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We have two processes. We have an express that’s 15 days from the date we receive usable impressions. However, because every impression has an individual set of challenges, some of those are replaced with one designer, some have a different level designer. Some have what we call a case consult where a couple of us get together and say what happened.

So we tell everybody 30 days. We do them in batches. That’s how we make them affordable. The 3d Printers takes the same time to do one tooth as they do a plate. We can do 24 sets of what we call full arch removable veneers in the same time to do one, so we do them in batches.

But the majority of clients who come to us are seeing 30 days guaranteed, 15 days guaranteed, and if they do 30 we’re seeing them go out in 21 days. That was one of the challenges when we first got started. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and when we first got started, we tried to put disclaimers, but people were only concerned about 30 days.