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The photos of your smile will help us qualify you for a smile makeover, and the information you provided will help us match you with funding. We’re ALREADY helping people in your area get free smile makeovers, and we want to help you too!

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Obviously not all cases will be eligible. However, if we do ask for additional information – that is not an indicator of ineligibility. It only means we are investigating more funding options for your new smile.

It’s simple, the more we know about you, the better our chances of funding your case. If you receive a request for more information, it’s not required, but failing to complete a request may cause your case may stall out. So it’s certainly in your best interest to reply thoroughly and promptly.

​**Incomplete submissions cannot be considered. If your submission was not complete please resubmit your full entry.

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    We Knew You'd Be Listening!

    Select the station you heard us on below to enter to win a FREE Smile Makeover!

    Brighter Image
    We knew you'd be listening! Select the station you heard us on below to enter to win a FREE Smile Makeover!

    How Does This Work?

    Brighter Image Lab provides life-changing smile makeovers to thousands of clients every year.

    We also partner with a non-profit named New Life Smile who matches people like you, with public and private funding sources to hopefully cover a portion (if not ALL) of your smile makeover costs. We’re ready to help right now!

    We’ve already given away free smiles to people in your area and we’re ready to do a lot more!

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