Our Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Process is a simple 4 step teeth whitening process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel. Start by placing your order online. Then Step 1, we express you our Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening System by courier. Then Step 2, Open our system and read the four point instructions to properly bite down on our impression trays. Step 3, After successfully taking your impressions you return them to our dental lab (we provide the postage paid envelope) where we then fabricate your Custom Fitted DURABRITE™ Bleaching Trays – made the same way we do for cosmetic dentists – Then Step 4, we express your Custom Fitted DURABRITE™ Bleaching Trays back to you usually with in 24 hours. IT’S THAT EASY!! Now you have received the exact custom fitted Bleaching Trays and have the finest quality Hi-Intensity™ Competitive Strength Teeth Whitening Gel without paying a dentist. Lab Direct™ saves you 100’s, it’s that easy.