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Don’t Stop Snoring- Prevent it from happening in the first place with Rebil™ APM

You don’t want to snore – SO DON’T…It’s common sense. The average person knows that he or she is snoring. What they may not know is why. When we fall asleep our head and neck muscles relax, and for some people, it causes excess blockage of airflow to the person’s lungs…this is the most simple explanation of Snoring…The simple solution is to find the right device/contrivance to prevent the blockage of airflow before you go to sleep.

Introducing Rebil™ APM (Adjustable Position Mouthpiece). Rebil™ APM is an alternative to the OVERPRICED solutions offered by doctors or dentists. And it’s a much more realistic option than expensive sleep tests and sleep apnea devices – considering many people may not even need them in the first place…

The average client (with or without dental insurance) can be forced to pay for initial doctor visits only to be referred to a sleep specialist (which cost more money). Then expensive sleep tests, and finally asked to buy an anti-snoring device (which generally cost between $1500 to $5000). We think that’s CRAZY! The average person doesn’t need thousands of dollars in exams, tests, and prescription devices to be told they have a snoring problem. What they need is a good night’s sleep – and the average person can do that by removing restrictions to their airflow – with a simple, affordable custom device.

Rebil APM Snore Guard from Brighter Image Lab is digitally designed to fit you

Oral Contrivance

Custom oral contrivances can be a perfect solution for mild to moderate snoring and other more serious sleep conditions. Each Rebil™ APM is individually fabricated for the client, and yet, still available Lab Direct with No Dentist Visit.

The Rebil™ APM works in several ways:

  • Moves the tongue upward, forward, and clear of the airway
  • Opens the airway by advancing the jaw (mandible) forward
  • The Airway does not narrow or collapse during sleep
  • Tongue and jaw are stabilized so they don’t fall back
  • The vibration is alleviated that causes snoring

Lab Direct custom sleep contrivances require at home dental impressions. We will be able to fit a model based on impressions you supply. Click here to order now.

Brighter Image Lab client wearing Rebil APM Snore Guard
Closeup of a Brighter Image Lab client wearing Rebil APM Snore Guard
Side view of a Brighter Image Lab client wearing Rebil APM Snore Guard

Learn More about Snoring

Up to 50% of the adult population suffers from snoring. So chances are you, your partner, or a family member suffer from to poor quality sleep due to snoring. Even though snoring may be harmless, and the inability to sleep can sometimes be due to poor habits, these symptoms may be signs of a more serious sleep condition.

Snoring is due to reduced air movement caused by vibration of structures in your airway (usually the soft palate or uvula) – like when a flag is flapping in a strong breeze. Chronic snoring may progress or could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Rebil APM Snore Guard 360 degree animation

Better Sleep…Better Life!

Our Rebil™ APM was created to help you get your life back! If you snore, you may not even realize the toll it’s taking on both you and your loved ones. After a few days of using our oral sleep contrivance, it will be noticable what you have been missing for so long:

  • Works for women and men!
  • No more sleepless nights!
  • Small, flexible and low profile
  • Wake up refreshed and revitalized
  • Increase your energy through proper sleep
  • Enjoy the health benefits of quality sleep

Most patients prefer oral contrivance therapy to other options because they are:

  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to travel with
  • Don’t require electricity
  • Fit entirely inside the mouth
  • Small, convenient and easy to wear
  • Allow wearers to change sleep positions
  • Quiet and don’t interrupt/disturb bed partners
  • All while providing a possible solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
Rebil APM Snore Guard uses bands to create an adjustable position

2 Step Comfort System

Our Rebil™ APM provides 2 unique mouthpieces designed to help stop snoring comfortably and effectively. Some clients just need a short advancement, while others may need a little more. Our sleep contrivance provides a dentist-free solution to help you and your family get the quiet, restful sleep you deserve. Both men AND women report our design works from the very first night!

