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No, there’s no dentists on our staff, and the reason being is because the laws right now are so strong that you can’t, and we don’t want them. We don’t need them. If you were to give me 1,000 dentists today, I have nothing against any of them, but none of them know how to make a removable dental veneer. Less than 1% of the doctors in this country have the technology that allows them to improve someone’s smile without doing dentistry, and the reason being is it’s not profitable. So we try to separate ourselves, even when clients call us. We have doctors who call us and say, “Can you do this for a client?” And that’s what we tell them. We don’t mind helping your client, but we always deal with the client personally.

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Well, the [impression] system was a big deal. The technology is off the charts. The things that we do every day weren’t possible years ago. The new technology, the new impression material is so incredibly sophisticated that there is no longer any value in paying your doctor 100’s of dollars for him to show you how to make an impression. You also have technology that does what’s called model manipulation. If you didn’t read the instructions, if you sent in a bad impression, and you asked us to build your smile based on a compromised impression we can fix it. If we get a bite mark we can build a smile on it as long as we have a gumline. So with that, that’s all we need is a bottom bite, and a gumline and we’re done, we’ll fix it if it’s bad. The technology is what’s made it. If it wasn’t for the impression system, it would be dead.

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Well I mentioned that before, the design of the veneer is creative. We had the same concerns when we got started. Now what’s happened is because we’re able to design in microns, remember we’re slicing nail polish. We make a decision based on every smile as to where the curvature of the tooth is. If you were to take the design of your tooth, they always arch more narrow at the top than they do at the bottom, and with that is you have the curve and you have a resin that’s flexible, it pushes on and it holds. This resin holds its position for years, and it really never changes.

Because it’s thin, and because it’s strong, and because it’s flexible, you have the arch of the tooth, you have the arch of the mouth, and you have the curvature of the tooth, all of those. Plus you have the natural suction of the tooth. We used to think that they would be too loose, and that was our concern was that we couldn’t get into it. We always tell them that we always design 100%, not 99, not 101. We’re now perfect, and that design is designed to fit the curvature of that tooth, the arch of that tooth, and the gumline of that tooth and it will hold.

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Everybody that you’ve seen has a different smile. We always ask people, do not challenge your teeth. It’s not a treatment plan. We haven’t “fixed” your teeth. What we’re asking you to do is survive a social setting. We believe wholeheartedly that the natural smile that you can go back and pick 50% of the people that I showed you and they can all chew away on their veneer. Two of those people need to not challenge it. Three of those people need to slow down when they start chewing on steak. They don’t do anything to fix your teeth. They only replace the appearance of your teeth. They don’t do anything but smile enhancement. So, but they are designed to survive a social setting. If you go to dinner with your friends, you don’t have to take them out. All you have to do is be careful with what it is that you’re entertaining, and make sure that you’re going to be careful. People have been doing it for years, whether they had regular teeth or not. First date, you don’t eat this, you don’t eat that, nobody eats spaghetti, they stay away from certain foods. You’ll do the same thing in a social setting.

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Let me tell you a couple of things about pricing. First of all, [the veneers] started out about $1000, and now they’re down to around $750… and we’d do them for less if we could. But let me talk to you a little more about pricing. Not only did we make them $750 (if that’s an average) but we also made it so that people could pay half down. Our goal is to make sure that anybody who needs one, can call us and say “I don’t have the money, but I want to get started, but it’s a real interest. I’m truly, sincerely, genuinely interested.”

And then we have what’s called a Smile Away program. Now it’s not layaway – it’s Smile Away – because we actually start on it. Once we start on it, they pay $149 down and then they make payments until it’s paid for. So what’s happened is, you take these people who say “I don’t have a choice, there’s just no reason, there’s no way” and we say “Let’s put them on the board. Let’s work with them, let’s get it designed, let’s so if we can process it.

