers without the need for a single office visit.

We don’t want you to waste your time and money on an ineffective smile solution. Dental crowns often cause pain, sensitivity and infection. They chip, detach and may even leave a dark line at the gums. So, choose the simpler, safer option.

Choose Brighter Image Lab’s Bil Veneers for a complete smile transformation that’s affordable and pain-free.

Interested? Continue reading for an in-depth comparison of Bil Veneers and dental crowns. 

Bil Veneers Vs. Dental Crowns

dental crown

Celebrities with Dental Caps

Ben Affleck’s smile has been dramatically transformed since he starred in Good Will Hunting in 1997.

Before he began filming Armageddon the following year, Affleck altered his natural smile with porcelain veneers, dental caps, and bleaching agents. This smile transformation no doubt cost the actor tens of thousands of dollars.

Because of the small size Affleck’s natural teeth, many believe the actor had his smile covered with porcelain or ceramic dental caps. Dental caps are most commonly used as a restorative measure to protect teeth that have been damaged by decay. In Affleck’s case, they were used as a cosmetic device.

dental crown

Affleck isn’t the only celebrity who chose dental caps to improve his smile. Former vice-president Joe Biden also achieved a new smile with caps. 

dental crown

It doesn’t take a dental professional to tell Joe Biden’s teeth are fake. Before hitting the road to campaign for the 2020 election, the former vice-president dropped $20,000 on a mouthful of ceramic dental caps and bridges.

Despite the top-quality care he undoubtedly paid for, Biden’s caps still appear too white, too opaque, too long and too bulky for him. This just goes to show – no matter how much you pay for dental caps, there is still a chance of undesirable results.


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the visible portions of a damaged tooth. It can be made from a variety of materials, including metal or porcelain. 

Getting a dental crown to improve your smile is extremely expensive and often comes with many side-effects and complications. Many dental crown patients suffer pain, discomfort and sensitivity for weeks – or even months – following their dental crown procedure.

Each crown comes at an average price of $800 to $1500, but the choice of material can dramatically increase that price. For example, a gold crown can cost as much as $2,500. Despite their steep cost, dental crowns only last 5 years, if that. Porcelain crowns are especially weak and may chip or break before the 5 year mark.

Luckily, Brighter Image Lab offers a great alternative to dental crowns. Bil veneers are removable, affordable and side-effect free! They are comfortable enough to wear all day, strong enough to hold up against foods and durable enough to last years with the proper care.

Choosing Brighter Image Lab to improve your smile means you won’t have to worry about additional appointments or procedures. You won’t have to alter your natural teeth or suffer painful side-effects. You’ll receive a custom-fit removable veneer without any pain or hassle. 

Don’t settle for a dental crown! Click below and place your Bil Veneer order today!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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presson veneers

PressOn Smile – Dental Assistant Stunned by No Dentist Smile Transformation

Kristy Henderson


In this blog, one of our clients will tell you about her experience with her PressOn Smile, her name is Melissa.

Melissa is a makeup artist, she’s super impressive and she’s got a great spirit, the only thing that holds her back is her smile. Today, she wants to share her story with you.

I hope you’re as impressed with Melissa as I am. I hope you’ll find that cases like hers are the reason why we do what we do.

Melissa’s Natural Smile

My name is Melissa! Today I’m going to talk to you about how my smile went from good, to bad, to amazing. This isn’t sponsored, it’s not paid, this is a massive thank you.

I’m okay with my wrinkles and my bags my age because I earned them. I’m over 50 ,so I understand that what I have is all mine, but I do still have an insecurity.

My insecurity is my smile. In my late 40s, I tore some muscle away from the bone in my spine that goes from the middle to the back of my neck. Well, what happens is, you go to the doctor and they put you on medication. Medication along with age will speed up the deterioration of your oral health.

I’ve worked in dentistry for 15 plus years, so I’ve seen the crowns and veneers and how they can improve a smile, but I don’t have 50 grand to pay for it. I don’t know about y’all, but most people don’t have 50 grand to fix their smile.

I ended up having root canals that were done but not finished. There were never any dental crowns put on, because I work for a dentist and we got busy. As time went on, my teeth became ineligible for the crown procedure, and I began considering other options. Soon, I found a dental company that made a presson smile veneer, and I thought that was my solution. It didn’t cost 50 grand, in fact, the price was fairly reasonable.

presson smile

I decided I would go through with the presson process, but I wanted to wait and see it in person, because I wanted to see if I was going to like it. So, I waited for a patient to come in and get the veneers in my office.

Soon enough, a patient came in and got the veneers. As she was leaving, I was anxious to let her leave because her veneers didn’t look the way I thought they should. They were thick, bulky they and didn’t match the rest of her smile.

At first, I thought because I work in the dental office my expectation was higher and that’s the reason the presson smile fell short in my eyes.

As the years went by, I continued to look for a solution. Finally, I found Brighter Image Lab.

Melisa’s Brighter Image Lab Experience

I followed the company and watched their videos, but I thought they were too good to be true. Their PressOn Smiles looked so spectacular.

When they asked me to send a picture of my original smile, I struggled. It was such a hard picture to take. Those of you that don’t have a perfect smile know exactly what I’m talking about. For me, it was the hardest picture I’ve ever had to send in my life.

They sent me the kit and I took my upper and lower impressions. It’s really simple. All you do is mix the materials together, put them in the tray, pop it in for two minutes and pop it out. Then, you just put it in the envelope and send it off.

They’ll tell you every step of the way where you are. It’s not like you send it in and then they just forget about you, they tell you when they receive the impressions, if they look good, and when they’re going to send out the PressOn Veneers. They let you know exactly where your package is while it’s being shipped.

presson smile

I highly recommend that you check out Brighter Image Lab. Any questions you might have about their PressOn Smiles are probably going to be answered on the website because every question I have (and I work in the dental field) was answered on the website.

Melissa’s New PressOn Smile

When I received my PressOn Smile in the mail and took them out to look at them, my mind was blown. My expectation level was so low and the product I received was absolutely perfect.

As soon as I got them, I took a picture I put them in I took a picture to send to my friends. I sent it to my mom and family and everyone sent back the same thing: Wow!

That’s the story of how I went from good, to bad, to amazing. I would not give this product a glowing review if I did not a hundred thousand million gazillion percent think that my smile is fantastic.

I want to thank Mr. Bil Watson, thank you so much! That’s all I can say, thank you for the rest of my life. I know a thank you isn’t enough, because giving someone their smile back is beyond words. There’s just nothing to compare it to.

Before my PressOn Smile, my teeth where discolored, broken and missing. Now, in an instant, I have an amazing smile.

You can go with the companies that offer low-quality dental veneers that are bulky and discolored, or you can go with Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers and know you’re going to get amazing results like mine.

presson smilepresson veneers

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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PopOn Veneers Vs PressOn Veneers The Truth Revealed

Kristy Henderson


If you’re in the market for dental veneers, there are many options to choose from. As with any product, some are better than others and some claim to be amazing when they’re actually just a cheap imitation.

In this article, we will discuss a new company called PopOn Smiles, their “veneers” and how they compare to Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers.

PopOn Smiles

PopOn Smiles was trademarked in June 2020 by a man named Issac Hakimi, who has operated Streamline Dental Lab in New York City since 2006. Less than one month prior to securing the trademark, a domain was registered for the PopOn Veneers website. At the time of writing this article, the site is selling removable veneers for $399 per arch.

The PopOn Veneers website is contributed to a woman exclusively referred to as “Dr. T.” The website offers virtually ZERO information about Dr. T that could reveal her true identity, which has likely made clients suspicious as to what the company may be hiding.


When you have something to hide, nothing helps more than a convincing distraction. An emotional story, for example, has the power to entice and manipulate the audience by appealing to their emotions and distracting them from missing or manipulated information. The PopOn Veneers website features an emotional story about Dr. T that has likely distracted clients from searching for her real identity.

At first glance, the PopOn Veneers website seems convincing, but when you look a little closer, the veil is lifted and the user is left with a single question: What is PopOn Smiles hiding?

While conducting our research, we were faced with the same question, so we went digging.

Who is Dr.T?

The search for Dr. T’s identity was a grueling one. With no information on the website and one letter of a name, we weren’t off to a great start.

Our research team exhausted all resources before turning to Facebook to search for associates of Issac Hakimi. To our surprise, we found that Dr. T wasn’t an associate at all, but Dr. Hakimi’s wife and the mother of his children. Her full identity is Dr. Tamar Schiller Hakimi, and it took multiple people and hours of research to find her. 

The average person doesn’t have hours to track down information that should be made readily available, and they shouldn’t have to. Dr. T’s identity should have been given from the start, but it wasn’t, and you have to ask yourself why. 

Many companies lie, manipulate, and hide information that’s valuable to the consumer. They also mislead clients as to how their products are made.

How are PopOn Veneers Made? 

If you’re suspicious of a product, the best thing you can do is find out how it’s made. More often than not, you’ll find the product you’re considering isn’t worth the investment.

In an article published by Inside Dental Technology, Dr. Issac Hakimi claims to use a process known as “milling” at Streamline Dental Lab.

Milling is a machining process that uses rotating, multi-edge cutters to mill a block of material, like zirconia into a desired shape. This process takes place inside an enclosed machine, and expels virtually no debris. Despite this, the PopOn Veneers website features photos of keyboards and desks that appear to be covered in dust from plaster, which is used to make molds intended for thermoforming (a cheap manufacturing technique).

At the time of writing this article, Streamline Dental Lab is looking to hire a thermoforming technician via Indeed. If the company is using a milling machine and digital design to make their “veneers”, there should be no need to hire a thermoforming technician. This may make you wonder: Are PopOn Veneers cheaply thermoformed?


Thermoforming vs. 3D Printing 

Many people make the mistake of assuming all dental veneers are made the same. If you’re in the market for a set of dental veneers, it’s important to know the different manufacturing processes and how they can affect your future smile.

While there are multiple ways of producing a dental veneer, thermoforming and 3D printing are two of the most popular techniques used today.

Thermoforming is an outdated manufacturing process and a cheap alternative to 3D printing. With thermoforming, a plastic sheet is heated, formed to the specific shape of a plaster mold and trimmed to create a usable product.

Because the plastic sheets used in thermoforming don’t come thinner than 0.5mm, removable veneers made by this method are sometimes bulky and unnatural looking. They often have poor surface finish, non-uniform thickness and are more prone to malfunctions, as improper thermoforming of plastic disks can cause cracks, breaks and sharp edges.


In contrast to the thermoforming process, 3D printing is a modern manufacturing technique that involves designing an object on the computer and sending instructions to a device that constructs the object layer by layer.


Previously reserved for prototypes, 3D printing now allows for the creation of very complex objects by faithfully reproducing every detail. 3D printers work quickly with increasing precision and customizability.

Dental contrivances made by using this technique are mechanically stronger and more elastic compared to those that are thermoformed. They have been shown to resist 6 times more pressure and produce a more accurate fit.

Any way you look at it, 3D printing is the superior technique. Some companies like Brighter Image Lab use advanced techniques like this on every removable veneer, while others use a cheap thermoforming process that can result in low-quality products.

Many companies who use thermoforming to cut corners aren’t upfront with their clients. In fact, many of them actively try to confuse consumers to get them to purchase an inferior product. For this reason, finding a company with experience can really pay off. Read on to find out how!

Imitation is NOT the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Removable veneers are a relatively new phenomenon in the realm of smile solutions, but some companies have been offering them for years. Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers, for example, were some of the first removable veneers available. Over the past 20 years, PressOn Veneers have become the leading removable veneers worldwide and have helped over 300,000 people transform their smile.

As with any great product, PressOn Veneers have been cheaply imitated numerous times. Other companies use Brighter Image Lab’s photos, videos and content as their own to mislead clients and make a profit. In turn, those clients receive a low-quality product instead of a perfect set of dental veneers. 

Most recently, a company called PopOn Smile has taken to the internet with a new product called PopOn Veneers. The product’s name, strikingly similar to PressOn Veneers, has likely mislead clients who are looking to order from Brighter Image Lab.

streamline dental lab

The PopOn Veneers website also features images similar to those used by Brighter Image Lab, which usually proves confusing for anyone trying to purchase PressOn Veneers.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes it can go too far. If you’ve seen their website, you may be wondering: Is PopOn Smiles trying to confuse the public?

Brighter Image Lab vs PressOn Smiles 

Over the years, Brighter Image Lab has been cheaply imitated countless times. New removable veneer companies pop up every day with a similar name and a website full of empty promises. One way you can be sure you don’t get taken advantage of is to go with a company that has experience in the industry.

Brighter Image Lab - Celebrating 20 Years in Business

With more than 20 years in the business, Brighter Image Lab has had its fair share of learning experiences. Being one of the first to navigate the dental veneer climate, they learned early on that people are hungry for information.

The company’s website and YouTube channel offer a wealth of information and archived customer reviews. Customer service representatives are also available 24 hours a day to answer questions and address concerns.

Brighter Image Lab understands the power of a great smile and the importance of sharing information. For this reason, they do not use thermoforming systems to make any of their removable veneers and share every step of their unique Lab Direct process on their website.

Unfortunately, not all companies understand the potential of a perfect smile and the value of information sharing. Instead, they cheaply imitate PressOn Veneers with poor material and ineffective techniques and hide  information from clients who just want to smile again.

As one of the newest removable veneer companies, PopOn Smiles has already committed to disabling comments for every one of its YouTube videos and neglecting to fully name its affiliates.

The amount of information pertaining to the company is also extremely limited. There are virtually no customer reviews that aren’t linked directly to the PopOn Veneers website and many of the ones made available are posted by the same people.

With only 7 months under their belt and limited public information, PopOn Smiles is leaving much to be desired in terms of experience and transparency. This lack of experience and information may even leave some clients wondering: Are PopOn Veneers worth it?


PopOn vs PressOn 

If you’re considering dental veneers, you’re probably wondering if they’re worth the investment. Some dental veneers have the potential to change your life and last for years while others tend to fail and disappoint. One way to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth is to compare your options! Here is a comparison between PopOn Veneers and PressOn Veneers:


If you go to the PopOn Veneers website and take their eligibility quiz, you will find that candidates are immediately denied if they have less than 6 teeth on the top or bottom arch, suffer from bleeding gums or recession, or have more than 4 missing teeth.

The company also warns against smoking while wearing their removable veneers, because “the heat can distort the shape.” This is interesting because the temperature of tobacco smoke in the mouth is only 86 degrees Fahrenheit for the most part, 12 degrees cooler than the average human body.

PopOn Veneers claims their veneers are made out of co-polyester, which is a plastic that reacts poorly to sunlight and turns yellow with too much exposure. This undesirable reaction can ruin a set of removable veneers that cost hundreds .

