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We’ve seen an increase in the amount of companies trying to compete bringing inferior products to market. Compare features, read reviews, and hear testimonials from real clients of some of those companies and find out why we believe Brighter Image Lab has products that are in a class all its own.

BIL Financing client Madison Q

New Dental Veneers for Gapped Teeth Incredible Instant Fix

Colby Watson

Many people have perfectly healthy teeth, but are distressed by the natural spacing of their teeth. There are cosmetic dental treatments for gapped teeth such as braces, Invisalign, and permanent dentures. 

But these options are expensive, painful, and sometimes take years to correct your teeth. Many have resigned themselves to living with a gapped smile because they don’t know there is an instant affordable solution.

 Brighter Image Lab has been the leader in affordable smile solutions for years, but what can we do for people with gapped teeth?

Meet Madison.

Growing up, Madison never thought much about how her smile looked. Her teeth came in without complications, and she has never needed work done by a dentist. But as she got older, she realized her gapped teeth made her appear childish.

Madison is now a young woman working to build the foundations for her future. The last thing she wants to worry about is her smile delaying her career or romantic life.

Like many who are insecure about their gapped teeth, Madison learned how to hide her true smile. She covered it up to avoid seeing the gaps in her mouth.

In a previous vlog, Madison had worked with Bil to demonstrate our easy to use impression system. Wanting to showcase how Brighter Image Lab dental veneers can fix a variety of smiles, Bil brought Madison back to the studio for a smile makeover.

The Solution to Gapped Teeth

Made with our Lab Direct system, Brighter Image Lab is able to provide a better smile to those with gapped teeth and uneven spacing with our custom dental veneers.

Our dental veneers fit over existing teeth to fill in the gaps left by natural growth. The veneers are hand polished and detailed, giving you the appearance of expensive, cosmetic dental work.

Madison was a little nervous at first to try her new smile, but after snapping the dental veneers into place her whole world changes.

Now Madison’s smile is more mature and appropriate for a vibrant young woman. She doesn’t have to worry about people judging her for her smile.

“And you know what about my original smile? This side of my face [her left side] was always more spaced out, and I hated that. I hated this side of my face. This was my good side. [pointing to her right side] This is crazy.”

She wasn’t the only one impressed. Even Bil, who’s helped thousands of people, was shocked by the change.

“Look how good this is. Like, I’m touching them because I don’t… I don’t believe it, you know? It’s cool though… My number one fallout was my teeth.” She told Bil.

Madison isn’t the only one out there struggling with gapped teeth. She’s also not the only young adult who could benefit from a smile solution from Brighter Image Lab. Teens, college students, and young professionals who don’t have the money for expensive cosmetic dental work can use our dental veneers.

gapped teeth

Don’t let gapped teeth delay your career or love life. With Brighter Image lab, anyone can have a better smile. So how can you get yours?

A Fix for Many Kinds of Smiles

Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers are for more than just broken smiles. Many young professionals like Madison struggle with their self-image when it comes to their gapped teeth, and are unable to afford the costly trip to a cosmetic dentist to have those gaps filled.

Now you can skip the dentist altogether. Our Lab Direct system allows you to order your veneers anywhere!

For those who’s smile isn’t bad enough to need work, but still causes you distress, Brighter Image Lab could be the solution for you.

More From Us

We now offer financing on all our dental veneers! All credit is accepted, just apply here!

Do you have gapped teeth and want to be in our next vlog post? Submit your story and your photos here for the chance to meet Bil and be in our next video!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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smile makeover

Incredible Life Changing Smile Makeover in Florida

Colby Watson

A Smile Makeover and New Hope for a Young Mom

In this vlog our Smile Design team reached out to a young mom for a smile makeover, watch the video below to see her smile transformation!

Warning: This post contains mentions of domestic violence. If you or someone you know suffers from domestic abuse please call 1.800.799.SAFE.

Restarting your life after getting out of a bad relationship can be difficult, especially when you’re left permanently disfigured. 

Nearly 5 million acts of domestic violence happen annually and will affect 1 in 4 women in their lifetimes. Roughly 40% of victims never contact the police, and most injuries sustained by victims of abuse tend to be around the neck, face, and head. While many women are able to recover, some are left with permanent scars and broken smiles.