Closeup of Rebil APM Snore Guard bands

Our Oral Contrivance Technology

The mouthpiece has stretchable connectors you place to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to aid relaxation and making it adaptable to the way you sleep. Imagine being able to sleep comfortably throughout the night no matter how you are positioned or whether your mouth is open or closed. Our technology is unique to the Rebil™ APM and holds it in place to create the perfect fit WITHOUT boiling, molding, or hassle!

Custom Fitted To You

Our process uses our proven, at-home impression system. After watching a short video, you’ll follow our easy step-by-step instructions and take your impressions using the materials provided. Then, send those to our lab and receive your custom fit Rebil™ APM a short time later. When it arrives you only have to put it in your mouth and go to sleep. The goal is to make sure you and your loved one get a great night’s sleep – easily and hassle free.

Closeup of Riser on Rebil APM Snore Guard from Brighter Image Lab

BIL created the Rebil™ APM as simple, fast and effective solution to prevent snoring before it starts. It works by preventing the airway from being excessively collapsed and protects breathing which can prevent sleep disruption related to snoring. The Rebil’s™ adjustable position holds the lower jaw forward so that it does not fall closed during the night and cause the airway to collapse. The unique design allows our clients to “fine-tune” the adjustment position, at home – with no dentist or doctors, to achieve their own maximum results. The Rebil™ APM has a terrific success rate and is the simplest and smartest solution to a quiet night’s restful sleep

Dentists charge $1,500 to $5,000 for snore solutions like these

Clients can go bankrupt between the time and money spent on sleep tests, dentist visits, and various snore solutions. We saw a need to produce a snore guard that could stop snoring without all of the costly sleep tests and dentist visits. Why spend 3 to 5 times more on a possible snore solution when the answer is not a dental appliance, but a simple self-adjustable product specifically designed to prevent snoring?

Dentists charge $1,500 to $5,000 for snore solutions like these

Rebil™ APM – Try IT First Approach – Before you pay a dentist or a Medical Specialist $1000s, try this first. If it’s not the full solution, then you’ll know you need to seek help from a medically trained specialist who can then recommend surgeries, flow masks, or medications. Most clients choose us because they aren’t ready to see a doctor, or believe they would end up with a similar device that cost 3 to 4 times as much.

Our Innovation, Design, and Technology has made this possible. Our 4 Step Lab Direct Process is designed to replace the need for a dentist visit and save you 70%. Our Lab Process will provide you a set of Custom Fitted Rebil™ (APM) Snore Prevention Trays for only $795 for a complete set! Nothing has been proven to help you prevent snoring better. We absolutely guarantee it!

Why It Works

Our oral sleep contrivance is designed to help you stop snoring in a fast and easy-to-use manner. It’s important to understand why it works in order to understand its effectiveness.

Cause of Snoring

Snoring is the result of the natural relaxation of the lower jaw and its surrounding tissue while you sleep. Due to this relaxation, your tongue falls back towards your throat, causing a narrowing of the airway. The vibration of the air over the tissue as it tries to travel through this restricted path causes the agitating sound we all have come to know as snoring.

In the U.S. alone, over 90 million people are affected by this common ailment which causes them sleeplessness and suffering for their loved ones.

Lab Direct Solution

The Rebil™ APM addresses the problem of snoring by comfortably bringing the jaw forward. Our contrivance opens up the airway in the back of the throat and allows air to pass through freely by preventing the jaw from falling back. This prevents the harsh vibration causing the annoying snoring noise.

This thin yet surprisingly strong mouthpiece was designed by a design lab through countless hours of research and development. Crafted to be comfortable, easy to use, and enable freedom of jaw movement, our oral sleep contrivance allows you to sleep with your mouth open or closed.

Diagram for cause of snoring
Diagram for snore solution

Lab Direct - No Dentist Visit - All Online

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Rebil™ APM System

The Rebil™ APM is a proven dental lab direct treatment solution for both snoring and sleep apnea. It works by keeping the airway open and improves breathing while sleeping. Rebil™ adjustable position holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not fall open during the night and cause the airway to collapse.

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