Despite the plastic material and undesirable reactions of PopOn Veneers, a set of top and bottom arches retail for almost $600.


Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers are available to virtually anyone and have less requirements than most competing brands. The only cases that are deemed ineligible right away are those with no existing teeth or dentures.

PressOn Veneers are digitally designed to compete with porcelain dental veneers and have the power to make your smile look as if it has been completely made over by a cosmetic dentist. They are truly one of a kind and made out of material that is safe and strong.

Each tailor-made PressOn Veneer is artisan hand-crafted and contoured for the most life-like results possible. The unique crystalized resin is designed for unmatched durability and customization and is able to be thinned when necessary without compromising the veneer (unlike cheap thermoformed material).

PressOn Veneers are one of the thinnest removable veneers available and one of the strongest ever made. They’ve been known to last over 5 years and hold up against the wear and tear of everyday life. They’re also affordable, with a low starting price of $795 per arch and 100% approval on financing.


If you’re considering removable veneers, the number one thing you can do is make sure they’re not thermoformed.

There are more advanced processes for making removable veneers which produce a superior product, and Brighter Image Lab uses one to make every single veneer.

Don’t be fooled by pop up companies trying to convince you to pay hundreds for a cheap product, like PopOn Veneers. PressOn Veneers are digitally designed and detailed by hand for a superior look and feel and have the power to transform your life in an instant.

Order yours today by clicking below!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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smile transformation

Smile Transformation – What We’re Thankful For

Kristy Henderson


Hey guys, Bil Watson! This week it’s Thanksgiving and I want to do a blog that’s a little bit different.

I want to talk to you about Thanksgiving being more to me this year than just a holiday. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big effect on people, and Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the positive things we can do for others.

For me, it’s more about thankfulness than it is about giving and I have so much to be thankful for. I’m incredibly appreciative. I hope that’s the way you see it too.

I will discuss smile transformation, smile giveaways, and what I am most thankful for this holiday season.

Brighter Image Lab Smile Transformation

I have some really good news. I have two people this week send me some dental veneer results they said were life changing. This meant the world to me.

smile transformation

This first young man is named Raymond. As you can see from his picture on the left, Raymond is an attractive young man. However, he had a smile that was holding him back. I think Raymond’s smile caused him to be judged a little bit. I don’t think he truly got to see himself for all the positives. 

Raymond’s teeth aren’t perfect, they’re small, yellowed, and have a lot of spacing between them. Luckily, he came to Brighter Image Lab and we were able to give him the smile transformation he deserved.

Impressions are made in three seconds and they’re normally non-verbal, so when he sent me the after picture on the right and said we changed his smile, I paused for a minute and thought of all the things that were going to happen for him as a result of getting these veneers. I felt thankful for all the opportunities he was going to be open to and for all the progress he was going to make in life and with himself. I still feel thankful now to have had anything to do with his smile transformation

I’m so proud of Brighter Image Lab. This company, and the people that we have here, help transform smiles and lives every single day. This makes Thanksgiving mean a lot to me.

smile transformation

The second gentleman who had his life changed by Bil Veneers never invested in his smile and, eventually, it got away from him. His smile was considered to be a bad smile

smile transformation

If he had the means he would have done something, but a lot of times whether you know it or not there’s a big difference between being able to do something, wanting to do something, and feeling comfortable doing it. Luckily, this client felt comfortable enough with Brighter Image Lab to let us facilitate his smile transformation, and he was able to afford every penny of the process.

Because he chose Brighter Image Lab, this man was able to achieve a life-changing smile transformation. I hope he feels better about himself than he has in a long time, and I am profoundly thankful to be a part of that style design. I’m even more thankful that this man doesn’t have dentures today. His bite is good and he’s strong, so he shouldn’t have to spend five thousand or ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars he doesn’t have or take time off work to fix his smile.

In this case, the client just thought the cost was going to be too high, for whatever reason. It was obviously a big challenge for him, and when he sent us his Bil Veneer results, I was amazed. I was amazed that we’re doing this kind of work every day in our lab. Not just in this particular case, but for every single client. The work we’re doing is incredible. 

Every day, I see the standard for removable veneers grow. At Brighter Image Lab, we embrace that growth. We get better with every Bil Veneer and deliver the highest quality product to every client.

The results our clients achieve are the kind that are worth taking risks for. They’re the reason why we do jobs that some would turn down.

smile transformation

Smile Transformation Giveaways 

I want to share something that’s pretty big to me – Smile Giveaways

If you’re on the fence about trying our product or know someone who needs a new smile, please do not forget to be a part of our giveaway.

This time of year, you’re closer to your friends, family members, cousins and co-workers. You see people you haven’t seen in a long time, people you won’t see again for a long time. If anyone you’re around this holiday season is in need of a new smile, tell them to sign up for the chance to win this smile transformation.

I’m picking three more people this week: Duane, Danielle, and Ingrid. Here is a breakdown of their individual cases:

smile transformation

Duane’s teeth can be seen in the picture to the left, and they speak for themselves.

I wholeheartedly believe that if we redesign Duane’s smile, it’s going to change his life. It’s going to improve who he is and what he does because everything is about acceptance. 

I think that his new smile will improve his self-acceptance. I think his self-esteem and personal self-confidence is going to go through the roof. 

I can’t wait to do this smile make-over for Duane. I’m glad he that he applied and was chosen.

As you can see in the picture on the right, Danielle seems very spirited. But, she is held back by an undesirable smile. Even worse, no one is helping her.

My team is going to help Danielle transform her smile because she shouldn’t have to live with a smile that doesn’t reflect how beautiful she is on the inside.

We’re going to do an amazing smile transformation on Danielle, and I truly believe the results are going to be so dramatic that it’s going to change her life forever. I hope you agree!

smile transformation
smile transformation

As you can see in Ingrid’s picture on the left, she has an undesirable smile that is a big burden for her.

Ingrid’s Bil Veneer smile transformation is going to have a profound effect on her. It is going to improve her quality of life and open up doors to opportunities and positivity that she never knew existed. Ingrid shouldn’t have to beg for a smile transformation. If you look at her smile and you look at her overall facial features, you’re going to see that an attractive smile has the potential to change so much about her.

Anyone who looks at Ingrid’s pictures will know that Ingrid’s future is going to be better if I can get her a smile that’s beautiful and consistent. I think that her situation is very special. Her case is personal for me because I want so badly to see her smile transformation. I don’t know her from Adam, but every once while I look at a client’s photos and get a gut feeling that they need that make-over. I feel that way about Ingrid.

Looking back, I wonder what would have happened if we had stopped doing smile giveaways after the first 10. I would have left some cases behind that deserved to be seen. 

I don’t want to leave Ingrid behind. Bil Veneers are truly life-changing. They’re going to make a great difference for everyone who tries them, and they’re going to be able to do it instantly.

I hope you see what we’re trying to do with these smile giveaways, because the common denominator in all three cases is – their smiles are holding them back from having a better life. At Brighter Image Lab, we want to help clients like these reach their full potential by improving their smiles.


I wanted to show you what I am thankful for this year, and I think this blog sums it up pretty well. I am thankful for all of the smiles we have been able to make and the lives we have transformed. It’s nice to take a step back and really take the time to think about what you are thankful for. 

Because of our YouTube channel and our loyal clients, we’re able to give smile transformations to people who wouldn’t have had it done otherwise. This makes me incredibly thankful to be a part of the things that we do here at Brighter Image Lab.

I cannot be more thankful for the things that we do at this company, the people who help me do it and the people we do it for. I’m very appreciative of each and every person that makes smile giveaways and smile transformations possible. 

We are thankful for a lot of things here at Brighter Image Lab, but the thing we are most thankful for is YOU! We have so much more excitement planned before the new year, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in purchasing your own set of Bil Veneers, click below and get started to see your own smile transformation.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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E-Commerce Working for Smile Makeovers

Kristy Henderson


In the past, the dental industry has relied on in-office visits to service patients. Today, the industry has adapted to serving patients remotely. While this transition has posed its challenges, it has also provided a host of opportunities for those who are creative enough to provide e-commerce solutions.

Many who have evolved to provide e-commerce solutions have transformed the dental industry for the better, offering affordable and accessible alternatives to expensive dental procedures. 

In this blog, we will discuss how e-commerce is working for smile makeovers and why no-contact dentistry may become the new normal. 

What is Dental E-Commerce? 

Dental e-commerce is the process of buying and selling dental products by means of technology, such as by mobile applications and the Internet. This refers to both online retail and online shopping as well as electronic transactions.

How is E-Commerce Working for Smile Makeovers? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way people maintain their oral health. Social distancing, lockdowns and regulations have all but closed the traditional avenues for receiving dental care. Now, instead of going to see the dentist in-office, many people are choosing to go online for their smile solutions. 


Smile enhancement options like Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers appeal to online clients by providing customizable, no-contact smile solutions. This unique online process allows clients to achieve a full smile makeover from home without a dentist and at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentistry. 

Brighter Image Lab’s virtual process allows clients to choose, customize and pay for their new smile in minutes and without leaving their house. This virtual process has allowed them to serve over 300,000 clients across the world remotely from a single location, something very valuable in the Corona Virus era.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more and more people will go online in search of a solution. Read on to learn how e-commerce personalization trends appeal to these customers!

E-Commerce Personalization Trends 

Large dental corporations can appeal to online clients by providing customizable products. Brighter Image Lab, for example, offers dental veneers that can be custom made with zero in-person contact. 

Brighter Image Lab’s design team works 24 hours a day to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, and spend an average of 32 hours on each custom veneer order.

Think of them as your personal smile designers. Once you’ve received your FREE facial analysis, your smile designer will use the industry’s leading technology to redesign your smile in 3D. This design is then used to create a set of custom-fit dental veneers meant only for you.

Meet Bil Watson

Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab Director:

“At Brighter Image Lab, we believe the future is in personalization. We envision a world where people will shop for customized smile enhancement products instead of wasting time and money on “one size fits all” smile solutions.”

The kind of customization that can be achieved with dental veneers surpasses what can be done with virtually any in-office dental solution. Dental veneers are molded to fit over your natural smile and contoured for the thinnest fit your teeth allow. They are the leading standard for customization and offer many options that will truly make your veneers one of a kind.

There are three dental veneer options: The Original PressOn Veneer, the improved BIL Veneer and the ultimate IncrediBIL Veneer. Here is a breakdown of these options:  

The original PressOn Veneers come in the natural shade. They are beautifully designed and 100% digitally processed. These veneers come at a 0.7 to 1.7mm average thickness and includes an initial impression system absolutely free. PressOn Veneers come at a low price of $795 and are a great option for anyone who wants to improve their smile. Brigher Image Lab’s staff and design team work 24 hours a day to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, and spend an average of 32 hours on each custom veneer order.


The improved BIL Veneers are redesigned from the ground up to be thinner, more detailed, and stronger than ever before. They are detailed by hand and contoured for an ultra-thin and comfortable fit. Each set is designed with Sure Fit Seal Technology and comes with a personal virtual customer service representative. This veneer option comes in three different shades and is a great option for people who want to cover chipped or missing teeth.


The newest addition to the Brighter Image Lab family of veneers are the IncrediBIL Veneers. These veneers features unique light reflecting properties. They are made with an exclusive translucent material and digitally micro scaled for the thinnest fit possible. With the added benefit of targeted inter-oral digitization and fully dynamic smile design, IncrediBIL Veneers are the most advanced veneers available today. 


The level of personalization that can be achieved with dental veneers surpasses the limited options available for clients who choose to improve their smiles with a dentist in-office. Dental veneers are also a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentistry, giving clients all the benefits of a $20,000 smile makeover without breaking the bank! 

Pricing and Delivering Smile Makeovers

The dental industry has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic and e-commerce business, but it has also been affected by new trends in pricing and delivering.

Online finance services are transforming the industry by allowing people to achieve their smile makeovers before they have the full amount to purchase. Brighter Image Lab’s online financing offers 100% approval, $149 down and low $24 payments. The financing application can be found online and only takes 3 minutes to complete. Click below to start yours!


Brighter Image Lab also transforms the dental industry by delivering smile makeovers without requiring a single in-office visit or a dentist. Their unique Lab Direct veneer process consists of three simple steps: order your impression online or via phone, make impressions of your teeth using the Lab Direct Impression System and receive your customized, dental veneers in the mail. 

Brighter Image Lab’s virtual veneer process provides a quality product that takes minutes rather than hours or weeks. At a time when so many services are moving into the virtual marketplace, they have fortified their position as a leader in e-commerce smile solutions.

During the most technologically advanced era in human history, no one should have to pay $20,000 and give up their natural teeth for a new smile. With dental veneers, they don’t have to.

In-office smile solutions from a dentist can be expensive and time consuming. Some of the most popular smile enhancement options cost thousands, take weeks to complete, require numerous in-office visits and cause painful, irreparable damage to the natural teeth. 

Dental veneers offer all the benefits of a full set of dental veneers without the pain, damage or inflated cost. They also offer a level of personalization you can’t achieve with a dentist in-office. 

E-Commerce Smile Makeovers: The Trend of the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded no-contact smile solutions, and the desire for no-touch shopping won’t disappear any time soon. Now that COVID-19 has sensitized consumers to how viruses can spread, they will likely continue to practice precaution and shop online in the future.

With dental veneers, people no longer have to sit through uncomfortable and costly appointments or overpay for extreme solutions that destroy their natural teeth. They can achieve great results online without a dentist!

No-dentist dental veneers have transformed the way people see smile makeovers. As no-contact dentistry becomes the new normal, Brighter Image Lab will continue to set the bar for affordable smile solutions.

If you have a smile that you want to improve, you don’t have to wait for dental offices to open back up to save tens of thousands of dollars. Be part of the future in dental e-commerce, simply click below and get started on your dental veneer order today!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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smile giveaway

Smile Giveaway Makes Christmas Brighter for one Childcare Professional

Kristy Henderson

Natasha’s Story 

I want to start this blog off by introducing our newest smile giveaway, Natasha. Natasha is a childcare worker and mother who has struggled for years with the appearance of her smile. 

One of our most valued employees recommended Natasha, who looks after her daughters. Our employee was so incredibly appreciative, she recommended Natasha to win a smile giveaway. We chose Natasha because we are so incredibly appreciative of the way she cares for children.