So how do you move on when your teeth have been knocked out, reminding you every day of your traumatic experience?

The Sunshine State

Traveling all the way to sunny, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Bil Watson continues his mission to provide a better smile for those who can’t afford expensive cosmetic dentistry.

As the founder and Director of Brighter Image Lab, Bil has worked diligently to disrupt the cosmetic dentist industry with his Lab Direct technology. Now, people can get confidence back in their smile without breaking the bank.

Today he gives a smile makeover to a Florida mom in need.

Meet Ashley.

Ashley has lived with a broken smile for many years. As a victim of domestic abuse, her missing teeth are a reminder of a time in her life she’d love to heal from. She’s found great strength in her children, and a healthy new marriage, but searching for an affordable option to fix her smile has been next to impossible.

smile makeover

She was quoted $30,000 to get her teeth fixed by a cosmetic dentist, way beyond her budget as a working mom trying to find her feet again.

Having to restart your life is difficult enough, but now Ashley faces the discrimination and judgement that comes with having a bad smile. Employers are less likely to hire someone with bad teeth, and romantic partners avoid people with a bad smile altogether.

Victim of domestic violence? Share your photos and story to find out what we can do for you!

Thankfully, Ashley has been married to a decent man for over two years. One that has worked hard to try and help her find an affordable smile solution, and ended up nominating her for the Brighter Image Lab smile makeover.

She’s not afraid to show her smile to Bil, but it’s easy to tell smiling is something she tries to avoid.

Before meeting the Brighter Image Lab director, Ashley used a wax tooth to fill the gap in her smile. But wax teeth are hard to shape, giving them a bulky and uncomfortable fit, and the discoloration is hard to miss.

Bil asks Ashley to smile once more, and it’s clear doing so causes her great emotional distress. Her self-esteem is still healing from an event that happened years ago. 

What she’s hoping for is a miracle, one Bil is happy to provide.

Stunning Smile Makeover

The new dental veneers immediately capture Ashley’s attention as Bil pulls them out. Her eyes are hopeful, and she’s eager to see the results of our company’s Lab Direct process.

The change is immediate.

Once a shy and reserved mom, Ashley’s new smile lights up the room, and the years of fighting her self-image begin to fade away. One glance at herself in the mirror and Ashley can no longer contain her emotions.

smile makeover

No longer will she have to hide her smile, or fear being judged and discriminated against for having a bad one. She can now experience all the wonderful benefits smiling can offer, both physically and mentally.

“Thank you Bil, and thank you Brighter Image Lab team. I am so grateful for everything y’all have done.” Ashley says in a video testimony she shared with us after leaving her meeting with Bil. “You let me talk about what I’ve gone through, and hopefully other women will see this and say ‘Hey, I can do this too!'”

smile makeover

Ashley continues to share her excitement and satisfaction with her new smile. She no longer feels self-conscious about appearing in photos with her family and friends. Years of trying to pick up the pieces of her life made easier with a little help from Bil and her new smile makeover.

Getting a Better Smile

Domestic violence victims like Ashley no longer have to worry about the damage to their smile left by abusers, or the high cost of cosmetic dental work. 

Brighter Image Lab is able to provide high quality dental veneers at our lab direct pricing, meaning you won’t have to take out a loan for a better smile. And we can do it for under $1,000.

So how can you get yours?

Check out our free smile analysis quiz to see if we’re right for you.

We now offer financing through our website. All credit is approved. You can apply here.

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missing teeth

Missing Teeth to Epic Knock Out Smile

Colby Watson

The Longhorn and the Boxer

Athletes all over the world have faced injuries related to their chosen field. For some, it means the end of their career. For others, like the athlete in this story, missing teeth became an obstacle in his every day life. How far would you go to fix a smile you broke while participating in a sport?

Bil Watson, founder and director of Brighter Image Lab, has been traveling the country to share his unique and affordable smile solution. He’s changed many lives since he started his company, combating bloated cosmetic dentist prices with his Lab Direct system, and hopes that this time that he can change a life a little closer to home.

Don’t break the bank trying to fix your smile.

Today he visits an old friend at a boxing gym in Fort Worth, Texas. Located not far from Brighter Image Lab Headquarters, Bil’s team hopes to capture the hope a new smile can give.

Meet Robert.

