It’s pretty simple – volume, low overhead, and a focus on Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening


The average dentist usually sees only a few teeth whitening customers every day. The typical dentist usually has to save up orders for a few days or even a couple of weeks in order to get any quantity discounts from a dental lab. That’s probably why you have waited for custom fitted teeth whitening trays in the past. Not because the custom fitted teeth whitening trays take a long time to process, but because the dentists are waiting to combine some orders and get a lower price. Brighter Image™’s Lab processes all our handmade DURABRITE™ Custom Fitted Whitening Trays every day. We don’t wait around to process your DURABRITE™ Custom Fitted Teeth Whitening Trays. We have our dental lab working around the clock.

Low overhead:

It would take more than 500 dentists offices to sell as many teeth whitening systems as Brighter Image™ Lab to make enough money to sell our Lab Direct Teeth Whitening System at the same price we do…Rent, payroll, and equipment maintenance isn’t cheap and someone has to pay for it. Until now, that someone was you.

Focus on Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening:

We are a Professional Teeth Whitening Company. We don’t sell cheap Do-It-Yourself Kits or Boil-and-Bite kits or anything less than only the finest most professional teeth whitening service. We are focused on having the highest quality teeth whitening system possible. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to have your Teeth Professionally Whitened – by phone, mail, fax or the Internet. Lab Direct™, No dentist visit.