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BIL Veneers and What Honest Clients are Saying

The Nerve-Wracking Pain of the Dentist

BIL Veneers are one of Brighter Image Lab’s most popular products, but many people are unsure about this amazing smile alternative to traditional cosmetic dentistry.

Going to a cosmetic dentist can be nerve-wracking. You could be paying thousands of dollars, and spend hours in an uncomfortable chair. Who wants their dentist standing over them using loud drills to painfully shape your smile?

Money and time that could have been spent on vacation with your family are instead used on optional cosmetic work with no guarantee of success.

Our smiles are an important part of our lives. Living with a bad smile can lead to discrimination from employers, and romantic partners are less likely to date someone with broken or missing teeth.

Now people all over the world are discovering our easy solution to get you back to living your best life. So what is our time and money saving answer for a broken smile?

bil veneers

What are BIL Veneers and How do They Work?

Brighter Image Lab has created the BIL Veneer as an affordable alternative to costly cosmetic dental work. With every order custom made, BIL Veneers offer a pain free way to get back your smile without breaking the bank!

Our dental veneers are more realistic and natural than some dental work. It can cover stained, broken, missing, and even misaligned teeth. The process is quick, painless, and will have you smiling all the time!

We have seen other cosmetic dental veneers that are chunky, or impede normal speech. Our BIL veneers are made to be thinner, and are hand detailed to give your smile a natural look.

At Brighter Image Lab, our mission is to make sure you receive the best smile possible. You won’t have to worry about your smile being a barrier to your career  or love life anymore!


Normal cosmetic dental work can run you thousands of dollars or more. You can spend hours away from family and work. At Brighter Image Lab, we know your time is valuable.

Our BIL veneers can be purchased for under $1,000, and the painless, dentist free process takes as little as 10 minutes. Once we receive your impressions, all you have to do is wait for your custom designed smile to arrive at your door!

We even offer expedited processing, allowing you to get your confidence back sooner!

What Clients Are Saying

Clients of Our Competitors

Many cosmetic dentists don’t want you to know about us or our services because we sell you the same high quality veneers at our Lab Direct pricing. That means you’re not paying for someone’s office, staff, education, or luxurious living.

Read these testimonies regarding some of our competitors:

Eval Wilson

“The experience with the Dr. was great, but a year and a [half] later (after the warranty expired) I started getting holes in my snap on smile. I called their office and I asked how to repair the holes. The told me they could not be repaired and my only recourse is to buy another – For $1875.”

– Lorraine Burnett

“… Russo got the impression stuck in my mouth and was having a hard time getting it out. The crown that he places in my mouth has just fallen out after less than two years and has so much decay that the tooth cannot be saved.”

– Nixia Palmer

“… Not only were they places wrong, but he DID NOT match my crown to the rest of my teeth. Never informed me that the material he was placing was VERY white and allowed me to walk out of his office with two fake looking teeth which as soon as I smiled my friends were shocked, since Dr. Russo has so many great reviews. After the mess he made I visited 3 different dentists in the triangle and they all agreed that his work was done poorly…”

Brandon Smith

“Snap on Smile is very bulky & uncomfortable at times. I can’t talk with them in to save my life… $3500 down the drain, save your money & don’t let your dentist make a quick easy buck like I did.”

Our Clients on BIL Veneers

Brighter Image Lab has been improving people’s smiles for decades, with stories from all over the world. Check out these stories from real people, not paid actors, who’s lives have been transformed by our Lab Direct process:

BIL Veneers and Brighter Image Lab Reviews

I Feel Confident When I Smile and I Go To Work

When I wear my veneers, I feel confident when I smile and I go to work. You know, I talk with a lot of customers and and a smile makes you a likable person. If you could see these veneers in high definition they would clearly speak for themselves on the way they’re so defined and so contoured perfectly measured to be an exact replica of what a veneer smile would look like if it was done by dentist.

