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Let me tell you a couple of things about pricing. First of all, [the veneers] started out about $1000, and now they’re down to around $750… and we’d do them for less if we could. But let me talk to you a little more about pricing. Not only did we make them $750 (if that’s an average) but we also made it so that people could pay half down. Our goal is to make sure that anybody who needs one, can call us and say “I don’t have the money, but I want to get started, but it’s a real interest. I’m truly, sincerely, genuinely interested.”

And then we have what’s called a Smile Away program. Now it’s not layaway – it’s Smile Away – because we actually start on it. Once we start on it, they pay $149 down and then they make payments until it’s paid for. So what’s happened is, you take these people who say “I don’t have a choice, there’s just no reason, there’s no way” and we say “Let’s put them on the board. Let’s work with them, let’s get it designed, let’s so if we can process it.

So these are the things we got started with. The challenges that we had was to make sure that the prices didn’t get away [from us]. We didn’t want to get into an arena where everyone was doing everything that the market could bare. All we really wanted to do was ensure we had the ability to, fundamentally, be a strong company.

*Our Smile Away program has been replaced with a financing program that offers the same, low $149 down payment with 0% Interest and 100% approval.*

If you are concerned because you do not have a checking account or credit card, we also accept payment by Wire Transfer. You can find the details by clicking on the following image:

Wire Transfer Details