Click here for video answer to do you do any work outside the US

We do a lot of US work, but I would say 40% our business is non-US based.

It’s growing to the point that it’s not equal. We actually shut advertising off and we blocked ourselves from certain countries in order to not get an inherited amount. UK, Australia, Canada is on our schedule daily. We want to be sensitive about how we’re dealing with it.

We just now got some contracts from DHL and FedEx that guarantees that if we take a foreign account form Canada, or from the UK, or Australia, or Ireland or any of the countries around there, we can get a 5 day delivery, either way.

All we try to do is be super sensitive and try go get people who are sober on both sides of the phone. We’re not excited about getting accounts/cases that we can’t mature, and we don’t want anyone getting excited about a case that’s going to have some complication.

One of the commitments that we had was to never drop below what we would consider 100% every time. Everything that we do is 100%, so that’s why we’re real careful about going after other countries.

I have to tell you that I’ve never been more appreciated in the UK. I’ve never been more appreciated in Australia. I’ve never been more appreciated in Ireland. The work that we do for those people is so profound.

Every day we are getting a “thank you” letter, and I can’t remember being in a business, knowing of a business where people would actually give you money, stop, send you pictures and a “thank you” card, and a letter that says, “I want to appreciate what you’ve done for me, you don’t know what you did.”