While we’re sure Natasha already knows, we want to take a moment to thank her for the job she does every day. It’s important to us that she dedicates her life to taking care of children. The little girls that she takes care of for our employee are so incredibly appreciative to have her in their lives.

smile giveaway

I’m sure all the mothers Natasha works for say they’re appreciative, but the job she does every day is pretty big, and we wanted to thank her the best way we knew how – with a smile giveaway! We were excited to do Natasha’s smile giveaway before Christmas, because we knew it was the best present she could get.

smile giveaway

Natasha has a gap tooth that she’s been self-conscious about, and she wanted to know what it was like to not have that gap. The employee that recommended her for a smile giveaway thinks a lot of her. She’s very appreciative of Natasha, and she came to me to ask if I could transform her smile.

We put a lot of energy into every smile giveaway and always try to design smiles that we’re passionate about.

When Natasha met with us, she had three birthdays coming up, Christmas just around the corner and New Year’s steadily approaching. It was the perfect time for a new smile, but not the time to splurge on herself.

Natasha was paying for her son’s braces, buying birthday presents and putting gifts under the tree. She was putting herself last to give to everyone around her. Luckily, we were able to put her first this holiday season by giving her the smile of her dreams – absolutely free.

We completed Natasha’s smile transformation before Christmas, so she could enjoy the holiday and reign in the new year with a beautiful smile. We worked so fast to give her this Christmas gift, we didn’t even have time to announce it as a smile giveaway!

Natasha’s Smile Transformation

Natasha always wondered what it would take to fix her gap. She has pretty teeth, they just have a gap, and she wanted to see what we could do about it. After speaking with us for a few minutes, Natasha was eager to try on her new smile.

No one has ever seen Natasha smile without a gap and she has been conscious about it for years. In our studio, she smiled without a gap for the first time, and it was amazing. I have to tell you – the difference in Natasha’s smile is the best I’ve seen in a long time. She was completely blown away: “I’m so thankful. Thank you. Thank you for my new smile!”

smile giveaway

Natasha’s PressOn Veneers fit great. She popped them in and they worked perfectly. They were tight enough to easily snap in place and they looked amazing.

At first, Natasha had to practice fully smiling because she had been holding her smile in for so long. She was so used to covering her gap that she had to adjust to showing off her teeth rather than trying to hide them.

I knew I wanted to choose Natasha for a smile giveaway because many people don’t stop and think of the people that do work for them. The ones who put themselves last to do things for others. Natasha put herself last for too long. She paid for her son’s braces and suffered the insecurities of an undesirable smile, she bought gifts and put off her own smile transformation, she cared for others and neglected herself. Luckily, her story was brought to our attention and we were able to give to her the way she has been giving to others for years.

smile giveaway

Now Natasha has a perfect smile that can be snapped on at any time, and I think that’s the best Christmas gift we could have given her.

Natasha’s Q and A 

How did you hear about us?

I take care of one of your employee’s kids so I had been looking them up but I didn’t know the process of getting it done.

How are you doing?

I’m good. It’s been a good day, a busy day busy day.

They say you work with babies?

Yes, I do.

 You’re working daycare?


Was taking the impression hard?

No, it wasn’t.

How long have you been conscious about your smile?

Pretty much since I was in high school a whole lot last year.

smile giveaway

Did you have to do it more than once? 

No. These fit on the first time. I need them the first time so they fit pretty good and they take a little bit to get used to.

Our Next Smile Giveaway 

I have another smile giveaway that I want to talk about is this week. Unlike our many other smile giveaway stories, this woman didn’t apply herself. Instead, her mother wrote in to ask for our help.

The mother who wrote in has gapped teeth, which were passed down to her daughter. She sent us a picture of her daughter’s smile, and we thought we could make a difference in her life. She’s a young lady who has the whole world in front of her. In this situation, what I want to do is take a smile that’s gapped and show how it can be completely transformed.

I’m excited to see those results. I don’t know how soon it will happen, but I want to let you know we got this one.


At Brighter Image Lab, we have what’s called hashtag “SmileWithMe.” The SmileWithMe movement is about spreading awareness and kindness. The hashtag encourages people to share their smile with the world and spread awareness about accessible smile solutions like PressOn Veneers. 

smile giveaway

Bil Watson

Brighter Image Lab Director

“If there’s one thing my experience has taught me, it’s the value of a smile (the verb, not the noun). As valuable as a person’s smile is, it’s still directly related to how often they give a smile to someone else. We need so much more kindness in the world and a smile is the universal start of every good feeling, every meaningful conversation. That’s why we have the “SmileWithMe” hashtag. It’s just our way of trying to spread some positivity where maybe there wasn’t enough before.”

The SmileWithMe hashtag allows people all over the world to share their smiles and show off their transformations. We use this hashtag and a smile giveaway to encourage and empower people to smile. This holiday season, in a time of stress and unease, a smile is the best gift we can give. We hope you help us spread kindness and joy by sharing your smile this Christmas.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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deep cleaning teeth cost

Dental Cleaning Cost: Everything You Need To Know

Kristy Henderson

Dental Cleaning Costs – Through the Roof! 

Have you or a member of your family skipped a visit to the dentist due to high dental cleaning cost? You’re not alone.  

More than 100 million Americans don’t visit the dentist because they can’t afford it. 

As hard as it is to afford a regular teeth cleaning, it’s even harder to afford that deep cleaning cost – ouch! 

At Brighter Image Lab, we know not many people have the spare time to call around and find the average dental cleaning cost. So, we did a nation-wide survey to find the average cost of a new patient dental cleaning in real time.

We made the calls, so you don’t have to.

Keep reading to see what we found! 

Do Your Own Teeth Cleaning from Home!

As the cost of a dental cleaning rises and dental insurance coverage plummets, the average person is left with options that are unattractive at best, and discriminatory at worst. Because of this, many people don’t get their teeth professionally cleaned.

Fortunately, Brighter Image Lab offers affordable smile solutions for everyone looking to improve their smile. Brighter Image Lab’s revolutionary Smile-Care System challenges the ‘Dentist or Nothing’ mind set and empowers the average person to clean, bleach, and polish their own teeth at home.

For too long, state boards everywhere believed that dentists own a major piece of real estate in the human mouth. At Brighter Image Lab, we’re not afraid of trespassing.

dental cleaning cost

Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab Director:

“We believe that treatments like teeth bleaching aren’t just a luxury reserved only for the rich, and that monthly teeth polishing is undervalued as a preventative measure. I Believe that Dentists stand to profit too much by protecting the status quo and that’s why any real solution would have to come from outside the dental industry. When creating this system, we had to address every part of what is wrong with dental care, and fix it; access, cost, time, information, and effectiveness. We essentially had to challenge every dentist is the country for not coming to market with a comprehensive solution, before now.”

In 1997, we saw that cosmetic dentistry was not being made available to everyone. So, we began our fight to reclaim the mouth from the greed of modern dentistry. Only the people who could afford to pay the ever-rising rates of dental care were rewarded the right to a better smile.

For the past 23 years, we have been working to solve this problem. Inequality and misinformation run wild throughout the dental industry. Every day marginalized people are overcharged or turned away as a result of negligence and greed.

Brighter Image Lab combats this crisis on a daily basis by offering affordable solutions to a variety of dental needs. One of these affordable solutions is the Bilistic Smile-Care System. This unique one-of-a-kind system allows clients to take back what was always theirs — the right to bleach, clean, and polish their own teeth.


With the help of our revolutionary products, clients around the world are now able to perform many teeth cleaning routines from the comfort of their own homes.

No dentist, no office visits, no inflated fees. Just a smile solution at an affordable price. Each step in the Bilistic Smile-Care System ensures you receive the best results money can buy–at a price you can afford.

Continue reading to learn more about our process!

Bilistic Smile-Care System


Traditionally, dentists and hygienists use expensive tools for removing tartar and hardened calculus from teeth.

With our Tartar Softening Detox Serum, you don’t need the specialized scalers a dental hygienist uses to loosen and remove buildup, just the tools we offer at Brighter Image Lab!

Our Detox Serum is made of three ingredients, each sourced for its effectiveness:

  1. 1A concentrated tartar softener that removes even the toughest calculus buildup
  2. 2A re-mineralizing agent that helps strengthen the tooth and enamel
  3. 3A desensitizer that coats, rather than clogs, the pores of your teeth to reduce sensitivity

Brighter Image Lab’s revolutionary Detox Serum is the first of its kind, and so is our Black Infusion tray!

The Black Infusion treatment tray has a more precise fit than any bleaching tray before it.

It allows our treatment material to soak into the tooth without being compromised by the natural enzymes in saliva, penetrating the surface and accessing the tubular pores of the tooth. 

At Brighter Image Lab, we only give you the best. We offer the highest quality tools at a fair price, so you know you’re getting the best there is–at a price you can afford.

Want a superior cleaning system to brighten your smile? Read on to learn more!

teeth cleaning kit
dental deep cleaning


If you’re paying for professional teeth bleaching, you aren’t getting the consistently impressive results you’re paying for.

You are pointlessly bleaching invisible layers of bio-film, calculus, plaque and tartar  rather than your actual teeth. 

We think you deserve better. 

Brighter Image Lab’s Detoxing Serum dissolves bio-film, plaque, tartar and calculus. 

It provides direct, un-compromised access to the surface area of the tooth – making it possible to achieve a “full-curing” for the brightest teeth you’ve ever had. 

The Pure Bleach system delivers consistently impressive teeth whitening results you can’t find anywhere else. 

Stop settling for sub-par bleach treatments. Want to learn more about this revolutionary system? Read on!

teeth bleaching gel


Of everything we put into our Bilistic Cleaning System, our Bilistic Polisher has to be the piece we’re the most proud of.

Because a smooth surface collects less bacteria and accumulates less plaque, Micro Surface Polishing is one of the most underrated treatments for preventative oral care. It cleans hard to reach areas and helps prevent gum disease.

Bringing this tool out of the dentist office and into the hands of everyday people has created an unprecedented shift in personal dental hygiene.

When you see how the light reflects off your perfectly polished smile, you’ll demand an explanation as to why this wasn’t made available years ago.

Don’t be the last one on the block to own your very own professional-grade tooth polisher! Click on the image below and order your complete Smile Care System today!

tooth polisher

Our National Survey

Once you try our Bilistic Smile-Care system, you’ll wonder why you even need  your teeth cleaned by a dentist, especially after you learn what they (over) charge. Continue reading to find out!

Over the course of two days, I called two dental offices from each state in the country at random to get a quote for a new patient cleaning without dental insurance. 

When I started this call list, I thought every call would take about a minute to complete. Just call, get the price, and move on to the next. 

Instead, I found the voice on the other end of the phone was often rude and reluctant to offer exact pricing. 

Of the 100 offices I called, five refused to give any quote over the phone. Even when pushed for a hypothetical guess, they refused.

Two offices called back numerous times with hounding sales pitches when I ended the call without making an appointment.

They tried constantly to get my name and information. 

Two offices that missed my call replied with an automated text message.

One Pennsylvania office returned my missed call three times in two minutes. 

Very few offices asked for X-rays from a previous dentist. Most were misleading and implied I needed to have a full workup. 

dental deep cleaning cost

Long story short, it was very hard to get an accurate price for a dental cleaning. 

With all the oral health struggles people face on a daily basis, offering transparent, upfront pricing is the least dentists can do. 

Nevertheless, dental professionals everywhere continue to mislead clients and offer little to no information on pricing.

Curious about how much you can expect to pay at the dentist?

Keep reading to learn just how much is a dental cleaning without insurance!

What does dental cleaning cost without insurance? 

With virtually no accurate quotes available online, it is harder than ever to determine the cost of a dental cleaning.

Not many people have the spare time to call around and find the best price for a dental cleaning. 

So, we took it upon ourselves to call two dentists from every state in the country at random. We said:

 “Hi, I’m calling to get the price for a new patient teeth cleaning.” 

Many offices offered a suspiciously small figure ($50-1$00) at first, but when pushed for more information, revealed that figure would only pay for the cleaning procedure.

The cost of the cleaning appointment would be hundreds more (up to $500). 

It concerned me to see that many people who call for a dental cleaning quote are often mislead.

They are given such small figures over the phone but receive after treatment bills that are three–or even four–times the price. 

Even more concerning was the inconsistency of teeth cleaning cost.

Prices for an all-inclusive new patient cleaning ranged from $70 to over $500.  That’s a $400+ difference!

deep cleaning teeth cost

This proves that every dentist in America has the ability to offer a $70 new patient cleaning. Instead, they use the $400+ upcharge as pocket change while many struggle to pay their bills. 

Over charging for dental services is wrong! Read on to learn about deep cleaning cost.

Deep Cleaning Cost

A dental deep cleaning is a treatment that cleans between the gums and teeth down to the roots.

Like a regular cleaning, deep cleaning teeth requires the hygienist to clean the tooth, gum line and sides of the teeth.

However, the process of deep cleaning teeth goes a step further, removing tartar buildup down below the gum line to the root of the tooth.

This process can also be referred to as a “root planing and scaling” and may require several visits in order to complete the treatment.

Deep cleaning teeth cost is more expensive than a standard cleaning.

It is often used to treat gum disease and to stop it from becoming worse.

It requires anesthesia and several follow up visits to make sure the infection has been cleared and your gums are healing.

Deep cleaning cost ranges from $140 to $300, depending on your location and your dentist. Your dental insurance may or may not cover it.

How to save money on teeth cleanings

If you’re worried about teeth cleaning costs, there are a few places you can find reduced dental cleaning costs: 

Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab reduces dental cleaning cost by cutting the dentist out of the equation.

Our Bilistic Detoxification Serum deep cleans, desensitizes, re-mineralizes, and works to dissolve tartar and calculus

This product will significantly reduce your dental cleaning cost by  deep cleaning teeth for a fraction of the average price.

Dental Schools

A dental school can be a great place to find a reduced deep cleaning teeth cost.

Most dental schools have clinics that allow dental students to gain experience by offering reduced deep cleaning cost.

All students are monitored by a professional with extensive experience in deep cleaning teeth.

Government Programs

Your government or local health department may offer programs that provide free or reduced deep cleaning teeth cost.

Contact your local or state health department to learn more about their dental assistance programs.

COVID-19 Related Dental Cleaning Cost

On top of their already inflated prices, some dentist offices are beginning to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic by charging an “infection control fee.

These fees have been reported to range between $15 and $150.

Charging an “infection control fee” on top of an already steep dental cleaning cost is wrong.

It makes patients accountable for their own safety, as it holds them responsible for sanitation cost.

To make matters worse, many people are hurting financially as a result of pandemic layoffs. 

Consequently, they are no longer covered by health insurance and are struggling as it is to pay out-of-pocket dental costs.

covid-19 infection control fee

The addition of an “infection control fee” or an “infectious disease fee” on top of the already inflated teeth cleaning cost is frankly obnoxious.

While the $15 charge may pale in comparison to the hundreds of dollars spent on a new patient cleaning, the fee remains unjustifiable.

