Click here for video answer to so you don't have any locations where I can come in for an appointment

Absolutely not.

Everything we do is done through the website. What happens is almost everybody starts out with a search. You gotta realize, we knew that the search was the way for us to grow because we knew that either something was wrong, something was happening, and there’s never been a better time to talk to somebody than when they are searching.

It’s the best way for us to have a solution oriented conversation that didn’t involve dental treatment. That didn’t involve dentistry. My fear with that before is that if we open up stores or we get close to what doctors are doing, you get back to dentistry, dentistry, dentistry.

For the first time we wanted to say no dentistry, and we only wanted to deal initially with people who were a challenge, who were trying to solve an alternative to a challenge. We think that online is the best way for us to have an arms-length transaction, to be designers, to use technology, and innovation.