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Dental Tourism: How Far Will You Go for a Better Smile?

Dental toursim is the only option many see for cosmetic dentistry

What is Dental Tourism?

In 2013 alone, upwards of 500,000 Americans chose to travel outside the country for dental procedures. Many Americans often want or need cosmetic dentistry but find the cost to be overwhelming or fiscally impossible to achieve. Because of this, more Americans are looking for options to remedy their dental needs outside the country. This trend, dubbed “dental tourism,” offers a low-cost alternative to seeing a dentist locally but could be deadly to those who participate.

Typically, when you plan a trip or vacation, your itinerary does not include a tooth extraction or a root canal. However, for many Americans needing cosmetic dentistry, this is a frequent reality.

The astronomical cost of local cosmetic dentistry drives hundreds of thousands of Americans each year overseas for cheap dental care. Corruption in the dental industry runs rampant, while dentists continue to inflate fees, fabricate lies, and falsely alarm patients. More and more people are choosing to risk their safety and even their lives for an affordable solution. 

Is Dental Tourism Safe? No!

While cosmetic dentistry may cost less in dental tourism destinations, cost alone should not determine whether traveling for your dental care is a good idea. There are many risks that are associated with dental tourism.

Dental standards are the primary concern when looking to travel abroad for dental care, considering standards for overseas dentists are vastly different than those of dental professionals in the United States. Without standard medical regulations applied here in the United States, dental practices abroad cannot be trusted to practice the same level of patient care as licensed dentists in the United States.

Overseas dental facilities may not have the proper accreditation or provider licensure, keep track of patient outcome data or maintain formal privacy and security policies. Because of this, it is hard to determine the quality of care you will receive. This is a grave concern.

Another issue facing prospective dental tourists is the infection control standards of their desired destination, as they can vary widely depending on the country or region. The United States has very high infection control standards. In some parts of the world, dental professionals may not observe or practice the same infection control standards observed here in the United States, leaving you at risk of contracting a disease and spreading it once you come home.

Examples of the types of diseases that can be contracted via dental tourism: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV (AIDS), MRSA, Legionnaires’ Disease, Influenza, Tuberculosis, and Covid-19. Some are caused by improperly-sterilized cosmetic dentistry instruments (especially the hollow dental tools) or needle stick accidents. Others are caused by transmission of micro-organisms via the dental unit water lines.

In addition to standards of practice, you may find language to be a barrier when communicating your wants and needs to your dental professional. Because dentists in other countries wont always speak fluent English, it may be hard to voice your vision or concerns for your teeth. Because of this language barrier, misunderstandings will occur and be problematic for you and your dental professional. You must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with any dental health professional in order to ensure you receive proper treatment.

What Does this Mean for You?

cosmetic dentistry

If you’re considering dental tourism, you have probably been faced with the choice of traveling or putting off your new smile. You have had to deal with a dental industry that takes advantage of you, taking your smile hostage. Your right to love your teeth, to want to share them with the world, has been stolen and locked away with a bail you can’t afford. This is wrong!

The dental industry has a monopoly on the human mouth and extorted people like you for financial gain for decades. It is time to take a stand. Here at Brighter Image Lab, we stand with you. We understand the need for an affordable and accessible solution for your cosmetic dental needs and work tirelessly to offer a solution to your problems.

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we offer an affordable, complete smile for a fraction of the cost of traditional cosmetic dentistry. With the PressOn Veneers, you can achieve a perfect smile without a dentist. Designed to be ultra-thin and removable, PressOn Veneers offer an alternative for those who feel they’ve run out of options – a new smile for those wanting to share it.

Our Lab Direct process allows us to serve clients from all walks of life. All around the world. Through our innovative online process, clients can achieve a new smile easily and without unnecessary travel or risk. The creation of our PressOn Veneers does not require a dentist. The impression needed to create the clip-on veneer is simple enough to complete at home.

Not only do our convenient and easy-to-use PressOn Veneers allow you to take your smile into your own hands, they are also completely reversible and cheap enough to allow you to achieve the best smile while possible without breaking the bank. This will allow you to enjoy the smile of your dreams while you save to afford your cosmetic dental procedure. This is a great benefit to customers, as it offers a chance to achieve a brighter smile without the price tag of cosmetic dental procedures – a great option at a great cost!

What Can/Should You Do Now?

With your dental needs out of reach and your options limited, Brighter Image Lab offers an option to help you achieve your best smile at the best price.

With PressOn Veneers, you are able to achieve a perfect smile for the best price all from the comfort and safety of your own home. Our PressOn Veneers and Lab Direct process allow you to bypass the dentist and avoid unnecessary cost. There is no need to endure the cost or risk of dental tourism, because Brighter Image PressOn Veneers offer you the smile you have been dreaming of, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Why travel overseas when you can achieve amazing results right from your home at a fraction of the cost? Achieve the smile of your dreams today with no travel, no painful procedures, no risk, and no hassle. Don’t wait any longer for the perfect smile! Order PressOn Veneers from the Brighter Image Lab website today and get the smile you’ve waited for without the hassle or cost of traditional cosmetic dentistry.

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Hundreds of thousands of Americans roll the “dental tourism” dice each year, taking their chances on foreign dental treatment because they’re unable to receive cosmetic dentistry at an affordable price in the U.S. This rise in high-risk travel dentistry is a result of price gouging, unethical practices, and blatant misinformation on behalf of cosmetic dentists and puts hundreds of thousands of patients at risk every single year.

Many patients choose to travel for dental procedures because they feel they have no other option. With the dramatically inflated cost of dental care in the United States, patients are faced with two options: postpone the visit to the cosmetic dentist, or put themselves at risk by traveling to receive the care they need. That was, until Brighter Image Lab came to the rescue with no-dentist/no-travel choices.

Brighter Image Labs works to provide a choice for those who feel they’ve run out of realistic options. Our PressOn Veneers offer a solution for your cosmetic dental needs without the hassle of a dentist or the risk of travel with dental tourism. Choose to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab and start your journey to a brighter image today.

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