Brighter Image Lab Review Online for Snap On Veneers

One Client’s Brighter Image Lab Review

The following is a client’s Brighter Image Lab review. It is written in sections and chronicles his experience with the Lab Direct Process.

12 May 2016 – Brighter Image Lab Review – Researching The Options

First off I absolutely love the community here at Real Self and I believe that it’s my obligation at minimum to to do a Brighter Image Lab Review for my upcoming veneers.

Prior to ordering my upcoming Snap on veneers I had been planning on getting veneers for the last 8 months. After doing much needed research I had planned on getting 4 veneers done in Vancouver (approx. $5500) or heading to Cancun from a well respected doctor ( 6 veneers with flight and hotel approx. $4000).

Just like any procedure there is always the chance that something can happen, local or abroad and I wanted to make sure that I made the choice that would mitigate most of those risks. I had thought about long term requirements about veneers and started doing research on the methods in treating cavities and other dental issues that could arise once you already had veneers.

This along with the next procedure in getting more veneers after 10-15 years. Personally I really don’t like the idea of shaving down any of my teeth for the veneers. Some people may be okay with it but the thought of having my sensitivity gone in my front teeth makes me nervous and I also don’t like having the chances of having complications and not being able to reverse the operation.

Brighter Image Lab Review – Choosing to Buy Lab Direct

So I decide the Brighter Image Lab snap on veneers would be a good option. I have to admit that their is a fair amount of negative comments and reviews on Brighter Image Lab. That being said it looks like most of the Brighter Image Lab reviews come from:

A. Customers who did not properly create impressions and that expected a refund (custom products in any industry never give refunds because they cant do anything with them).

B. Customer thought these veneers were going to be durable enough to replace broken, old teeth and use them like full on crowns or legit veneers.

C. Competition posting Brighter Image Lab reviews pretending to be angry customers.

D. The customers thought the veneers look fake and the reason for this is because of the shock value. When you get new veneers, crowns, dentures etc, they look way different from your normal teeth….the key to this is though that other people don’t know that.

Brighter Image Lab Review – Researching the Company

All this being said I am being optimistic that these are going to a nice cosmetic add on and so far am looking for the pros in this company (just being honest). I reviewed all the fine notes on the Brighter Image Lab website and they offer:

– Two times you may ship back and have them adjust the veneers if you need to. I can see how this would be frustrating especially if you waited 30 business days but its all on the website. So I can expect this to happen potentially.

– 2 year warranty on manufacture defects.

– Extended 3 year warranty. You send them back for any reason at all.

So far, I touched based with an online chat operator (also have a number to call) and she was awesome. The reason I contacted them was because my payment was declined. I found out that because pricing is in USD they were unable to accept my E-Cheque. This was all good because they sent me a Paypal link instead. I also chose to opt in getting the 3 payment plan options so I didn’t have to pay all upfront.


I ordered the product 2 days ago and the unit is on its way. FedEx says I should receive it tomorrow but I wont be home so I expect to pick it up on the weekend or Monday. I am expecting the impressions so I will continue this Brighter Image Lab review, take photos and let you know how the process goes!

15 May 2016 – Brighter Image Lab Review – Receiving The Impression Kit

I just received my impression it. I came within 3 days, happy with that. The impression kit is very straight forward. You watch a number of videos to ensure you know how to do it and also have a practice impression just in case you make a mistake (didn’t even use it).

Once I finished the impression I sent the 2 impressions that I made back with the return shipping label. The Fedex website says they should be receiving my impressions by the end of tomorrow. Interested to see how long I will be waiting to have the veneers sent to me. Exciting times!

Once I receive the veneers I will continue this Brighter Image Lab review, take photos and see what everyone thinks!

16 May 2016 – Brighter Image Lab Review – The Lab Receives Impressions

After I sent the impressions they received them in about 2 business days. Happy with that.

The next working weekday they sent me an email and text saying that I had an issue with payment, so I called right away. They mentioned that I did not pay for the second portion of what I owed so I would need to pay for it. I was under the impression that I had 30 days to pay for the second part but none-the-less all good. I can see why they would want payment in full or else they may have a bunch of un-paid custom impression molds made without full payment, lol. Should hear back tomorrow to insure that they have received my photos of my teeth and the waiting game begins.

4 Jun 2016 – Brighter Image Lab Review on Snap On Veneers

So in total I received my snap on veneers about 14 business days from when I sent my impressions to there lab. Mine fit perfect and have no annoying pieces that scratch my gums and they also don’t feel loose which is nice. I received these little grip dots that you can put on the veneers to prevent any looseness, but I do not need to them. Below are photos that I recently had taken (I think they look even more natural in real time).

Overall Review on Brighter Image Lab and Snap On Veneers:

So I jumped into ordering these pretty quick as I was ready to purchase veneers for 5k and wanted something immediately. After placing the order I found some reviews and began worrying because there was some complaints. From the first moment I spoke to a customer service rep, however, they were outstanding. My brother also ordered these veneers and they were amazing with him. He also sent another set of impressions in. They sent him a new mold within 2 business days free of charge. The veneers came fast and they fit perfect. Yes I am acclimating to them. For me these are a cosmetic fix and I am very happy with the results. Overall take your time with the impressions, and ask questions if you need to. You should expect these to look different than your normal teeth and you will become acclimated to them.



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