Robert is a former National Boxing Champion. Once king of the ring, he now works as a coach to train the up-and-coming fighters who could one day title just like him. But since losing his teeth to the sport, this great champion now struggles with self-image, and a job market that doesn’t look favorably on those with bad teeth.

Bil has known Robert for more than forty years. Having been a boxer in his own youth, the pair grew up in the gym together. And after a number of years going their separate ways, the two friends reconnected. Noticing Robert no longer smiles as brightly as he had when they were younger, Bil decided put his company to the test.

The Former Champ

Outside the Ring

Robert works at a local Fort Worth boxing gym that’s alive with young fighters training for their time in the spotlight. He works hard to train the boxers of tomorrow in this fast paced and rough environment, but it’s what Robert calls home.

Photos line the gym walls of young athletes who’ve tested their mettle in the ring, and a few contain a vibrant, youthful version of Robert. The contrast with Robert today is stark. Despite being comfortable in the gym, he doesn’t seem at ease with his own self-image. Bil points to a photo of Robert holding a golden trophy with the rest of his team. His younger self smiling with pride in his accomplishment. 

“He always thought he was funny. Always thought he was somebody,” Robert commented, recalling his childhood in the gym.

Since his retirement, Robert has faced many difficulties due to his career in Boxing. While a sport of strategy, power, and finesse, it can leave it’s players with permanent scars. It’s been reported that 45% of most boxing injuries are to the head, with about 5% of head injuries damaging the jaw and teeth. Robert is among that percentage, and lost his smile during his career.

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice about us, and people were quick to take note of Robert’s despite his impressive career history. Bad teeth keeps employers from hiring a person and narrows the pool for potential romantic partners.  Instead of being the face of the boxing gym, Robert is resigned to coaching from behind the scenes.

He hardly smiles at all now, preferring a closed mouth grin to hide his broken teeth.

He tried to seek dental work to save a missing tooth once. According to Robert, he ended up losing the tooth because the dentist left a hole after removing an abscess. This caused him to give up on dentists altogether, and stop taking care of his teeth. His broken smile clearly taking a great tole on his self-esteem.

This isn’t surprising, as there are many stories of cosmetic dentists not taking proper care of their patients. In fact, we receive numerous calls every week with stories like Robert’s. Many who, like Robert, are tired of hiding their smile and feel helpless to do anything about it.

This is where Brighter Image Lab steps into the ring, ready to fight for a better quality of life by giving Robert a smile makeover.

Missing Teeth to New Smile

Using our specialized, Lab Direct system, Bil was able to create a new, custom smile for the former Champ. Our dental veneers are hand polished and detailed and we are told by some clients that they are better than the quality cosmetic dentists sell.

An unsure Robert pops his new smile into place, and within minutes we watch him break out of the walls he built to hide his missing teeth. His once broken smile now complete, and the brilliant white, new dental veneers shine in the gym lights.

There’s a happiness and relief in Robert’s eyes, despite his reserved attitude, as he gets to see his new smile for the first time. He’s not used to seeing himself with straight, polished teeth, and has to fight the habit he’s built from years of insecurity to show it off. “I gotta get used to it, you know?… It’s hard.” Robert tells Bil as he encourages him to come out of his shell. “I mean, I mean I like it… Man, I’m not used to smiling this hard.”

With the help of our dental veneers, Robert no longer has to look back at the photos on the gym wall and wish for something he lost. Brighter Image Lab was able to restore his vibrant smile. He won’t be seen just as a retired boxer, but the Champion he’s always been.

Watch Robert’s Full Transformation

A Man Re-Invented

Now, he can pass that confidence on to the next generation, who no longer has to worry about paying for a Boxing career with their smile. Those with missing teeth now have options.

Many possibilities have opened up for Robert, and he no longer has to worry about his smile holding him back. “It’s a new look for me man. It’s a new life.” Now, instead of just sitting on the sidelines, Robert gets to be in the mix. Maybe one day we’ll hear about some of the top notch students winning championships from his own gym.

Bil and his team at Brighter Image Lab have been able to radically transform Robert’s life just by fixing his smile. And with your involvement, we can help you change your life with a better smile too.

Not Just for Missing Teeth: What We Can Do For You

Robert isn’t the only person who’s found himself embarrassed to smile due to broken or missing teeth. Odds are, you’re reading this looking for a solution yourself.

