Making impressions isn’t hard, but it is new for most people. We understand that you may not get it perfect on the first try, so we send enough material to take 3 impressions per arch. That was you’ll have a few tries to get it right. And in addition to the printed instructions, we have multiple videos on our website that show the impression process from start to finish. If you read the instructions, watch the videos, and you’re still nervous, you can call me when you’re ready and I can stay on the phone and walk you through it. We’ve literally helped tens of thousands of people take their own impressions, so there’s no reason you can’t do it to.

Click here for video instructions on how to make your impressions

If you have advanced gum disease, very loose teeth, infection or swelling, or any other condition that might prevent you from making impressions of your teeth, we ask that you please consult with your dentist, prior to using our impression system.