Don’t let your dentist take advantage of you. 

Choose Brighter Image Lab today and achieve a perfect smile without the hidden fees!


Over 100 million Americans don’t visit the dentist because they can’t afford it. 

A nation-wide survey found that dental cleaning costs drastically differ from office to office, ranging from $70 to over $500.

Dental deep cleaning cost is also rather high, ranging from $140 to $300 for the cleaning alone.

Many patients have also reported dentists charging $15 to $150 “infection disease” or “infection control” fees due to COVID-19.

Luckily, Brighter Image Lab’s complete Bilistic Smile-Care System empowers the average person to clean, bleach, and polish their own teeth at home. 

This revolutionary system allows our clients to maintain their oral hygiene without a dentist or hygienist.

Deep cleaning teeth has never been easier!

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, just a smile solution at a price you can afford–how it should be. Click below to start deep cleaning teeth like a pro, and avoid high dental cleaning costs.

Starter Teeth Cleaning System
Starter System
  • 4 Syringes of Bilistic Detox Serum
  • 4 Syringes of Pure Bleaching Gel
  • Upgraded Arch Cut Infusion Trays
  • Set of Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools
  • Bilistic Pro Series Polisher



Bilistic Executive Teeth Cleaning System
Executive System
  • 4 Syringes of Bilistic Detox Serum
  • 4 Syringes of Pure Bleaching Gel
  • Upgraded Arch Cut Infusion Trays
  • Set of Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools
  • Bilistic Pro Series Polisher



pageant smile

Pageant Smile – One Beauty Queen Wins The Ultimate Prize

Kristy Henderson


A cosmetic dentist wanted over $20 thousand dollars and to drill down her already amazing teeth to give this pageant contestant veneers, but she said NO! Instead, when Monica Aguilar, 2019 Miss Intercontinental Runner Up, decided to get a perfect pageant smile with dental veneers, she reached out to BIL. We believe that healthy teeth should NOT need drilling. 

Monica’s Story 

Monica competes in pageantry and models for a living, so looks are important in her everyday life. When she came to us, her smile was the one thing the one thing about her appearance that was holding her back.

In her interview, Monica explained that most things about her looks could easily be changed with store-bought cosmetics. If she was unhappy with her body, she could diet. If she didn’t like her hair, she could get extensions. She could wear fake nails, eyelashes and makeup every day if she wanted, but it would never cover her smile.

Monica tried teeth whitening about a year before she came to us. She paid $600 for in-office whitening and was able to see her teeth at their whitest. Unfortunately, this only lasted about three weeks. After three weeks of white teeth, Monica watched as her pearly whites reverted back to their yellowed shade and her $600 went out the window. She admitted it was hard on her self-esteem to see something she had wanted for so long come and go in such a short time.

I believe there are so many things that people use to prove themselves that aren’t permanent or damaging. There are people who do nails, lashes, makeup and all sorts of hair extensions. They do everything that’s cosmetic, but at the end of the day, they get to go back to being themselves.

pageant smile

With dentistry, it’s all in or nothing at all. You either get whitening for $600 that lasts you three weeks, or you get veneers for the price of a new car that have to be replaced once every decade. Some dentists take a girl 16 or 18 or 24, whose life hasn’t even started yet, and make permanent decisions that affect the rest of her life.

We have many critics. People say, “Oh, you shouldn’t help that person cover their smile. They really need this, and they need that.” You know what I think? I think if we can help you cover their smile today, maybe tomorrow they get a job and next month they get insurance, and the next thing now, they’re back in to see a dentist.

If everybody had to start with the Mercedes, we wouldn’t have a car industry. There has to be affordable options for everyone. It can’t just be all or nothing anymore.

Monica’s Smile 

Every once while we get a smile that we want to try to improve, and we think if we can improve that one smile, we can literally change the benchmark with cosmetics today.

pageant smile

When I met Monica, I met her on paper. We never met each other before the day I transformed her smile, but when I looked at Monica’s photos, I knew I wanted to help her.

While Monica was happy with the shape of her teeth, she struggled daily with the shade of her smile. No matter how much she brushed or how many teeth whitening treatments she tried, Monica was never able to get the shade she wanted. She often found herself smiling with her mouth closed because she wanted to hide her yellowed teeth.

Monica desperately wanted a pageant-worthy smile, but permanent veneers weren’t an option. 

Why Permanent Veneers Weren’t an Option for a Pageant Smile

Monica didn’t want to get permanent veneers because they’re a long-term health hazard. She explained: “I am actually a pre-med student I’d like to go into the medical field and that’s something that completely drew me away from getting permanent veneers. Your teeth are part of your skeletal system. Why would you want to permanently damage part of your skeletal system?” This is a great point. Altering a part of your body has consequences. 

I’ve seen many people with porcelain veneers, and the worst part isn’t the grinding or the procedures. Even if everything goes perfect, you have to worry about micro leakage. This means you don’t know what’s going on behind your teeth.

Veneers require grinding and micro leakage can damage teeth. Many people don’t understand how to manage those permanent veneers, and the shading’s not always consistent because it’s not always made out of the same material.

Monica’s PressOn Pageant Smile 

99% of the people in the world would love to have a new smile, but what got us started on this thing was the one percent. We started this business for the people who need a solution that’s affordable, who are deeply affected by the downsides and discrimination that come with a poor smile. When you need something, something that’s going to improve your quality of life, then you’ll fly all the way from Florida like Monica did for her pageant smile.

pageant smile

The second Monica snapped on her removable veneers, her baby smile was gone. She said, “I always felt like I had little tiny teeth, and when I would go get my whitening for some reason, they would kind of shave my teeth down. I remember over time seeing a different shape across the line of my teeth. I was never happy with it so I feel like this kind of gave me back what they shaved off.” After years of searching, she had finally found her perfect pageant smile.

Even with her new pageant smile snapped in, Monica hesitated to fully smile. She had been hiding her smile for so long, she had to adjust to showing it off. “I find myself doing closed mouth smiles just because I was self-conscious about my smile, the color of my teeth and the size of them.” 

Before PressOn Veneers, Monica’s smile was a bit small. It didn’t feel like it competed with the rest of her face. Now, Monica’s smile is very powerful. We took some chances to make her smile fuller I’m hoping you see that her smile fits her face more.

When considering removable veneers, Monica’s main concern was the lines between each tooth. She was afraid the veneers would look like one big piece rather than individual teeth. When she looked at the detail of her pageant smile, she was blown away: “It’s so realistic. It looks amazing. They have real definition, they’re not just a drawn line!”

pageant smile
pageant smile

PressOn Veneers are truly chiseled into the contour of the tooth, so it reflects the light. When Monica steps on stage, that light’s not going one direction, it’s going all directions. The light is going to reflect off her pageant smile and stun every single judge.

If you open up a seashell, it reflects different ways. We design our veneers so that it catches the gloss and captures the attention and stands out. It’s really sad that people who look for this gloss go to extreme measures like shaving their teeth down for veneers, but anyone can achieve this look with PressOn Veneers without any alteration to the natural teeth.

We knocked Monica’s smile out of the ballpark. “It looks so good I’m obsessed I’m so obsessed I feel like I’m just going to be smiling in the mirror all the time now!” Monica’s smile transformation exceeded my expectations.

A smile is the best accessory that anyone can possibly wear, and I think everybody should be able to open their mouth and show an amazing smile. When Monica came to us, she needed a smile solution that didn’t alter her natural teeth. Her PressOn Veneers pop on and off, so Monica can still be the same girl she’s always been. We didn’t change anything about her, we just gave her a cover for her teeth.

With PressOn Veneers, Monica found the pageant smile she was looking for. Monica has a high standard. She competes at a high level. She has trainers, goes on diets and does fitness. She needed a perfect pageant smile. She needed a smile that any judge could look at from two, three feet away and say, “Wow!” Monica’s smile transformation is amazing. I hope Monica’s results are worth her flight

Do You Need a Smile Makeover? Enter to Win

We have already selected 8 winners to receive a FREE smile makeover! That means we still have 14 smiles still left to give and we’re still accepting entries!

If you haven’t had a chance to enter yet you must complete the following:

1. Subscribe to Brighter Image Lab’s YouTube channel2. Go watch this video3. Complete submission form & upload photos HERE

25 people will receive a set of veneers FREE OF CHARGE! It’s time to take back your life and end 2020 on a high note! We don’t do this often so make sure to apply while you can! We hope that you join us in changing smiles and changing lives this holiday season!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*

Bilistic Pro Series tooth Polisher from Brighter Image Lab

Tooth Polisher: The Best Way to Protect Your Teeth

Kristy Henderson


You can brush your teeth two times a day and still have visible stains. 

There is a tooth polisher available that can easily remove stains from your teeth, but you can’t legally use it because you didn’t go to dental school. 

At Brighter Image Lab, we think that is an excuse that the dental industry uses to put more money in dentists’ pockets – by keeping people like you from being able to improve your own smile.

We know you have the ability, you just need the tools.

Now, we have made this tool available to you. 

Intrigued? Keep reading for more information! 

What is a Tooth Polisher?

A tooth polisher is a tool used to smooth the tooth surface, removing stains and plaque and improving the overall look of the smile.

Is Tooth Polishing Necessary? Yes!

Tooth decay is the #1 preventable disease in the world. In the U.S. alone, 91% of people struggle with decay. Some dentists even call tooth decay a “silent epidemic”.

The solution dentists offer for tooth decay is brushing your teeth, but even if you brush twice a day, small pieces of plaque and tartar still linger on your teeth and gums. Couple this with the advice to use more fluoride (one of the many causes of fluorosis) and it’s no wonder this silent epidemic is still an issue.

The real key to preventing decay is polishing your teeth. Polishing is important because it cleans the entire tooth, removing what you can’t with a toothbrush. This creates a smoother tooth surface, which collects less bacteria and accumulates less plaque. Preventing this type of build-up protects your teeth from decay and your gums from becoming infected.

Looking for a dental tooth polisher so you can polish teeth at home? Read on to find the best option for you!

Can I Polish My Teeth at Home?

Yes, with the Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher, you can now polish your teeth the same way a dentist does from the comfort of your own home.

This polisher is nearly identical to one you see at a dentist’s office. You don’t need an air compressor or any expensive equipment to run it. It all runs on electricity!

It has the same speed adjustments, smoothness, and consistency as your dentist’s tools

The only difference is, we made ours available to the public. Why? Because we knew we had to. 

Meet Bil Watson

Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab CEO:

“We believe the world needed a professional quality polishing system that’s both convenient and cost effective. While the benefits of a quality polisher streamline your day, the cost has traditionally been too high for most people. Did you know that more people with commercial electric tanning beds wired in their homes than there are people with Professional Tooth Polishers in their bathrooms. It’s insane!”

The #1 thing that keeps people from improving their smile is money.

Thanks to Brighter Image Lab, you can now polish your teeth like a dentist from the comfort of your own home. This will allow you to achieve the smooth, ultra-clean result of professional polishing at a fraction of the cost.

Every person deserves a beautiful smile. By making life-changing dental tools available to everyone, Brighter Image Lab hopes to inspire people to take the health of their smile into their own hands. Together, we can change the tooth polishing experience, and we can do it all without a dentist.

Keep reading to learn all the benefits of the Bilistic Pro Polisher!

Bilistic Pro Series Polisher

What are the Benefits of the Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher?

There are many benefits of Brighter Image Lab’s at-home tooth polisher. Here are the top 5:

Brightens Your Smile

If you don’t like the color of your teeth you are not alone. Most people’s biggest complaint about their smile is the color of their teeth. 

Teeth stain for many reasons, including your food and drink choices, oral hygiene, and medication use. The most common things that cause teeth to stain are:

  • Drinking dark beverages like coffee and tea 
  • Smoking cigarettes 
  • Chewing tobacco 

With the Bilistic Pro Polsher, you can say goodbye to unsightly stains. After just one use, you’ll notice a difference in the color and shine of your smile.

Prevents Cavities 

Plaque buildup causes tooth decay. Plaque eats away your enamel.

Left unattended, it can lead to cavities. 

Regular tooth polishing gets rid of the damaging film on your teeth. 

Stops Tooth Loss

Plaque accumulation causes gum diseases.

In some cases, it can even cause tooth loss.

As gum disease progresses, it destroys the supporting jaw bone, causing teeth to loosen and fall out.

Regular polishing can dramatically reduce the risk of gum disease and prevent tooth loss. 

Freshens Your Breath

Polishing helps prevent unpleasant breath.

While many may assume brushing and flossing teeth is enough to freshen breath, polishing is the best way to keep your mouth healthy and odor free. 

The amazing cleaning power of a tooth polisher will help to brighten your smile and improve your oral health. 

Couple that power with a strong detox serum and you could end up with a teeth cleaning that’s as good as (or better than) the teeth cleanings that you get at a dentist’s office!

You can’t freshen your breath with brushing and paste alone. You need a tooth polishing kit!

Boosts Your Overall Health

Your oral and overall health are connected in many ways. 

Frequent dental polishing helps lower your risk of a number of diseases such as stroke and heart ailments. 

Some of these medical conditions are life threatening.

Still unsure if the Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher is for you? Continue on to learn more about this amazing product!

Bilistic Detox Serum

We include a Detox Cleaning Serum with our teeth bleaching because cleaning is integral to achieving dramatic whitening results.

You can’t bleach what you can’t touch.

Many people trying to bleach their teeth waste their time and money bleaching invisible layers of bio-film, plaque, tartar and calculus rather than the actual teeth.

Our Detox Serum dissolves these barriers for direct access to the surface area of the tooth.

This ensures a “full-curing’ for the brightest teeth you’ve ever had.

The Bilistic Detox Serum is a great addition to the Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher because it softens tartar, strengthens tooth enamel and coats the tooth to reduce sensitivity.

All of this ensures that you’re getting the most effective Smile Care System money can buy. 

Until now, the cost of going to the dentist meant choosing between cleaning and whitening.

tooth polisher

The Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher and Detox Serum offers a proven way to clean and brighten your teeth – for a fraction of the cost, and without the dentist.

Continue on to read some of our amazing Amazon client reviews!

Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher Amazon Reviews 

We receive many of our orders through Amazon.

Some of these clients felt obligated to leave a review of their experience using our product. Here are a few to consider:

“Small, compact and very effective at polishing off the coffee stains that appear on the teeth over time. A little pricey but worlds ahead of the cheap competition otherwise available. For someone needing to maintain that Million Dollar Smile, this is the ticket!!”

“Polisher was shipped same day as order and arrived very quickly! After using the polisher for about a week I was able to see a noticeable difference. The syringe that comes with a polisher is some type of magic serum that works wonders and doesn’t leave that gritty feeling as other paste does. All in all, I am very pleased and haven’t had any issues with it not working!”

