What all is involved in making Custom Made Veneers?

Trey Murruy

When you asked us to improve your smile, really, what you’ve asked us to do is go to work and create a new redesign over your existing smile. You have purchased custom design time & a lab process to make you a custom veneer that fits only your smile. Every job requires re-designing your smile in 3D, using high quality materials to build your custom made veneer, and a unique delivery method for your removable veneer. Explaining the process helps it all make sense.

The following is the average time spent making a custom made veneer. When you purchased Removable Veneers, you’ve actually paid for: 3D Design Time, 3D Processing, Lab Costs, & Account Supervision*:

  • 3 Hours spent designing your veneers in 3D CAD Software.
  • 11 Hours spent printing your custom veneers on a 3D Printer.
  • 7 Hours spent in the lab processing & crafting your veneers.
  • 7 Hours spent in the lab fitting and polishing your veneers.
  • 3 Hours of time spent on data entry and customer service.

Throughout each step of the process your account status supervisor tracks the status of your custom made veneer and ensures quality controls are met or exceeded and that your custom veneer is shipped as soon as it is ready.

It takes up to a 15 member crew to design, process, and deliver each custom made veneer. This explains why once we begin, there are NO CASH REFUNDS. The alternative is to work with us as we remake your veneers up to three (3) times.

* Amounts of time listed are average for one cycle of the process. Amounts listed do not necessarily reflect actual time spent on your veneer.