​Dental Veneers Warning:
Don’t Ruin Your Teeth


​There’s no such thing “minimally invasive” or “minimal prep” veneers. All veneers require a dentist to permanently damage your teeth to apply a temporary veneer.

Dental Veneers
aren’t “Permanent"

The only thing “permanent” is the tooth damage. If Dentists were honest about the potential for veneers to fail after just a few years, a lot fewer people would get them.

Instead, they call them ‘permanent veneers’. Knowingly glossing over the idea that they’ll be destroying your real teeth forever, and replacing them with a Veneer they HOPE will last you 10 years before needing to be replaced. So the real choice is:

Drill vs BIL
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Read the WSJ Article

​51% of All Cosmetic
Dentistry is Re-Done

​The American Dental Association found that MOST of the work done at Cosmetic Dentist offices, is the fixing of previous work that’s failed (or was unaceptable). But since that doesn't inspire confidence, it’s usually not mentioned when a dentist is selling you Dental Veneers.

Maybe that’s why the Wall Street Journal reported that the Dental industry is experiencing a “Degeneration of ethics”, as some dentists get right on profiting from bad / failing cosmetic dental work.

Save 1000s Compared to Traditional Veneers

my clients Save 1000s When Compared To Traditional Veneers

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Don't Pay For Your Dentist's Mercedes

​We’ve saved our 80,000+ clients an average $13,500 per case. That’s over $1b put back in the pockets of everyday people instead of paying for your dentist’s sports car.

If you know your smile is holding you back, and you’re serious about making a change - I’ll make you this promise: I’ll do everything I can to get you a Full Smile Makeover for close to the cost of a SINGLE TOOTH with traditional Dental Veneers - But you have to talk to me. You have to get engaged and let us help you find a solution.

Don't let your Dental Veneers pay for the dentist's Mercedes

(Our clients save $13,500 on average)

Don't Destroy your Teeth to improve your Smile

Nothing’s more important than your smile, and even if you don’t like them, your natural teeth are worth too much to let a dentist grind them down to stumps. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in Dentist offices all over the country, right now.

Our Removable Dental Veneers truly are the future of smile design - and you owe it to yourself to consider other options before committing to a permanent procedure.

Don't destroy your teeth to improve your smile

​Improve Your Smile - Improve your Life

​If you’re looking for traditional Dental Veneers, I hope we’ve given you reason to consider our removable dental veneers as an non-destructive alternative. If you’re needing to replace your bad or failing veneers, I hope you’ll seriously consider Brighter Image Lab before returning to a cosmetic dentist.

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