What made you passionate about smile enhancement?

Trey Murruy

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I can’t say it enough. The #1 thing that I need to rant on for a bit is that when these people are handed a 5, 10, 15 thousand dollar dental treatment, it’s paralyzing, and that paralyzing is shame.

It’s class warfare to say I don’t have the empathy to find a way to give you something until you can move forward. I think it’s shameful, because all she needs is 3 years, 24 months, 36 months. If she gets a job, she gets her credit together, she can get a loan.

I promise you the majority of people who buy a removable dental veneer will not stop there. In 3 years, in 4 years, they’ll want to see themselves with perfect teeth, but right now they want to see themselves with a perfect smile.

If you were to take the shame she deals with on a daily basis, it’s equivalent to losing your pants, and if she’d lost her pants, everybody in two seconds would be moving to find a tablecloth. Somebody would hand her a jacket. Somebody would give her a ride home and somebody would be nudging somebody else to cut her a check so that she has clothes.

The shame that she has to deal with on a daily basis would be met in 2.5 seconds if it was anything but her smile.