So these are the things we got started with. The challenges that we had was to make sure that the prices didn’t get away [from us]. We didn’t want to get into an arena where everyone was doing everything that the market could bare. All we really wanted to do was ensure we had the ability to, fundamentally, be a strong company.

*Our Smile Away program has been replaced with a financing program that offers the same, low $149 down payment with 0% Interest and 100% approval.*

If you are concerned because you do not have a checking account or credit card, we also accept payment by Wire Transfer. You can find the details by clicking on the following image:

Wire Transfer Details

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The big deal about removable dental veneers is they’re designed to last you for years and years, but they’re all based on how you take care of them. Some people don’t wear them all the time. Some people only wear them when they’re not at work. Some people wear them when they go out. So all of the bearings, it’s normal wear and tear, but if you treat it like it’s the only veneer you have…If it’s a tool that you use to be part of your monthly makeup, then you’re going to take care of that veneer. If you take care of it, it should last you more than five years.

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The reason why people ask us if they can sleep with them is because a lot of people who are dating are dating people who don’t know they have a veneer. So we tell them we would appreciate it if they didn’t sleep in them, but a lot of people we know do.

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I’m afraid to get on that question because I don’t want to rant, but I’m going to for a second. I need to get this off my chest. I’m so upset, one of my pet peeves in life, I can’t stand it, it makes me mad on a daily basis, and I can hear Trey and Matt telling me to calm down, but I hate the fact that teeth cleaning costs $300 in this country. I hate it, I can’t stand it, it irks me to my soul.

It bothers me that you can go get your belly button pierced, you can get your nails done, you can get a tattoo, you can get all of that for $50. On any given Saturday there’s a trailer at a Wal-Mart that says we’ll vaccinate your dog for $19, but you can’t take a carload of kids and get their teeth cleaned.

It bothers me and it’s a sin against nature. I can’t stand it, I’m over talking about it, but at some point we’re going to create a teeth cleaning system to where you can clean your teeth and it’s competitive with anything you can get with a doctor. If I don’t do it, somebody needs to.

The second thing I want to add to that is I think technology one day is going to allow people to do certain treatments for themselves. I honestly think if you take a big guy and he snores and he has sleep apnea, there’s going to be technology for him to create his own mouthpieces online. I honestly believe that if you take some of these people that have a small gap in their teeth, there’s going to be retainers that they can buy online to fix their teeth. We have some challenges, the challenges is not to do dentistry.

Right now the one at hand is just to do smile enhancement. But it irks me to the end of time that somebody’s not doing teeth cleaning. 70% of people who lose their teeth over 40 years old could have been prevented if they just had proper teeth cleanings. It bothers me to no end.

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The Snap On Smile, a lot of people will say are referred to as snap smiles, or their snap on smile dentist. What you’re going to find is that there are other people who say they can do some kind of smile enhancement, and it’s called snap ons.

The problem is the same problem that existed earlier is that we don’t believe they are being made available to the people who need them. You see people who used to do million dollar campaigns about smile enhancement. What happens is they’re really not offering smile enhancement. You get there and they say, “Oh, no, I’d like to show you veneers. Let’s do some bonding. Let’s get you into this. Let’s get you into that. And don’t worry about payments. Don’t worry, we can get you financed.”

And what happens is the person came in to see something they never even saw.

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The challenge that we face is convincing them that the technology is solid, and that we continue to grow with technology. The other challenges that we have is to make sure that we keep an arms-length transaction. We don’t see clients, nobody comes to us. All of our lab is a process in different stages. The challenges that we have is to make sure that we don’t touch teeth, and the reason being is because we’re not dentists. The challenge that we have to do is to make sure that everyone knows we don’t want to touch your teeth, but we don’t want you dealing with the shame of not having a nicer smile.

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I can’t say it enough. The #1 thing that I need to rant on for a bit is that when these people are handed a 5, 10, 15 thousand dollar dental treatment, it’s paralyzing, and that paralyzing is shame.

