Our veneers are great for people who are missing teeth. The veneer will wrap around your remaining teeth like a shell, and where you’re missing teeth, it will be solid – in the shape of a tooth. Giving you a full, and uniform smile.

Each veneer needs a minimum or 4 teeth in order to hold in place properly, but we really prefer at least 6. With less than that, we have difficulty anchoring the veneer properly and creating a perfect fit becomes a problem. This page explains a little more in depth: https://brighterimagelab.com/am-i-eligible-for-brighter-image-lab/

Press On Veneers and BIL Veneers are specifically designed as cosmetic contrivances. Their sole purpose is to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile. When missing, broken, or chipped teeth are involved, our veneers only replace the appearance of these smile issues. If you have a need that exceeds the appearance of your smile, you may not be a suitable candidate for the Press On Veneers or BIL Veneers contrivances, as it is not suitable for any other use. We are design lab professionals, not dentists.