It’s Mind Blowing How Much Money You Would Spend

My parents spent a lot of money on my teeth when I was younger. I did what I thought I could to keep them up, you know, taking care of them and then I got a big chip in my tooth. It kept getting bigger and I got more self-conscious. I wanted my smile to be brighter and and I realized how much it affected me daily, even with my own kids. I recommend Press On Veneers because of how natural they are. How they are so well-fitting because it’s based off of the quality of my teeth mold. The price point to get the same result going to a dentist it’s mind blowing like how much money you would spend.

My Smile Is Super Important To Me

I’m a door-to-door salesman, so I sell alarms. I’m also a musician too so that’s why my smile is like super important to me. Your veneers are perfect! I mean just spot-on spectacular perfect no one can ever tell those aren’t real. The bite is way better too, like I feel like I could eat with these. I’d recommend this to anyone I just can’t wait to go out in the real world and live my dream of having a nice smile I’ll definitely uh, you’ll definitely be invited to my album release party!

THANK YOU For Not Living In The “Ivory Tower”

I am currently having my veneers made by BIL and look forward to the results, but this isn’t about that. I am just writing to tell you thank you sir for your amazing YouTube video about the perfect smile veneers. ($14.99). I was raised by a single mother of 3 who worked 2 jobs just to support her kids. She worked her ass off to make sure that we were fed and clothed. There was nothing left after the bills. We were poor. She was never able to smile and if that product were around back then, it probably would have changed her life. I’ve been fortunate in my adult life to not have the financial struggles that she did but I never forget about the people who do. I just want to say THANK YOU for not living in the “ivory tower” and thinking about people less fortunate than you and I are. That video will mean to world to a lot of people who need some confidence in their life but are scared of what other people think. It truly touched my heart that you are able see things from the only perspective some less fortunate people have.

I’ve Always Wanted Canines

My smile has always been my insecurity. Once I got my veneers in I thought they looked so pretty. They looked so natural. I’m so happy, they look so beautiful. I’ve always wanted canines!

He Could Tell That I Was Self-Conscious, and I Felt Like He Didn’t Even Care

The dentist told me he believes my teeth issue is genetic. Yeah, my mother had very bad teeth too. After I had my first child, they Just started getting really brittle. I think that having a new smile will bring me out of the house more and take me to do things with my children, and actually be able to go out and have dinner or have a drink with my husband on a weekend. Not being able to smile has brought on depression in my life and anxiety. I can’t enjoy plenty of things with my kids and my husband, you know just as small as sitting around watching a comedy and they’re laughing and I’m not laughing because i don’t want to show my teeth. When they (the dentists) tell me $18,000, I thought, I’ve got about three thousand dollars I can afford. I was upset and I felt small. I felt like there was nothing else I could do. He could tell that I was self-conscious, and I felt like he didn’t even care. When I put my Press On Veneers for the first time, all of that changed. They looked so good, I thought, “I can’t wait till my kids see it. Or my husband.”

They Have a More Realistic Look, More Definition

I’ve always hated my teeth. I’ve always had bad teeth since I was a kid. I had them (Press On Veneers) and I loved them. I took tons of pictures with them and then they were destroyed (by my ex-boyfriend). I called the company (Brighter Image Lab) and I left messages asking you know could you please help me? I always felt like there should be a choice like if you wanted to get up today I’m going to make those choices you’re going to get on the phone and they’re going to look at prices that are well yeah I’ve called plenty of dentists it and.. it’s just thousands and thousands of dollars. My new veneers actually feel way good, like a lot better than the first one. It looks a lot smaller and thinner. I love them! They look so real. They have a more realistic look, more definition. They look good amazing! Thank you!

Don’t just read about our results, see them for yourself!

How to Know if You’re a Candidate for BIL Veneers

Almost anyone who wants to improve their smile is a candidate! But what do we need from you?

Our free, smile assessment quiz can help! It takes less than two minutes to complete, and can help determine whether BIL veneers are right for you. The only people not eligible are those without teeth or with existing dentures.

Not convinced? Check out our real client reviews, as well as their before and after looks with the BIL Veneer through our video gallery!

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