Once you place your custom order, we begin creating your custom dental veneers. Once this process begins, we cannot re-use the materials applied to your custom order. It is for this reason that we do not offer any “change of mind” warranty.

We do all we can to avoid clients with unreasonable expectations, the majority of clients who change their mind do so because they are unhappy with the results of the first veneer they receive. Our limited warranty does cover up to two (2) remakes. You can rest assured that we do not intend to leave any client unsatisfied wherever possible, but it is possible!

  • Three common reasons for client dissatisfaction:
  • Client doesn’t like the look of the veneers
  • Client feels the veneers are too think or bulky
  • Client feels the veneers are hard to get used to

We are designers, not dentists. You supply the impressions that insures your fit. We take the job from there to complete you a custom finished veneer. However, because we never see our clients’ teeth before the impressions are received, we take on the task of designing our best design work for the existing impression.

Change Mind Client

This client changed her mind after receiving her veneer. She told us because she was unhappy, she decided to go to the dentist instead. We have gone through great expense to deliver veneers, and we feel the veneers she received look good enough to justify the work. Her refund request was therefore denied, and she was requested to continue the process of remaking the veneer.

A considerable effort is made to ensure that every client wants Press On Veneers or BIL Veneers before ordering. We encourage everyone to talk to our smile representatives by providing contact information in various locations on the website. Please ensure that you are fully committed to our process before you order, including allowing us to remake your veneer up to two (2) times after receiving the initial veneers from us.