Becoming Our Client requires your full commitment

At anytime we work on 250 to 300 live cases that need our help. When you order Press On Veneers or BIL Veneers, you commit to a new smile redesign. As soon as your order is placed, our entire team of designers, lab technicians, and client service representatives begin working on your removable veneers. An account supervisor is assigned and will ensure your removable dental veneer is completed to our highest standards.

  • 85% of our clients are successfully completed on the first try
  • 15% of clients require adjustments or a complete redesign

For the reasons mentioned above, please consider, once we process your order there are NO CANCELLATIONS & NO CASH REFUNDS. Working together is required for complete satisfaction.

  • By becoming our client, you agree to commit to the following:
  • Making, or even remaking a usable impression if needed.
  • Waiting 30 business days or more* to receive your veneers.
  • Sending the veneers back to our design lab**.
  • To sending pictures to aid in the design of your veneers.

In short – just be willing to work with us until you are satisfied and the job is completed

* Cases designated as ‘sensitive’ may require more than 30 business days to complete the order.
** 15% of cases require veneers to be sent back for adjustment or redesign. Should your veneers require adjustment or redesign, please include additional pictures and notes detailing what needs to be done to make the veneers fit your smile.