“I actually bought this directly from the manufacturer. It is amazing. I go to the dentist every 3 months, I use this once a week, I floss once a day but then use floss picks throughout the day. I drink black iced tea all day every day, and occasionally cranberry juice, or a cigar at a whiskey tasting. People ask me if I have false teeth because they’re so white!”

“Well worth the investment. This product is very sturdy, ergonomic design makes use easy and the results are exceptional.Reviews for other less expensive brands were so mixed that I decided to spend the extra cash and go with this product which received a 5 star rating from other purchasers. I now join in rating this product five stars.”

“I was pleased to discover that the dental polisher is exactly like what a hygienist uses. It is electric and does well at polishing your teeth to remove stains. I would recommend to anyone who knows how to use one of these tools.”

With reviews like this, why wait to improve your smile? Order your Pro Tooth Polisher today and become the next satisfied client of Brighter Image Lab.

Still unsure if the Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher is right for you? Continue reading to find out why it’s the best polisher on the market!

Alternative Dental Polishing Tools on Amazon

At the time of writing, Amazon generates 364 search results for the term “tooth polisher.”

Many of the products listed are simply electric tooth brushes posing as professional dental tools. They are “cheaply made” and often plastic.

 These brushes are also rechargeable. Meaning the battery will  lose power over time, resulting in an uneven polish. 

You deserve better than this type of low-quality knock-off.

You deserve Brighter Image Lab’s Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher. 

This revolutionary product is made out of stainless steel and has a power cord with variable speed adjustment to ensure a consistent polish for every tooth.  

We do not compromise when making this revolutionary product. Every single person who orders our product receives a tool that polishes their teeth the same as any dentist. 

Not only this, but we take it a step further to include our Bilistic Detox Serum. This serum works by lifting the biofilm and residue from the teeth, leaving your teeth feeling clean and polished with every session.

We even offer a “Pro” version, which contains the same teeth cleaning tools your dentist would use. Scrape plaque away like a pro with these tools and polish your teeth to a high shine with the same power your dentist commands.

Don’t be fooled by cheap polishing tools. Order your Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher today and polish your teeth like a dentist!

tooth polisher

Tooth Polisher Alternatives

From Brighter Image Lab’s professional grade tooth polishing kit to generic brand whitening strips, the options available for smile enhancement are endless.

One particularly bizarre option comes from  a company called Chrom. This company offers multicolored tooth polish.

 No, you didn’t read that wrong. It’s not a tooth polisher, it’s tooth polish. 

This offbeat product is essentially nail polish for your teeth. It allows you to change the color of your teeth to match your outfit or express your mood.

Because everyone who has ever painted their toes has thought, “Wow – if only I could paint my teeth this color.”

tooth polisher

Needless to say, when faced with the choice of Brighter Image Lab’s professional quality dental tooth polisher and Chrom tooth polish, our clients have an easy decision.

We just want you to beware of dental polishing alternatives and research all options thoroughly.

It would be a shame to think you’re ordering a revolutionary tool like the new Bilistic Tooth Polisher and open the mailbox to find a vial of hot pink teeth polish, so stay sharp folks!


No matter how much you take care of your teeth, no matter how meticulous you are, there will always be something left behind. 

Whether it’s a stubborn stain or hidden plaque, the Bilistic Tooth Polishing kit has the power to remove it!

When you see the shine of your perfectly polished smile, you’ll see for yourself why the Bilistic Pro Polisher is the finest polishing system on the market today. 

Don’t be the last person in your neighborhood to polish your own teeth. Place your order below and let your smile shine!

Bilistic Pro-Series Polisher
Bilistic Pro-Series Tooth Polisher




What’s Included:

  • Quiet Hand-held electric tooth polisher
  • 2 – Soft cup polishing heads
  • 4 – Assorted micro-bristle brush heads
smile makeover

Smile Makeover – 3 Women Win The Ultimate Prize

Kristy Henderson

In this blog,  we’re going to talk about three new smile makeovers: Myssy, Monica and Carolyn. Here are their stories. 

Myssy’s Smile Makeover

First, I want to go into the story of one young lady who is an amazing artist, her name is Myssy. 

Myssy posted three pictures on Instagram that blew me away. She thinks we did her favor, but when somebody sees her smile and the work that she does and knows that we helped her improve her smile she’s doing us the favor. Look below and see for yourself!

smile makeover
smile makeover

As you can see, Myssy’s results are amazing. I am proud that she knows my name, and I’m glad to have done her smile makeover. Myssy is an incredible individual. She’s a talent among talents, and I hope you’ll follow her vlog. 

I don’t know how people with so much talent have to enter to win a smile giveaway just to get a smile makeover they can afford. It’s hard to believe that other smile choices are so unaffordable people don’t even consider them. 

Monica’s Pageant-Worthy Smile Makeover

The second young lady is named Monica, and her story is very similar to Missy’s. Affordability wasn’t her main concern. Instead, trauma, pain, grinding and irreversible damage were her reasons for entering. 

This young lady is grown up and doing pageants, but she has a little bit of a baby smile. Luckily, we took some risks and were able to take her smile and make it completely full to fit her face so that she can comfortably compete in pageants. 

She now has a smile that she got without grinding her teeth or paying $20,000. From one foot away, you can’t tell that her smile makeover isn’t the work of a fine cosmetic dentist. Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers give the appearance of a perfect smile. Just look at the picture below! 

smile makeover

Look at the shine, the details, the crevices and the contouring. These removable veneers are designed and artisan hand-crafted to look as close to a full set of permanent veneers  as possible. This smile makeover competes with the best of best smiles.

I wanted to share Monica’s story, because there are people who will read this and think they can’t get the same great results without seeing a cosmetic dentist. I beg to differ, and I tell you it begs the question: Why would you want to have your teeth grinded down when this young lady went with us and achieved amazing results?

I’m incredibly impressed. Monica is very talented and she could have eventually made the choices to get her smile where she wanted it to be. I’m just glad she chose me to carry out her smile makeover. I couldn’t be more impressed with her results.

Carolyn’s Smile Makeover

The next story I’m going to tell you is about a young lady named Carolyn. Carolyn’s story is not the same as the ones we’ve been discussing. In fact, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Her before pictures below speak volumes:

smile makeover
smile makeover

Carolyn didn’t have the same choices as our other smile giveaway recipients. She was in the hospital and she was dying. She was hurting bad and her teeth had deteriorated due to her medication. She had a smile she could still eat with. She wasn’t in pain, but she had some medication that was causing some major problems.

Her undesirable smile was affecting her personality and psyche so deeply, she couldn’t communicate who she would be without it weighing her down. This woman couldn’t even bring herself to apply for a smile giveaway. Instead, her husband called and begged us to help her.

We reached out to try to get some help from a cosmetic dentist. We looked for a doctor that had a heart, a dentist that cared enough to say, “Let’s stop for a minute. Let’s take a minute and see what we can do to get started.” Unfortunately, that help didn’t come. We tried and tried and finally, we took Carolyn’s smile into our own hands.

Her first day out of the hospital – these are her pictures: 

smile makeover
smile makeover

I really don’t think she would have had the same spirit about herself in these pictures if her smile makeover hadn’t changed her. I hope that you can see that Carolyn’s smile means the world to me. Out of all the smile makeovers that we have done this year, if there was one smile that I would do again for free, it would be Caroline’s.

We worked around many challenges and couldn’t get any help, but we couldn’t leave Carolyn with no options. We couldn’t let her come home and recover and not be able to smile or have a conversation. There are some things we can do to improve Carolyn’s smile.

Eventually, we’ll find a doctor that will help her get in a position where she can get a permanent solution. She’s not ready for dentures. Her back teeth have strong bites, she’s not in any pain and I hate to say it but there was just no other option. Nothing would have changed for her if me and her husband hadn’t talked.

This is the kind of smile makeover that I want to do and I don’t take them lightly. Cases like this are hard to talk about, they’re hard to show, but the possibility and the opportunity on the other side of a beautiful smile are worth every moment. Take a closer look at Carolyn’s smile makeover in the pictures below!

smile makeover
smile makeover

If you just take a minute to look her before and after pictures, you’ll see that Carolyn has chances now that she wouldn’t have had without PressOn Veneers. I hope that you can look at these results and be proud of what they are. Try not to judge, just be glad for the results and look at the opportunities in Carolyn’s future. Her smile is completely transformed.

No dentist in the country was going to help Carolyn get this smile makeover for anything close to reasonably affordable. She’s not any different than me or you, she only has a different set of circumstances. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. No one should have to beg for a smile.

It’s the time of year that we go into thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year. Now, Carolyn gets to enter into the 2021 with opportunities, chances, strength, and a life-changing smile.

I’m thankful that her husband reached out to me. I hope Carolyn’s story lets everyone know that if it’s bothering you and it’s holding you back, you have a choice. You can make choices that aren’t permanent.

You don’t have to be 20 years old, wish you had a perfect smile and face a twenty-thousand-dollar bill and grinding your teeth. I understand those choices are cosmetic but they’re important when they’re important to you.

Carolyn is the reason why we do what we do. Her results speak for themselves, and I hope that you see it. I hope you see that’s the reason why we’re trying to do more contests.

Do You Need a Smile Makeover? Enter to Win!

We have already selected 8 winners to receive a FREE smile makeover! That means we still have 14 smiles still left to give and we’re still accepting entries! 

If you haven’t had a chance to enter yet you must complete the following:

1. Subscribe to Brighter Image Lab’s YouTube channel 2. Go watch this video3. Complete submission form & upload photos HERE

25 (now 14) people will receive a set of veneers FREE OF CHARGE! It’s time to take back your life and end 2020 on a high note! We don’t do this often so make sure to apply while you can! We hope that you join us in changing smiles and changing lives this holiday season!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*


Chipped Teeth Fix – The Best At-Home Option

Kristy Henderson

Need a Chipped Teeth Fix?

Chipped teeth can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. While it can be painful to chip a tooth, many aren’t serious and need little or no professional treatment for a chipped teeth fix.

Minor cosmetic damage does not affect a tooth’s ability to function normally. For example, a small piece missing from the corner of a tooth may not weaken the overall structure of the tooth.

There are many options to choose from when looking for a chipped teeth fix, but only one can be done from the comfort of your own home. There is a simple solution to your smile issue.

Read on to learn how you can complete a simple chipped teeth fix from home! 

5 Options for a Chipped Teeth Fix

Dental Bonding

Many dental bonding materials contain compounds that contain BPA, which can be found in saliva up to 3 hours after dental work is completed. 

BPA is a dangerous chemical linked to breast and prostate cancer, heart disease, and reproductive problems.

Dental Crown

This is basically a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire tooth.

With this option, the tooth needs to be filed into the right shape before the crown can be fitted.

This is often extensive and causes irreversible damage to the existing teeth.

Dental Implant

Implants require complete removal of a chipped tooth. 

A screw is drilled into the jawbone and a new, false tooth is mounted on.

Imperfect placement of the screw can lead to infection, implant failure, nerve damage and bone loss.

This option is extremely expensive and requires multiple dentist visits.

Porcelain Veneers

These require preparation of the tooth that may weaken it further.

If a veneer or crown comes off, the tooth may look worse than it did before the restoration procedure.

This procedure is the most expensive option and requires numerous dental visits.

Porcelain veneers may only last 5 years.

PressOn Veneers

These veneers gently snap onto your teeth to hide any unsightly chips or imperfections.

They can be completed at home and do not require a dentist!

PressOn Veneers: The Best Chipped Teeth Fix 

When someone chips a tooth and it’s painless but unsightly, Brighter Image Lab veneers can be the perfect answer for hiding that horrid chip. 

Brighter Image Lab veneers are temporary and removable dental devices that give you the appearance of a perfect smile.   

This is especially beneficial to clients who are self-conscious about the appearance of chipped teeth, as the veneers snap on and cover any smile imperfections. 

Although they do not fix underlying problems, they are a quick and relatively inexpensive solution that allows you to look your best while waiting to fix your teeth professionally.  

chipped teeth fix

Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers are a good option for those looking for a temporary chipped teeth fix, while creating a fuller, whiter smile. 

chipped tooth fix

There are many advantages to choosing Brighter Image Lab as your chipped tooth fix. Here are just a few:

  • Cost: Our veneers start at a low price of $795 
  • Convenience : Order online and take your own impression at home
  • Durability: Made from a strong crystallized resin
  • Lightweight: Removable, you can eat and drink while wearing them

Is There a Chipped Teeth Fix I Can Do from Home? Yes! 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are finding at-home solutions for almost every problem. Now, you can even fix the appearance of your smile from the comfort of your own home.

Brighter Image Lab’s veneers are ordered online and completed without ever stepping foot in a dentist office. Here is a rundown of the process:

First, you choose your veneer and place your order online. 

After you place your order, we ship you a specialized impression system and a pre-paid envelope for returning your completed impressions to the lab. 

Simply make your impressions by following the impression instructions and return them via mail. 

When the lab receives your impressions, smile technicians redesign your smile in 3D. 

This smile design is then sent to our lab, where the custom veneer is created, detailed and polished by hand. 

presson veneers

Your completed PressOn Veneers will go through 2 phases of quality control to check for imperfections.

Once the veneers are checked for imperfections, they will be shipped right back to your door.  Finally, simply snap the veneers over your existing teeth and smile!

Once you see the shine of your new smile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try our product sooner. Brighter Image Lab removable veneers are an affordable option for those looking for a temporary chipped tooth fix.

How affordable? Read on to find out! 

How Much is a Chipped Tooth Fix? 

It can cost up to $3,000 for a dentist to repair each of your chipped teeth. 

If you have to have a damaged tooth extracted and replaced with an implant, each will range from $3,000 to $5,000. 

A price tag like this can be crippling, especially during a pandemic. 

Many who suffer from unsightly chipped teeth don’t want extensive procedures or expensive, false teeth. They just want their smile back.  

Fortunately, there is an affordable way to reclaim your smile!  

Brighter Image Lab snap on veneers start at only $795. 

Keep in mind, these revolutionary veneers cover your front eight teeth, not just the ones that are chipped. 

This coverage will give you a complete and perfect smile, for less than the cost of a single implant. 

chipped teeth fix cost

If you have chipped teeth and can’t immediately afford expensive dental procedures, choose the no-dentist solution!  

Order PressOn Veneers and experience the confidence of a beautiful smile while you wait to have your teeth repaired. 

What Can Cause Chipped Teeth? 

It can happen anywhere, any time. You can bite into something hard or slip on an icy sidewalk, and next thing you know you have a chunk of your tooth missing.

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but that doesn’t mean you should use your teeth to break your fall or open bottles!

