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We have two processes. We have an express that’s 15 days from the date we receive usable impressions. However, because every impression has an individual set of challenges, some of those are replaced with one designer, some have a different level designer. Some have what we call a case consult where a couple of us get together and say what happened.

So we tell everybody 30 days. We do them in batches. That’s how we make them affordable. The 3d Printers takes the same time to do one tooth as they do a plate. We can do 24 sets of what we call full arch removable veneers in the same time to do one, so we do them in batches.

But the majority of clients who come to us are seeing 30 days guaranteed, 15 days guaranteed, and if they do 30 we’re seeing them go out in 21 days. That was one of the challenges when we first got started. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and when we first got started, we tried to put disclaimers, but people were only concerned about 30 days.

The veneers really should be removed at night, and we recommend putting them in a denture soak (any generic brand will do). We don’t advise eating any challenging foods, i.e, tough meats, harder breads –like bagels or baguettes. And if you do eat in the veneers, we recommend you rinse them thoroughly afterward. We’d also suggest keeping your Veneers in the protective case any time you aren’t wearing them – and always remember that this is purely cosmetic and is not intended to replace the function of your real teeth.

Our Client Services Representatives are trained to ask questions to find out the specific cause of any fit issues. They are educated on usual problem areas and can usually determine the exact cause of any fit issue within the span of a brief phone call.

We ask that our clients have the same level of commitment when requesting a remake due to fit issues, disclosing all known corrective areas by making notes, taking photos, and shooting video footage if necessary. The more information our design lab receives, the closer they will come to creating the one fit for your smile!

The dental lab does everything in their power to ensure that your veneers are a perfect snap fit before we ship them. However, 12 to 15 percent of our work does have to be adjusted. In these cases, a new model is made from the impressions, and the process is started over at no additional charge. This gives you the chance to re-send additional impressions, photos, videos, notes, and suggestions to our design lab to assist in getting the correct fit for your teeth – all at no additional cost to you!

Generally we try to ship your impression system the following day. All systems are shipped USPS First Class Priority Mail, and depending on your location, delivery usually takes 1-3 business days. You’ll have as much time as you need to take your impressions, so there’s no need to rush, but just remember that we can’t start work on your new smile until we receive your usable impressions. Plan on the same 1-3 day window for returning shipping. Once we’ve received usable impressions, Standard Productions takes about 30 days, and our Smile Express takes about 14 – until we have a completed veneer. But please know that all of these times are estimates, and subject to change – and we do not guarantee delivery within any specific time frame.

For an easy to follow explanation of our process, watch this short video:

Click Here to watch this short video explanation of our process