Cosmetic dentistry is expensive, and traditional veneers are often bulky. A bad smile can lead to job discrimination, greater anxiety, and higher blood pressure. Robert lost a lot of confidence in himself when his teeth broke, and lost all hope when expensive cosmetic dentistry was unable to help him.

Thankfully, Brighter Image Lab has come up with a solution for missing teeth that has been disrupting the expensive cosmetic dentist industry for years. Using our Lab Direct technology, we have been able to provide a cheaper smile alternative, and not just for those with a love of contact sports. Our dental veneers are for anyone looking to improve their smile, and get their life back from broken and missing teeth. We helped Robert get his life back, and we can help you too.

So how do you get started?

  •  First, check out our articles on how a better smile can positively affect your life.
  • Second, try our free smile analysis quiz to see if we could be a fit for you
  • Lastly, watch our other videos! We have many stories from clients just like Robert, and the magic we worked in fixing their smile.
PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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PopOn Veneers Vs PressOn Veneers The Truth Revealed

Kristy Henderson


If you’re in the market for dental veneers, there are many options to choose from. As with any product, some are better than others and some claim to be amazing when they’re actually just a cheap imitation.

In this article, we will discuss a new company called PopOn Smiles, their “veneers” and how they compare to Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers.

PopOn Smiles

PopOn Smiles was trademarked in June 2020 by a man named Issac Hakimi, who has operated Streamline Dental Lab in New York City since 2006. Less than one month prior to securing the trademark, a domain was registered for the PopOn Veneers website. At the time of writing this article, the site is selling removable veneers for $399 per arch.

The PopOn Veneers website is contributed to a woman exclusively referred to as “Dr. T.” The website offers virtually ZERO information about Dr. T that could reveal her true identity, which has likely made clients suspicious as to what the company may be hiding.


When you have something to hide, nothing helps more than a convincing distraction. An emotional story, for example, has the power to entice and manipulate the audience by appealing to their emotions and distracting them from missing or manipulated information. The PopOn Veneers website features an emotional story about Dr. T that has likely distracted clients from searching for her real identity.

At first glance, the PopOn Veneers website seems convincing, but when you look a little closer, the veil is lifted and the user is left with a single question: What is PopOn Smiles hiding?

While conducting our research, we were faced with the same question, so we went digging.

Who is Dr.T?

The search for Dr. T’s identity was a grueling one. With no information on the website and one letter of a name, we weren’t off to a great start.

Our research team exhausted all resources before turning to Facebook to search for associates of Issac Hakimi. To our surprise, we found that Dr. T wasn’t an associate at all, but Dr. Hakimi’s wife and the mother of his children. Her full identity is Dr. Tamar Schiller Hakimi, and it took multiple people and hours of research to find her. 

The average person doesn’t have hours to track down information that should be made readily available, and they shouldn’t have to. Dr. T’s identity should have been given from the start, but it wasn’t, and you have to ask yourself why. 

Many companies lie, manipulate, and hide information that’s valuable to the consumer. They also mislead clients as to how their products are made.

How are PopOn Veneers Made? 

If you’re suspicious of a product, the best thing you can do is find out how it’s made. More often than not, you’ll find the product you’re considering isn’t worth the investment.

In an article published by Inside Dental Technology, Dr. Issac Hakimi claims to use a process known as “milling” at Streamline Dental Lab.

Milling is a machining process that uses rotating, multi-edge cutters to mill a block of material, like zirconia into a desired shape. This process takes place inside an enclosed machine, and expels virtually no debris. Despite this, the PopOn Veneers website features photos of keyboards and desks that appear to be covered in dust from plaster, which is used to make molds intended for thermoforming (a cheap manufacturing technique).

At the time of writing this article, Streamline Dental Lab is looking to hire a thermoforming technician via Indeed. If the company is using a milling machine and digital design to make their “veneers”, there should be no need to hire a thermoforming technician. This may make you wonder: Are PopOn Veneers cheaply thermoformed?


Thermoforming vs. 3D Printing 

Many people make the mistake of assuming all dental veneers are made the same. If you’re in the market for a set of dental veneers, it’s important to know the different manufacturing processes and how they can affect your future smile.