Teeth can chip for any number of reasons. Common causes include:

  • Poor dental hygiene 
  • Biting down on hard substances, like ice or hard candy 
  • Falls or accidents 
  • Playing contact sports without a mouth guard 
  • Using your teeth as a tool to open things  
  • Grinding teeth when sleeping 
chipped teeth repair

Poor dental hygiene is a common cause of chipped teeth. If you don’t take care of your teeth, you will develop cavities.

Cavities weaken teeth and, if left untreated, can cause them to crack or chip.

Any kind of physical exercise can also put your teeth at risk, but playing contact sports without a mouth guard can be especially dangerous. 

Because running can lead to a collision, tripping, and many other accidents, the use of a mouth guard is necessary to protect your teeth from chipping.

Further, lets make it clear that your teeth are intended for three specific jobs: eating, talking, and smiling.

If you are using your pearly whites to do anything outside of those three things, you are probably putting your teeth at risk.

Using your teeth as bottle openers or pliers can cause them to crack or chip. It can also cause serious damage to the jaw.

Long story short, our teeth may be strong, but they have their limits. Be smart and always keep them safe. How? Read on to find out!

How Do I Prevent Chipped Teeth?

Our teeth are really strong, but the many stresses and strains they have to endure can cause them to chip, crack or break.

Chipped teeth can cause discomfort and are often expensive to fix. Luckily, if you want to protect yourself from chipped teeth in the future there are a few rules you can follow: 

  • Reduce sugar content 
  • Limit acidic food and beverages 
  • Avoid chewing hard things, like ice and hard candy 
  • Don’t open things with your teeth 
  • Get enough vitamins and minerals 
  • Get treatment for teeth grinding or clenching 

Because harder foods are more likely to chip your teeth, it is important to avoid them at all costs. 

For example, bone-in meats are a red flag. A person can bite down on the bone and chip or crack a tooth right away. 

Corn on the cob is another food that can chip your teeth, despite its soft exterior.

Further, chewing on a ice cube may seem like a good way to stay cool on a hot summer day. But be careful! Ice cubes are one of the American Dental Association (ADA)’s nine most damaging foods for your teeth.

In addition to hard foods, excesses of sugar and acid are also no good for your oral health.

Despite the damage high sugar intake can do to teeth, it actually doesn’t cause tooth decay.

In fact, the culprit to blame for tooth decay is acid. The most cavity-causing foods are crackers and breads, not candy. 

So, reducing the amount of acid in your diet can greatly improve your overall oral health and protect your teeth from chipping.

can you fix a chipped tooth

Avoiding hard foods, reducing sugar intake, limiting acids, and respecting your teeth can greatly reduce your risk of suffering chipped teeth in the future. 

But, if you already have a chipped tooth, don’t be too hard on yourself. This type of dental injury is very common.

In fact, one of your favorite celebrities may have chipped their teeth at some point in their life.

Read on to find out!

Celebrities Who Chipped Their Teeth

Many celebrities live with chipped teeth. 

Some of the most infamous actors and actresses of our time have lost pieces of their smile because of an accident.

Many celebrities cover their chipped teeth with dental caps, so they cannot be noticed in their every day life. 

But, from time to time, you’ll see these famous dental flaws make a cameo on the big screen.

chipped teeth

For example, Tom Cruise suffered a chipped tooth from a hockey accident in his childhood. A puck flew into his face, hit his front tooth and damaged it forever. 

Like many other celebs, Cruise chose a dental cap as his chipped tooth fix, and eventually covered his injury.

But, the flaw became a feature in the 1983 film, The Outsiders, when Cruise removed his cap to play the role of Steve Randal.

The gap teeth greatly attributed to his character and no doubt helped make the movie a success.  

Another mega-famous actor, Jim Carrey, chipped his tooth in a playground accident as a child.

He had it covered with a cap, but famously removed it for his role as Lloyd Christmas in the film Dumb & Dumber.

While celebrities such as Cruise and Carrey sustained their dental injuries before their rise to fame, many popular artists suffered a chipped tooth while on the job.

Taylor Swift chipped her tooth on a microphone while performing live for an audience of thousands, and she’s not the only one!

Singers like Jenifer Lopez and Michael Buble have also injured their teeth on microphones while singing on stage. 

Of course, these popular singers all remedied their injuries with various dental procedures and are back to entertaining with a smile.

With mountains of money, it’s no surprise each of the millionaire entertainers had no problem affording the expensive dental procedures to fix their chipped teeth. 

fix chipped front tooth

Unfortunately, most people don’t have this luxury. For many, chipped teeth are a sore sight and a financial burden. 

Luckily for them, affordable options exist outside of the dental industry. Brighter Image Lab veneers are a great option for anyone looking to cover chipped teeth, gapped teeth or other dental flaws.

They give clients a screen-worthy smile at a price they can afford. So, don’t wait another day to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Choose PressOn Veneers as your chipped tooth fix and transform your smile today!


Chipped teeth can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  

Dental procedures to repair chipped teeth can cost upwards of $5,000. Many people don’t have that type of money to spare. 

Luckily, Brighter Image Lab offers an affordable solution for people looking to improve the appearance of their smile.  

Press on veneers are a temporary, removable dental device that allow clients to achieve the perfect smile.  

This no-dentist solution is great for people who are self-conscious about the appearance of chipped teeth or cannot afford expensive dental procedures right away. 

Look your best until you can have your chipped teeth fixed professionally! Click below and order your set of PressOn Veneers today!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*

dental tourism

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica – Is it Really Worth It?

Kristy Henderson


Almost half a million Americans participate in dental tourism each year by choosing to travel outside the country for their dental care. Many want or need cosmetic dentistry but find the cost in the U.S. to be overwhelming. For those people, dental tourism offers a low-cost alternative to seeing a dentist locally and paying a higher cost. 

After being quoted $4,000 and waiting four months for treatment in the United States, I decided to look into dental tourism myself. Thousands of Americans flock to places like Los Algodones, Mexico, Turkey, or (in my case) Costa Rica every year to get dental work done for an extreme discount.

In this blog post, we will discuss my dental tourism experience in Costa Rica. I’ll share my journey, what I thought of the office, what I thought of the dentists, the cost, and my advice to you.

What is Dental Tourism? 

Dental Tourism or “travel dentistry” is the act of traveling to another country for dental care. This is a low-cost alterative for those who can’t afford the ever-rising dental cost in the U.S.

Why Dental Tourism? 

Just recently, I got into a situation where I need to do a gum graft. Before I chose dental tourism, I tried to see a dentist locally to fix the issue. I tried to get an appointment in October, November and December to see a periodontist who could help me, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t make anything happen. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging in the U.S. and dentists being unable to meet my needs promptly, I had to find another option. This is when I decided to consider dental tourism.  

No one should have to go through this much trouble trying to find a specialist, even in the midst of a pandemic. The way they refer you out and then cancel your appointments without any real consideration for your schedule makes it almost impossible receive dental care. 

I get that it’s tough to run a dentist office, especially with the pandemic going on, but it shouldn’t have been impossible. I shouldn’t have had to resort to dental tourism to get my dental work done promptly and at an affordable cost, but I did. 

dental tourism

Read on to learn where I chose to go!

Dental Tourism – Where to Go 

I chose Costa Rica as my dental tourism destination, and I can tell you – it was amazing!

From the time I got off the plane, my experience with dental tourism in Costa Rica was great. The airport couldn’t have been cleaner and the weather was so nice.

dental tourism costa rica

Fortunately, the people that I booked my dentistry with made travel arrangements and picked me up from the airport. I was picked up a guy holding a sign with my name on it. It was great. I enjoyed him and felt comfortable all the way.

It was a 15-minute ride to get to the hotel, and they were very accommodating. They waited for me, and the hotel was first class. I stayed at The Intercontinental. I’m not recommending them for any reason other than they were good to me. This hotel was right across from a mall on the west side of town. Everything that I saw on the west side of town was nicer than the things I’ve seen in Fort Worth or Dallas.

I’ve seen some of the neatest things I’ve ever seen in Costa Rica. I’ve seen a volcano, a waterfall, some of the nicest fruit you’ll ever see and a very strong degree of kindness and professionalism.

Dental Tourism – Is it Safe? 

In my experience, dental tourism is absolutely safe. 

My experience in the office was very pleasant. I chose a company called Advanced Dental and I was there to see a periodontist on a gum graph that was going to cost me significantly more the US. The cost I got in Costa Rica was a lot more reasonable.

The doctors who helped me in Costa Rica were incredibly safe and conscious of the COVID-19 pandemic. When I walked in, they had on full hazmat suits that were zipped up all the way, face goggles, masks and head covers. They were very safe when treating me, because I’m from Texas and Texas and Florida have the most coronavirus cases. The doctors treated me fairly and I felt very safe. 

dental tourism in costa rica

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica 

dental tourism

I traveled to Costa Rica to meet with a periodontist named Dr. Rosie Brender, and I have to tell you – she’s an angel. I was scared for surgery and prepared for it, but she let me know that my case wasn’t as advanced as I thought and I could put off surgery if we did some procedures. I agreed.

Dr. Brender recommended a root scaling and told me that my gums were impacted and my teeth could use a deep cleaning. This came as a surprise, because I go to the dentist twice a year.

In America, we’ve become accustomed to just getting cleanings, but a surface cleaning is totally different than a deep, sub-gingival cleaning. A routine cleaning simply removes tartar and plaque buildup and a deep cleaning concentrates on the tooth’s surface below the gum line. To achieve a a deep cleaning, an ultrasonic scaler is used to scrape away infection-causing plaque and bacteria from the inside of the gum pockets. 

Once Dr. Brender went after my sub-gingival, it took five hours to complete the treatment. When the procedure was done, my mouth felt bigger. I felt like I had more room in my mouth. It’s not something I’m proud of. I don’t know how it happened. Regardless, Dr. Brender was able to do the work that she needed to do, and she did it so long and so thoroughly that I was in her chair for five hours. I doubt any other hygienist would have been able to give me that level of care in such a short time and do the work herself. 

Anybody in the United States who’s thinking of travel dentistry should consider Dr. Brender. If you’re concerned or have dental fears, you couldn’t be in better hands. I was able to get everything done.

Within the first 30 minutes of being at Dr. Brender’s office, I had three specialists look at me: a periodontist, an endodontist and a prosthodontist. All three of them came in to check on me, look at my x-rays and make recommendations before I even got my x-rays done. I got better, more attentive treatment through dental tourism than I could’ve ever gotten in the US.

dental tourism packages

I can’t tell you enough of what I thought of Dr. Brender as a periodontist and my entire dental tourism experience. The treatment I received added years to the life of my teeth. Dr. Brender kept my teeth from getting worse and allowed them a safe space to stabilize. If she hadn’t given me those five hours, I would probably be looking at surgery. I’m going to take another shot at travel dentistry to go back and talk to Dr. Brender again once I’ve healed.

It’s not 100% proven that dental tourism saved me from having to get surgery, but the treatment I received was better than what most doctors in the U.S. do, which is rush right into surgery and send the bill. If I had never chosen travel dentistry and gone to Costa Rica, I would have never known what was possible.

How Much does Dental Tourism Cost? 

dental tourism packages

In my case, the cosmetic procedure I needed was going to cost $4,000 in the U.S.

My quoted cost for the same procedure was about a third of that cost in Costa Rica, enough to pay for the hotel and the first-class air ticket. Why is it that so many Americans are leaving the country to have dentistry done? Because they can’t afford to get it done in the U.S.!

One in 800 people in the United States are practicing dentists. There are more than enough of them to serve the population, yet almost half of Americans don’t see the dentist each year.

Dentists should be more affordable and more approachable. They should have lower cost and higher availability. Many dentists flee low-income areas in search of higher profits and end up isolating vulnerable populations from receiving dental care at an affordable cost.

The quoted cost I received in the U.S. was staggering, and I pretty much work in the dental industry. It’s fair to say I could have paid whatever cost they asked me to pay, I just didn’t know if it was worth it.

Is Dental Tourism Worth It?

In my opinion, dental tourism is worth the travel. 

My experience with dental tourism in Costa Rica was great. When I finished my treatment, my mouth was extremely sore. I was numb, but the treatment I needed was complete and I was happy. 

Both the doctors that worked with me were really good. I felt like I was treated incredibly well, and the doctors were very educational. I can’t think enough of Dr. Brender.

How to Improve Dental Tourism – Get the Best Experience! 

If you’re considering dental tourism, go at a time of year when the weather is conducive to travel. That’s a big deal.

You also owe it to yourself to consider Costa Rica and consider Advanced Dental. You won’t regret it.

You won’t regret the quality of hotel and you want great quality facilities. What you will regret is not having the quality of care that I got from Dr. Brender if you choose not to look her up.

The amount of time and consulting and one-on-one time she spent with me is amazing. Each doctor at Advanced Dental gave me amazing care, and they didn’t do it because I’m a YouTuber or because of my channel, they did it because I was a patient of theirs, and they wanted to help me.

The people at Advance Dental don’t call what they do “dental tourism.” Instead, they like to consider clients “international clients.” They don’t try to sell you on something or put you in a resort, they just accept you as an international client.

If you’re waiting to travel abroad for your dental care or are currently saving for a trip to Costa Rica, there is a temporary smile solution you can use in the meantime. 

Alternatives to Dental Tourism

If you’re considering dental tourism in the future or are in the process of saving for your trip to Costa Rica, there is a product available to improve your smile while you wait. 

Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers are removable teeth veneers that simply snap over your existing smile. They are designed to have the look of porcelain veneers without the painful process or expensive cost. These revolutionary veneers will have you looking as if your smile has been made over by a cosmetic dentist. With PressOn Veneers, you are able to achieve a perfect smile for a low cost and without traveling. In fact, you won’t even have to leave your house!

presson veneers

Brighter Image Lab’s Lab Direct process allows them to serve clients all over the world from a single location. With PressOn Veneers, you can bypass the dentist and avoid unnecessary cost and travel. 

Don’t wait any longer for the perfect smile! Order your pair of PressOn Veneers today and enjoy a perfect smile while you wait to have your smile permanently improved abroad.  


If you’re in the United States  and you’re considering dental tourism to save money on dental costs, go to Costa Rica and look up Dr. Brenes and Dr. Brender. Consider using Advanced Dental for your travel dentistry needs, you’ll be glad you did.   

If you’re waiting to travel abroad for dentistry,  you can still improve your smile by ordering PressOn Veneers Lab Direct from Brighter Image Lab. Click below and start your smile transformation now!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*

Brighter Image Lab review

Uncensored Brighter Image Lab Review: The Best Smile Solution

Kristy Henderson

Brighter Image Lab Review

Many people struggle with an imperfect smile. As a result, they deal with low self-esteem and discrimination on a daily basis. This is wrong. Luckily, Brighter Image Lab is here to help. How do they do this? Through removable veneers.