It’s class warfare to say I don’t have the empathy to find a way to give you something until you can move forward. I think it’s shameful, because all she needs is 3 years, 24 months, 36 months. If she gets a job, she gets her credit together, she can get a loan.

I promise you the majority of people who buy a removable dental veneer will not stop there. In 3 years, in 4 years, they’ll want to see themselves with perfect teeth, but right now they want to see themselves with a perfect smile.

If you were to take the shame she deals with on a daily basis, it’s equivalent to losing your pants, and if she’d lost her pants, everybody in two seconds would be moving to find a tablecloth. Somebody would hand her a jacket. Somebody would give her a ride home and somebody would be nudging somebody else to cut her a check so that she has clothes.

The shame that she has to deal with on a daily basis would be met in 2.5 seconds if it was anything but her smile.

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All the time, we’re behind. We have more clients than we can take. What happens is we tell them if you just want to fix your teeth, if you want a Jessica Simpson smile, or you want to look like Halle Berry, or you want to look like Jennifer Anniston or Julia Roberts, then you know we can help you, but you’re not our guy. And because we deal with people that have issues. People that have real concerns and real challenges. We don’t mind doing them, but we don’t want you in line if we’re booked up.

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Absolutely not.

Everything we do is done through the website. What happens is almost everybody starts out with a search. You gotta realize, we knew that the search was the way for us to grow because we knew that either something was wrong, something was happening, and there’s never been a better time to talk to somebody than when they are searching.

It’s the best way for us to have a solution oriented conversation that didn’t involve dental treatment. That didn’t involve dentistry. My fear with that before is that if we open up stores or we get close to what doctors are doing, you get back to dentistry, dentistry, dentistry.

For the first time we wanted to say no dentistry, and we only wanted to deal initially with people who were a challenge, who were trying to solve an alternative to a challenge. We think that online is the best way for us to have an arms-length transaction, to be designers, to use technology, and innovation.

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We have two processes. We have an express that’s 15 days from the date we receive usable impressions. However, because every impression has an individual set of challenges, some of those are replaced with one designer, some have a different level designer. Some have what we call a case consult where a couple of us get together and say what happened.

So we tell everybody 30 days. We do them in batches. That’s how we make them affordable. The 3d Printers takes the same time to do one tooth as they do a plate. We can do 24 sets of what we call full arch removable veneers in the same time to do one, so we do them in batches.

But the majority of clients who come to us are seeing 30 days guaranteed, 15 days guaranteed, and if they do 30 we’re seeing them go out in 21 days. That was one of the challenges when we first got started. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and when we first got started, we tried to put disclaimers, but people were only concerned about 30 days.

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We do a lot of US work, but I would say 40% our business is non-US based.

It’s growing to the point that it’s not equal. We actually shut advertising off and we blocked ourselves from certain countries in order to not get an inherited amount. UK, Australia, Canada is on our schedule daily. We want to be sensitive about how we’re dealing with it.

We just now got some contracts from DHL and FedEx that guarantees that if we take a foreign account form Canada, or from the UK, or Australia, or Ireland or any of the countries around there, we can get a 5 day delivery, either way.

All we try to do is be super sensitive and try go get people who are sober on both sides of the phone. We’re not excited about getting accounts/cases that we can’t mature, and we don’t want anyone getting excited about a case that’s going to have some complication.

One of the commitments that we had was to never drop below what we would consider 100% every time. Everything that we do is 100%, so that’s why we’re real careful about going after other countries.

I have to tell you that I’ve never been more appreciated in the UK. I’ve never been more appreciated in Australia. I’ve never been more appreciated in Ireland. The work that we do for those people is so profound.

Every day we are getting a “thank you” letter, and I can’t remember being in a business, knowing of a business where people would actually give you money, stop, send you pictures and a “thank you” card, and a letter that says, “I want to appreciate what you’ve done for me, you don’t know what you did.”