As an Authorized Dealer, you will be supplied with marketing materials including but not limited to, direct mail, printed publication, broadcast promotional video, flyers, and brochures. We strongly recommend that before submitting your information to become a dealer, you take the time to develop a marketing plan.

You have the ability to apply your own policies and standards for refunds and exchanges. Since removeable veneers are custom made, Brighter Image Lab does not offer refunds. However, we do allow for veneers to be returned for adjustments. To view which order we may adjust, please view our terms and conditions.

We already serve clients in almost every country around the world, but no one knows your market like you do! We’re actively looking to expand in international markets through our dealer program.

Most impression systems will be shipped within three (3) business days from when the order is placed. All shipments in the United States will be shipped with USPS, unless otherwise requested.

Authorized Dealers collect payment directly from the client when they are ready to get their order placed. Once the order is placed with Brighter Image Lab, you will pay your designated dealer fee and the remaining amount is yours.

To maximize profits for our dealers, we offer a variety of discounts based on business volume. Our top tier dealers earn as much as 50% of the order value!

We offer multiple startup packages, which range from $3,000 – $9,000. Upon reviewing your application, you will be provided with a recommended startup package which will cover everything you will need in order to get started.

This is entirely up to you, we always suggest to ship directly to the client’s address. Some of our dealers prefer to be more “hand-on” and like to assist clients with walking them through taking impressions, as well as being with them trying their removeable veneer on for the first time. Once the order is ready to ship, Brighter Image Lab can either ship the veneer to the client or we can ship to your office.

Yes, but the amount of inventory will be based on the dealer package that is selected. Once approved to become an Authorized Dealer, you will be provided with a recommended package, which will include your initial startup inventory.

That’s easy! Simply complete the required information in the Dealer Application.

We offer the convenience of delivery directly to your door or office with lower prices, and faster service.

Brighter Image™ is not a web-only company. Some competitors operate out of a basement with little or no inventory and no live help on the phone. Brighter Image™ has full time trained agents ready to answer any questions and help you with your order (over 90% of calls are answered within 15 seconds). We realize that, while the Internet makes ordering easy and efficient, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone if you need help.

YES! Studies from the Academy of General Dentistry, (AGD Impact, April 1998, p.23), during the past five years have proven the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process to be safe and effective. A small percentage of people may experience some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, which disappears once you stop using the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process or by decreasing the amount of time you use the Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process.

Brighter Image™ is the manufacturer of Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel. We specialize in manufactoring only competitive strength teeth whitening gel. Our Hi-Intensity Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is the most preferred by top models, actors, executives and athletes.

Our Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is a pure blend of 30% Hi-Intensity™ carbamide peroxide with no fillers or mixed blends designed to achieve the safest, fastest, most dramatic professional results in the least amount of days with the least amount of maintenance.

Our 30% Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is 40% stronger than used by most dentists. You will not find a finer Hi-Quality Professional Strength 30% Hi-Intensity™ whitening Gel.

Generally we try to ship your impression system the following day. All systems are shipped USPS First Class Priority Mail, and depending on your location, delivery usually takes 1-3 business days. You’ll have as much time as you need to take your impressions, so there’s no need to rush, but just remember that we can’t start work on your new smile until we receive your usable impressions. Plan on the same 1-3 day window for returning shipping. Once we’ve received usable impressions, Standard Productions takes about 30 days, and our Smile Express takes about 14 – until we have a completed veneer. But please know that all of these times are estimates, and subject to change – and we do not guarantee delivery within any specific time frame.

For an easy to follow explanation of our process, watch this short video:

Click Here to watch this short video explanation of our process

Our Client Services Representatives are trained to ask questions to find out the specific cause of any fit issues. They are educated on usual problem areas and can usually determine the exact cause of any fit issue within the span of a brief phone call.

We ask that our clients have the same level of commitment when requesting a remake due to fit issues, disclosing all known corrective areas by making notes, taking photos, and shooting video footage if necessary. The more information our design lab receives, the closer they will come to creating the one fit for your smile!

The dental lab does everything in their power to ensure that your veneers are a perfect snap fit before we ship them. However, 12 to 15 percent of our work does have to be adjusted. In these cases, a new model is made from the impressions, and the process is started over at no additional charge. This gives you the chance to re-send additional impressions, photos, videos, notes, and suggestions to our design lab to assist in getting the correct fit for your teeth – all at no additional cost to you!

The veneers really should be removed at night, and we recommend putting them in a denture soak (any generic brand will do). We don’t advise eating any challenging foods, i.e, tough meats, harder breads –like bagels or baguettes. And if you do eat in the veneers, we recommend you rinse them thoroughly afterward. We’d also suggest keeping your Veneers in the protective case any time you aren’t wearing them – and always remember that this is purely cosmetic and is not intended to replace the function of your real teeth.

Click here for video answer to how long does it take to make the veneers

We have two processes. We have an express that’s 15 days from the date we receive usable impressions. However, because every impression has an individual set of challenges, some of those are replaced with one designer, some have a different level designer. Some have what we call a case consult where a couple of us get together and say what happened.

So we tell everybody 30 days. We do them in batches. That’s how we make them affordable. The 3d Printers takes the same time to do one tooth as they do a plate. We can do 24 sets of what we call full arch removable veneers in the same time to do one, so we do them in batches.

But the majority of clients who come to us are seeing 30 days guaranteed, 15 days guaranteed, and if they do 30 we’re seeing them go out in 21 days. That was one of the challenges when we first got started. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and when we first got started, we tried to put disclaimers, but people were only concerned about 30 days.

Brighter Image™ offers a no questions asked 100% results satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your teeth whitening results all you have to do is simply return the DURABRITE™ Custom Fitted Teeth Whitening Trays within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund for every cent. We want you to be able to trust our Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service and be completely satisfied with your Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Results.

Yes, we sell Hi-Intensity™, Competitive Strength Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel separately in various quantities (please click the order now button below for more details). This is the same Hi-Intensity™ Teeth Whitening Gel that is sold in our complete Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Systems and professional dental offices. It can be used with any dental tray in the same way as your previous teeth whitening gel.