Their unique Lab Direct process gives clients the confidence of a perfect smile without ever stepping foot in a dentist office.  

Read on for an in-depth Brighter Image Lab review and learn all you need to know about their life-changing veneers. 

What is Brighter Image Lab? 

Brighter Image Lab is a Ft. Worth, TX based company that is dedicated to offering affordable solutions to a variety of smile issues 

This revolutionary company is the first to offer affordable smile design worldwide, through a unique combination of innovation, design and technology. 

Their unique lab-direct process ensures clients receive the best smile enhancement possible, every time. The precision and shine of our revolutionary teeth covers will have you showing off your pearly whites like never before.

Keep reading to find out if Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers are the right option for you!

Is Brighter Image Lab Right for You?

Brighter Image Lab will re-design your smile in 3D and build custom PressOn Veneers to fit perfectly over your existing teeth.

These thin, comfortable veneers are made from a crystallized resin that is strong, durable, and designed to last for years with appropriate care. 

BIL Veneers are especially great for: 

  • Clients not eligible for bridges or implants
  • Clients with gapped, crooked, stained, or missing teeth
  • Clients wanting to improve their existing smile
  • Clients looking for a removable denture replacement
brighter image lab review

These veneers are a wonderful solution  if you are wishing to improve your smile. The unique, transformative design is especially beneficial if you are considering dentures.

Dentures can be painful and require multiple dental appointments to complete. They are expensive and come with a laundry list of severe complications that can cause patients extreme pain and discomfort.

PressOn Veneers require no pain or discomfort, no appointments, and no disappointment. When it comes to choosing between our snap on veneers and dentures, our clients have an easy decision. They get to improve their smile and keep their natural teeth. It’s a win-win!

Read on for a Brighter Image Lab review and learn why PressOn Veneers may be your best alternative to dentures!

PressOn Veneers Vs. Dentures

If you’re considering dentures but don’t want to pay thousands or have your natural teeth removed, Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers may be the best denture alternative for you.

The one-of-a-kind veneer requires no extractions, pain, swelling, or recovery time, and is completely reversible. 

Many people are hesitant to have their real teeth removed, and they should be.

Once your natural teeth are gone, there’s no getting them back.

Even if they’re not perfect, your existing teeth are just as much a part of your body as your fingers and toes.

So, don’t remove them just to get a better smile.

brighter image lab review

Instead, choose Brighter Image Lab snap on veneers to cover your smile imperfections. 

They are light-weight, extremely comfortable, and require absolutely no alterations to your natural teeth.

brighter image lab review

Many clients are also happy to learn that our clip on veneers don’t cover the roof of your mouth the way dentures do.

So, they are much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Our unique PressOn Veneers are a great non-invasive alternative to dentures. 

They are comfortable, durable, light-weight, and gorgeous.

They’re also easy to order!

Brighter Image Lab uses a convenient and easy-to-use online ordering process that makes it easier than ever to improve your smile.

You can complete your order online, take your impressions, and receive your own set of custom veneers within weeks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Continue reading for a Brighter Image Lab review and in-depth look at the ordering process and learn how to order your set of snap on veneers today!

5 Step Ordering Process:

Our 5 step ordering process is simple and easy-to-use. It can be completed online and does not require a single office visit.

Read on to see how easy it is to get your set of PressOn Veneers!

Consider the Cost

Brighter Image Lab has one goal: to make sure anybody who needs a new smile can call their office and say “I don’t have the money, but I want to get started.”  They want to make it that simple, even if you can’t afford their products right away.

The removable veneers start at $750, but there are many payment options for people who can’t afford them. 

Brighter Image Lab’s financing program offers a low $149 down payment, 0% Interest and 100% approval.

They work with you individually to make sure their products are made available to virtually everyone. 

Choose your Shade

Brighter Image Lab’s veneers are available in three shades: Bright White, Natural White and Natural Stain. 

The Natural White shade has the appearance of a well-manicured smile, without being overbearing or fake.  

The Bright White shade is a great option for performers who need their smile to ‘pop’ from across the room. 

The Natural Stain shade is only for use in extreme cases where the client needs to match discolored teeth. 

Make Your Impressions

After you place your order, the company ships you a specialized impression system that has all of the materials and instructions you’ll need to take impressions of your own teeth at home. You will also receive a pre-paid envelope for returning your completed impressions to the lab.

Brighter Image Lab offers an impression system so advanced that you will no longer see the value in paying your doctor 100’s of dollars for impressions. 

They also uses the latest in impression technology, such as model manipulation, which allows technicians to fix compromised impressions. So, even if your impressions aren’t perfect, your veneers will be.

As long as the lab receives a bite mark with a gum line, they can build a smile on it. 

Wait for Your Digital Design 

Once the lab receives your impressions, the smile technicians use 3D scanning to create a digital model of each tooth. They then use this model to determine the fit and look of your veneers. 

Your design is then sent to our design lab, where it’s created, and then detailed and polished by hand. 

Your completed veneer will go through 2 phases of quality control to check for imperfections, and eventually be shipped right back to your door. 

Receive and Care for Your Veneers

You should expect to receive your new snap on Veneers in 15-30 days.  

Brighter Image Lab veneers are strong and durable, allowing you to eat or drink while you wear them. Our top-of-the-line removable veneers are also easy to maintain, requiring little more than denture cleaner to clean them.  

Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your temporary veneers:

  • Remove veneers at night, anput iyour UltraSonic Cleaner with any denture soak.
  • Avoid eating any challenging foods (tough meats, hard breads, exc.)
  • Keep your Veneers in the protective case any time you aren’t wearing them 
  • Rinse veneers thoroughly after each meal. 

It’s as easy as that. Consider the cost, choose your shade, make your impressions, wait for your digital design, and receive your veneers! With Brighter Image Lab, it has never been easier or more convenient to transform your smile.

Our unique 5-step process has helped thousands of clients improve the look of their smile, and you could be next!

Still not convinced? Keep reading for an uncensored Brighter Image Lab review and let our clients speak for themselves!

How to Spot a Fake Review

When you buy products online, you most likely look to the reviews to help make your decision.

On amazon, you may scroll down to see what other options are available and pick whichever has the highest rating. 

We all know that online reviews can be faked. It’s no secret some retailers pay for positive reviews for their products and negative reviews for competing brands.

While you may think you can spot a phony review right away, it can be very difficult. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you distinguish fake reviews from authentic customer feedback. Here are three:

Lack of Detail

 It is important to pay attention to lack of detail when identifying fake reviews, because it can be hard for people to describe a product they haven’t actually used.

Fake reviews often list general features rather than dig into specific aspects of the product.

An authentic hotel review, for example, will probably use concrete words that relate directly to the hotel, like ‘bathroom,’ ‘check-in’ or ‘price.’

Fake reviews more so set the scene using words like “vacation,” “business trip” or “my husband.” 

Includes More First-Person Pronouns

When people try too hard to come off as genuine, they often talk more about themselves than others.

So, watch out for words like “I” and “me” when trying to spot fake reviews.

If the reviewer is being disingenuous, odds are they’ll use a lot of first-person pronouns.

Has More Verbs Than Nouns

Language analysis has shown that fake reviews often include more verbs than nouns.

Because people who write false reviews often substitute pleasant (or awful) sounding stories for actual insight.

When searching for authentic reviews, focus on ones that use more nouns.

This will help you weed out and avoid misleading reviews and make the best, most informed decision about your purchase.

Since Amazon’s early days, reviews have been the one thing customers rely on to determine a product’s quality and authenticity.

Amazon often lists hundreds or thousands of product reviews, but many of those reviews can’t be trusted. Thousands of fake reviews have fooled Amazon customers over the years. Don’t be the next to buy a product based on a fake review.

Continue reading for a variety of authentic, uncensored Brighter Image Lab Reviews you can trust!

Uncensored Brighter Image Lab Reviews

Brighter Image Lab veneers are a new lease on life for many clients who felt they would have to settle for the reality of their broken, unsightly smiles. They have instilled self-confidence and boosted the self-esteem of countless people all over the world. 

Brighter Image Lab Shield Logo

Submit Your Photos for a FREE Facial Analysis and a Chance at a Free Smile Makeover

You may also qualify for discounts or other special offers.

    Submit your photos for a FREE CONSULTATION!

    Upload a Full Face Photo
    Upload a Close-Up Photo
    Your Story
    Do you have any special events coming up? YESNO

    I hereby authorize the use of my likeness and/or story for any and all purposes. I agree that Brighter Image Lab will not be held liable for any loss, damages of injury associated with applying for, accepting, or using their new smile. I agree that Brighter Image Lab retains the right to make any and all decisions as to the nature of the products or services being rendered and/or to cancel any agreement or work being done for any reason whatsoever. By submitting this form, I confirm I have read and agree to all of the terms & conditions.

    Brighter Image Lab Shield Logo

    Brighter Image Lab Shield Logo

    Submit Your Photos for a FREE Facial Analysis and a Chance at a Free Smile Makeover

    You may also qualify for discounts or other special offers.

    The Systemic Smile Makeover: Evaluate - Plan - Stage - Design - Create

      Upload a Full Face Photo
      Upload a Close-Up Photo

      Your Story

      Do you have any special events coming up? YESNO

      I hereby authorize the use of my likeness and/or story for any and all purposes. I agree that Brighter Image Lab will not be held liable for any loss, damages of injury associated with applying for, accepting, or using their new smile. I agree that Brighter Image Lab retains the right to make any and all decisions as to the nature of the products or services being rendered and/or to cancel any agreement or work being done for any reason whatsoever. By submitting this form, I confirm I have read and agree to all of the terms & conditions.

      Brighter Image Lab Shield Logo


      Brighter Image Lab was founded to address the need for affordable oral health solutions. Today, the company continues to disrupt the cosmetic dental industry by offering cost effective solutions for a variety of smile issues.

      With the latest technology and groundbreaking innovation in the field, Brighter Image Lab allows you to achieve a beautiful smile without the cost and hassle of cosmetic dentistry. 

      The company continues to provide an option for those who feel they’ve run out of options. Their snap on veneers are an achievable solution for many of your cosmetic dental needs. 

      Choose to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab below and start your journey to a brighter image today! Don’t forget to leave a Brighter Image Lab review yourself!

      PressOn Veneers
      Press On Veneers

      Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



      IncrediBIL Veneers
      Incredibil veneers

      The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



      0% Interest – 100% Approval*

      teeth cover up

      Teeth Cover Up – The Best Way to Improve Your Smile? Find Out Now!

      Kristy Henderson

      The Teeth Cover Up Revolution

      Cosmetic dentistry takes time and money, a privilege many don’t have. Luckily, technology and innovation in the dental industry has sparked a revolution!

      That revolution is the temporary teeth cover up.  Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers allow people to improve their smile from home, giving them the power to transform their self-image without the burden of dental pain or procedures.

      Unsure if fake teeth cover up is the best solution for you? Read on to find out!  

      What is a Teeth Cover Up? 

      Temporary teeth cover ups are removable veneers that simply snap over your existing smilehiding any chips, stains, spaces, or gaps in the teeth. 

      People who suffer from an undesirable smile often feel embarrassed to speak, laugh, or even eat in a social setting. 

      If your teeth are stained, missing, chipped, or worn down, you’re probably looking for the best solution. With Brighter Image Lab’s temporary veneers, you may have found it!

      Read on to find out more about Brighter Image Lab and how temporary tooth covers can change your smile today!

      What Can I Use to Cover My Teeth?

      If you want to restore your smile but aren’t ready to commit to cosmetic dentistry or can’t afford traditional veneers, Brighter Image Lab’s temporary veneers may be the perfect option for covering your teeth.   

      PressOn teeth cover up is a great choice for people who :

      • want to improve their smile
      • suffer from a gapped, crooked, stained, or missing tooth
      • are looking for a non-invasive alternative to dentures or porcelain veneers

      Some people choose Brighter Image Lab’s veneers over dentures, because our product is a pain-free, and procedure free solution.

      They are temporary and removable, giving you the appearance of a perfect smile with a comfortable feel.   

      Making your set of custom veneers today won’t require any pain, swelling, or recovery time. And its completely reversible!

      Brighter Image Lab Teeth Cover Up

      Brighter Image Lab operates under the belief that cosmetic dentistry should be available to anyone. We understand that the need for a beautiful smile isn’t removed simply because you can’t afford it.  

      Our PressOn teeth cover up gives clients a new lease on life. Those who once settled for broken, unsightly teeth are able to experience the self-confidence of a perfect smile. 

      The smooth, crystalized resin gives the appearance of beautifully pristine teeth without the pain and cost of dental procedures.

      Ultra-thin and durable, these custom made veneers allow you to eat and drink comfortably, so you never have to feel awkward in a social setting. 

      teeth cover ups

      Brighter Image Lab believes a correctly fitted veneer has the power to alleviate years of embarrassment and pain. Because of this, we work tirelessly to provide the best, most affordable solution possible.

      Meet Bil Watson

      Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab CEO:

      “If there’s one thing my experience has taught me, it’s the value of a smile (the verb, not the noun). As valuable as a person’s smile is, it’s still directly related to how often they give a smile to someone else. We need so much more kindness in the world and a smile is the universal start of every good feeling, every meaningful conversation.”

      When you place your order online with Brighter Image Lab, you purchase custom design time and a unique lab process. You hire a 15 person staff to create a beautiful redesign over your existing smile. You start your journey to a one-of-a-kind, custom veneer fit only for you.

      An average of 31 hours is spent on each top-of-the-line veneer. Below is a breakdown of this time: 

      • 3 Hours spent designing your veneers in 3D CAD Software 
      • 11 Hours spent printing your custom veneers on a 3D Printer 
      • 7 Hours spent in the lab processing & crafting your veneers 
      • 7 Hours spent in the lab fitting and polishing your veneers 
      • 3 Hours of time spent on data entry and customer service 
      teeth cover up

      As you can see, every penny spent is accounted for. No scam, no catch. Just real people trying to solve a real problem. 

      If you call our office today, you will speak to a real human being, not some automated recording telling you to press pound for more options. We’re here every day, at the same number since we opened, and we are here to help. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the dental industry.

      Read on to see how your dentist may be keeping your most affordable option from you!

      Can You Cover Up Missing Teeth? Yes!

      With Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers, covering your missing teeth has never been more simple. These temporary teeth covers are designed to fit over your existing teeth to cover any and all smile imperfections. They are a great option for anyone looking to cover up missing teeth.

      The light-weight and durable design of PressOn Veneers makes them comfortable to wear and strong enough to eat in. Simply snap the removable veneers over your existing smile and any gaps or missing teeth will be instantly covered.

