Click here for video answer to what holds the veneer in place

Well I mentioned that before, the design of the veneer is creative. We had the same concerns when we got started. Now what’s happened is because we’re able to design in microns, remember we’re slicing nail polish. We make a decision based on every smile as to where the curvature of the tooth is. If you were to take the design of your tooth, they always arch more narrow at the top than they do at the bottom, and with that is you have the curve and you have a resin that’s flexible, it pushes on and it holds. This resin holds its position for years, and it really never changes.

Because it’s thin, and because it’s strong, and because it’s flexible, you have the arch of the tooth, you have the arch of the mouth, and you have the curvature of the tooth, all of those. Plus you have the natural suction of the tooth. We used to think that they would be too loose, and that was our concern was that we couldn’t get into it. We always tell them that we always design 100%, not 99, not 101. We’re now perfect, and that design is designed to fit the curvature of that tooth, the arch of that tooth, and the gumline of that tooth and it will hold.