      Many of our clients have chosen PressOn Veneers to cover their missing teeth. Kevin Brown is one of those clients. Here are his results:

      teeth cover up

      As you can see above, this removable teeth cover up option is great for anyone looking to improve their smile. By using this groundbreaking product, Kevin Brown was able to fill the gap of his missing tooth and completely transform his smile!

      Kevin currently enjoys the benefits of his new smile, and we enjoy seeing him happy with his smile. If you choose PressOn Veneers as your teeth cover up solution, you can experience the same results as Kevin. You too can be completely transformed by the power of a perfect smile.

      Whether it’s missing teeth or gaps you’re unhappy with, PressOn Veneers have the issue covered! Continue reading to learn how these removable veneers can also be used to cover up teeth gaps!

      How to Cover Up Teeth Gaps

      Maybe your teeth have been gapped since childhood or you’re an adult that is now dealing with gaps as your teeth drift apart. Either way, you’re probably looking for a way to fix the flaws in your teeth. Luckily, if you’re unhappy with the look of your teeth gaps, you can cover them with PressOn Veneers.

      PressOn Veneers are a great option for people who are unhappy with their gap teeth. These revolutionary removable veneers won’t just cover your gap, they’ll cover every inch of your front eight teeth. This coverage allows you to experience the confidence of a complete smile without the pain or complications of braces or porcelain veneers.

      Many of our clients have covered gaps in their teeth with our removable veneers. One of these clients is named Zack.

      Zack came to us with a desire to improve his smile. He had a gap between his two front teeth that needed to be filled. He ordered his own custom set of PressOn Veneers and completely transformed his smile. Here are his results:

      teeth cover up

      As you can see, Zack was able to achieve a total smile make-over. 

      Once, Zack was unhappy with his smile. Now, it’s absolutely flawless. With results like these, clients like Zack continue to choose Brighter Image Lab for their oral care solutions. What can we say? We give the clients what they want and need at a price they can afford, and we do it without hesitation.

      Clients like Zack shouldn’t have to live life unhappy with their smile, and neither should you. If you’re looking to improve your smile by covering flaws in your teeth, be like Zack. Choose PressOn Veneers. Once you snap on your new smile, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long to try our product.

      With PressOn Veneers, the confidence and allure of a perfect smile can be clipped on and removed in seconds. And with a low price and 100% approval on financing, there’s nothing stopping you from completely transforming your smile today.

       Don’t let the gaps in your teeth keep you from smiling. Order PressOn Veneers and say goodbye to your gap teeth.

      Curious if you can get these snap on veneers from your dentist? Read on to find out!

      teeth covers

      Can you get teeth cover ups from a dentist? 

      You’ve probably never heard a dentist suggest a Brighter Image Lab temporary teeth covers, because dentists regularly fail to inform patients of their most affordable option.

      Unfortunately, no. If they don’t stand a chance of profiting from the procedure, odds are they won’t offer it. 

      This negligence violates the Least Expensive Alternative Treatment clause, and isolates patients from simple, affordable solutions to their dental problems.

      It would be so simple for dentists to open up and say “hey, these are the solutions I have for you, but there are other products available if you aren’t ready or can’t afford the payments.” 

      Instead, many practices boast million-dollar campaigns about fake tooth covers, but don’t actually offer the cosmetic contrivances to patients.  They use the allure of an attractive price to bring in and manipulate patients into expensive procedures. 

      Picture this…

      A single mother of three struggles with her smile every day. She deals with discrimination, is turned away at job interviews, and suffers from low self-esteem. One day, this mother sees a billboard that claims to offer the smile enhancement she desperately needs. Ecstatic, she calls the number and makes her first appointment. Once she arrives, she is met by a dentist who says, “Oh, no, I’d like to show you veneers” or “Let’s do some bonding. Let’s get you into this. Let’s get you into that.” And before she can even remember what originally brought her in, she is being pitched a finance program and a major procedure. 

      What’s the problem with this picture? 

      The problem is the person who came in to learn more about smile enhancement ended up being pitched something she never wanted and could  never afford. This happens far too often. 

      Single mothers, starving artists, and average, everyday Americans are seeking low-cost solutions to their cosmetic dental needs. 

      Instead of being offered affordable solutions to improve their smile, they are forced to face 5, 10, and even 15-thousand-dollar treatment plans. 

      Dentists everywhere are basically saying “I don’t have the empathy to find a way to help you until you can afford thousands of dollars in treatment.” This is class warfare, and it’s shameful. 

      Don’t trust your dentist to offer the best, low-cost alternative. Go straight to the source!

      Ready to order? Click on the graphic below to contact us and place your order today.


      Time and time again, the dental industry fails to provide affordable solutions for those who are unhappy with their smile.

      Fortunately, Brighter Image Lab offers a temporary veneer that allows clients to experience the confidence of a picturesque smile without the pain and cost of modern dentistry. 

      Whether you have gapped, stained, chipped, or missing teeth, or just want to improve your natural smile, Brighter Image Lab has an option for you!

      Don’t put off your new smile. Click below and get our amazing teeth cover ups for a great price! 

      PressOn Veneers
      Press On Veneers

      Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



      IncrediBIL Veneers
      Incredibil veneers

      The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



      0% Interest – 100% Approval*

      Are veneers permanent?

      Are Veneers Permanent? No, Not at All!

      Kristy Henderson

      Are Veneers Permanent Teeth Substitutes? That’s the Big Question.

      are veneers permanent

      Many people are looking to dental practices to give them the perfect smile, and cosmetic dentists are pitching porcelain veneers to achieve this.  A porcelain veneer is a thin sheet of white ceramic that is bonded to a tooth or teeth to mask natural color, shape, or positioning in the mouth.

      If you’re considering veneers you’re probably wondering: Are veneers permanent teeth substitutes?  The answer to the question: “Are veneers permanent teeth substitutes?” is a resounding “NO!”

      In this post, we will explore the misconceptions about porcelain veneers and explore easier, non-invasive alternatives.

      Are There Any Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers?

      In the past two years, the average person in the street has become more willing to undergo cosmetic dentistry because of a lack of affordable options. This means more people than ever are at risk of suffering the pain and cost of porcelain veneers. This is a crisis.

      Brighter Image Lab combats this crisis on a daily basis by offering a pain-free, procedure-free alternative to porcelain veneers. They believe patients shouldn’t have to endure pain or sacrifice their natural teeth for a new smile, and they’re absolutely right.

      Brighter Image Lab’s removable veneers are made from a crystallized resin, originally developed by NASA, used particularly for its strength and durability. 

      The temporary veneers are very stain resistant and have received no complaints of sensitivity. 

      They don’t require drilling, shots, grinding, or removing any portion of the natural teeth. And they’re completely reversible! 

      If you get porcelain veneers, you can never get your teeth back. But, if you try Brighter Image Lab removable veneers first, you can always decide to get porcelain veneers later. 

      are veneers permanent?

      So, if you’re considering porcelain veneers, try Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers first and test the waters. Don’t be disappointed by your porcelain smile — place your order for snap on veneers today 

      PressOn Veneers vs. Porcelain Veneers

      Both PressOn and porcelain veneers both hide imperfections such as chips, cracks and discoloration as well as improve the look of your overall smile. However, there are some key differences between the two:


      With Brighter Image Lab, you get your money’s worth.

      Our PressOn Veneers start at a low price of $795. They fit over the front eight teeth, covering any imperfections for a complete smile makeover. 

      Porcelain veneers can cost over $1,000 per tooth, and involve invasive procedures to install. 

      Essentially, you get perfect coverage for the front eight teeth for less than the price of a single porcelain veneer.

      No pain or dentist visit necessary! 


      PressOn Veneers don’t requite any surgical procedures or anesthetic, no enamel removal and no damage to your natural teeth. They are light-weight and completely removable.

      You simply take your own impression at home, and we produce a perfect custom set of removable veneers to completely transform your smile.

      Porcelain veneers require extensive surgical procedures. The enamel is shaved from the surface of each tooth, irreparably damaging the teeth’s only notable defense. 

      When the veneers are completed, they are cemented to what remains of the natural teeth. 

      Once this is done, there is no going back.

      Temporary vs. Permanent

      PressOn Veneers are temporary and completely removable. They are both affordable and durable, making them a great value to anyone looking to improve their smile.

      You can drink and eat most foods without having to remove them. This allows you to maintain your new smile in social settings so you never have to feel self-conscious.

      Porcelain veneers are widely advertised as a “permanent” solution. This is far from the truth. 

      These harsh veneers may be cemented to your teeth, but they aren’t staying there forever. 

      They will need to be replaced multiple times and may cause painful complications as time goes on.


      PressOn veneers don’t damage your existing teeth, unlike traditional veneers where your teeth and enamel are scraped and filed down.

      These removable veneers cause no harm to the existing teeth. You can snap them on and off as many times as you want, your natural teeth will never be harmed!

      Porcelain veneer procedures do not respect your natural teeth in this way. In fact, they cause irreparable damage to existing teeth and can lead to infection, extreme sensitivity, or staining.

      Are Veneers Permanent Teeth Substitutes? No!

      Porcelain veneers are anything but permanent. In fact, they will have to be replaced one or more times throughout the course of your life. Because some dentists advertise porcelain veneers as a “permanent” solution, patients are surprised to learn they must be replaced. About half of porcelain veneers don’t even last 10 years, making them anything but “permanent.”

      Many patients also don’t fully understand the irreversible damage the veneer procedure poses to their natural teeth, or the numerous complications they may suffer. Patients who undergo the extensive porcelain veneer procedure endure pain, discomfort, and irreversible damage to their natural teeth.

      In addition, these patients are also at risk of suffering the many complications associated with the procedure. Infection, extreme sensitivity, and staining are only a few of the listed side effects.

      Many patients who choose porcelain veneers as their smile solution regret the decision soon after. With the many dental procedures and painful complications of permanent veneers, many are left wishing they had chosen an easier alternative. If you are considering porcelain veneers as your smile solution, think again.

      There are other smile enhancement options available that do not require the procedures or come with the side effects of permanent veneers. For example, Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers. These removable veneers require no appointments and come with no side effects. In fact, the entire PressOn Veneer process can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

      Removable veneers are a safe and affordable alternative to permanent veneers  that allow clients to achieve a beautiful smile with no pain and no procedures.

      Read on to learn more about porcelain veneers and why you should avoid them!

      How do Porcelain Veneers Work? 

      The first step cosmetic dentists perform during the porcelain veneer process, is to preparthe teeth. 

      This involves filing down the natural teeth to make room for the porcelain veneers, irreversibly destroying up to 30% of natural dental tissue 

      One patient described this process as “a physical assault” and expressed that “having the enamel of healthy teeth blasted away is every bit as invasive as the surgeon’s scalpel slicing into your skin.” 

      Even worse — if the dentist removes too much tissue, the nerves become inflamed or infected, causing the tooth to die

      This issue requires root canal treatment and creates more undo stress and discomfort for the patient. 

      are veneers permanent?

      Once the dentist has finished filing, impressions are taken of the nubbed teeth and sent to the dental laboratory where the veneers are made. 

      Once they have been filed, there is no going back. The existing teeth have been completely, irreversibly compromised 

      When the veneers are completethey are cemented to what is left of the natural teeth 

      Since the teeth are vulnerable and no longer have enamel to protect themthey will always need veneers or crowns to prevent decay. 

      Many dentists believe this procedure is widely overused and share concern for patients’ long-term dental problems and irreversible damage to their natural teeth. 

       This is a lot of sacrifice and risk for a solution that isn’t even permanent. No wonder many patients end up seeking alternatives to veneers.

      Read on to learn how porcelain veneers can go wrong!

      Are veneers permanent?

      What are Some Examples of Porcelain Veneers Gone Wrong?

      Porcelain veneers can go wrong in many different ways.

      Porcelain veneers gone wrong leave many patients suffering the pain of dental problems they didn’t anticipate.

      One example of this is the veneers being too large. This allows bacteria to develop and cause an infection in the gum/mouth, which leads to soreness and swelling.

      Veneers that are too large often cause patients to feel self-conscious about their smile and result in an uncomfortable fit.

      Because these oversized veneers can crowd the mouth, they may cause discomfort or pain for the patient. 

      The process of removing enamel also poses complications.

      If your dentist removes too much of your enamel, it can cause your teeth to ache uncontrollably and become extremely sensitive to hot or cold substances.

      This can be very uncomfortable for patients. The extreme sensitivity can lead to irritability and headaches, subjecting patients to even more stress and dissatisfaction.  

      Many patients complain about the appearance of their porcelain veneers. Some feel they are too wide, too long, too white, or too thick.

      But there is no going back. Once they are set, the imperfections of the veneers are as strong as their bonding solution, which is strong enough to last a decade.

      Are veneers permanent? Nope. Porcelain veneers wear down, break, chip, or fall off over timeThey can even become discolored when being fitted, making it difficult to achieve the desired look. 

      Even though they’re definitely not permanent, their side effects may be. The irreparable tooth damage patients sustain when being prepared for porcelain veneers can never be repaired. 

      Luckily, there are better, non-invasive options available for people who want to better their smile without the pain and complications of porcelain veneers Keep reading to find the best option for you!


      Many people are looking to cosmetic dentists to achieve the perfect smile — you may be one of them – but don’t settle for a process that will damage your teeth.

      Those thin shells of porcelain are used to correct crooked or discolored teeth but require replacing and often come with a slew of uncomfortable complications. 

      The porcelain veneer preparation process is brutal and causes permanent damage to existing teeth. For this reason, porcelain veneers are not a good option for smile enhancement.

      Luckily, no-prep veneers, such as Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers, offer patients the opportunity to improve their smile without damaging their existing teeth or suffering painful complications.

      These unique veneers correct crooked and/or discolored teeth, and they don’t require removing any portion of the natural teeth. They are completely pain-free and dental-procedure-free and can be completed without ever leaving the house! 

      Using the latest technology and groundbreaking innovation in the field, Brighter Image Lab allows clients to achieve a beautiful smile without sacrificing their existing teeth or suffering painful complications.

      Don’t be a victim of bad veneers. Click below to achieve your new smile today!

      PressOn Veneers
      Press On Veneers

      Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



      IncrediBIL Veneers
      Incredibil veneers

      The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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      DIY Veneers

      DIY Veneers: The Best Smile Solution

      Kristy Henderson


      My mother always says, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” With dental costs rising and insurance plans skimping on dental coverage, many people are looking for a better, more affordable solution for improving their smile. To them I say, “Listen to mamma. Do it yourself!”

      Do it yourself veneers allow you to achieve a life-changing smile makeover without ever leaving your home.