While there are multiple ways of producing a dental veneer, thermoforming and 3D printing are two of the most popular techniques used today.

Thermoforming is an outdated manufacturing process and a cheap alternative to 3D printing. With thermoforming, a plastic sheet is heated, formed to the specific shape of a plaster mold and trimmed to create a usable product.

Because the plastic sheets used in thermoforming don’t come thinner than 0.5mm, removable veneers made by this method are sometimes bulky and unnatural looking. They often have poor surface finish, non-uniform thickness and are more prone to malfunctions, as improper thermoforming of plastic disks can cause cracks, breaks and sharp edges.


In contrast to the thermoforming process, 3D printing is a modern manufacturing technique that involves designing an object on the computer and sending instructions to a device that constructs the object layer by layer.


Previously reserved for prototypes, 3D printing now allows for the creation of very complex objects by faithfully reproducing every detail. 3D printers work quickly with increasing precision and customizability.

Dental contrivances made by using this technique are mechanically stronger and more elastic compared to those that are thermoformed. They have been shown to resist 6 times more pressure and produce a more accurate fit.

Any way you look at it, 3D printing is the superior technique. Some companies like Brighter Image Lab use advanced techniques like this on every removable veneer, while others use a cheap thermoforming process that can result in low-quality products.

Many companies who use thermoforming to cut corners aren’t upfront with their clients. In fact, many of them actively try to confuse consumers to get them to purchase an inferior product. For this reason, finding a company with experience can really pay off. Read on to find out how!

Imitation is NOT the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Removable veneers are a relatively new phenomenon in the realm of smile solutions, but some companies have been offering them for years. Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers, for example, were some of the first removable veneers available. Over the past 20 years, PressOn Veneers have become the leading removable veneers worldwide and have helped over 300,000 people transform their smile.

As with any great product, PressOn Veneers have been cheaply imitated numerous times. Other companies use Brighter Image Lab’s photos, videos and content as their own to mislead clients and make a profit. In turn, those clients receive a low-quality product instead of a perfect set of dental veneers. 

Most recently, a company called PopOn Smile has taken to the internet with a new product called PopOn Veneers. The product’s name, strikingly similar to PressOn Veneers, has likely mislead clients who are looking to order from Brighter Image Lab.

streamline dental lab

The PopOn Veneers website also features images similar to those used by Brighter Image Lab, which usually proves confusing for anyone trying to purchase PressOn Veneers.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes it can go too far. If you’ve seen their website, you may be wondering: Is PopOn Smiles trying to confuse the public?

Brighter Image Lab vs PressOn Smiles 

Over the years, Brighter Image Lab has been cheaply imitated countless times. New removable veneer companies pop up every day with a similar name and a website full of empty promises. One way you can be sure you don’t get taken advantage of is to go with a company that has experience in the industry.

Brighter Image Lab - Celebrating 20 Years in Business

With more than 20 years in the business, Brighter Image Lab has had its fair share of learning experiences. Being one of the first to navigate the dental veneer climate, they learned early on that people are hungry for information.

The company’s website and YouTube channel offer a wealth of information and archived customer reviews. Customer service representatives are also available 24 hours a day to answer questions and address concerns.

Brighter Image Lab understands the power of a great smile and the importance of sharing information. For this reason, they do not use thermoforming systems to make any of their removable veneers and share every step of their unique Lab Direct process on their website.

Unfortunately, not all companies understand the potential of a perfect smile and the value of information sharing. Instead, they cheaply imitate PressOn Veneers with poor material and ineffective techniques and hide  information from clients who just want to smile again.

As one of the newest removable veneer companies, PopOn Smiles has already committed to disabling comments for every one of its YouTube videos and neglecting to fully name its affiliates.

The amount of information pertaining to the company is also extremely limited. There are virtually no customer reviews that aren’t linked directly to the PopOn Veneers website and many of the ones made available are posted by the same people.

With only 7 months under their belt and limited public information, PopOn Smiles is leaving much to be desired in terms of experience and transparency. This lack of experience and information may even leave some clients wondering: Are PopOn Veneers worth it?


PopOn vs PressOn 

If you’re considering dental veneers, you’re probably wondering if they’re worth the investment. Some dental veneers have the potential to change your life and last for years while others tend to fail and disappoint. One way to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth is to compare your options! Here is a comparison between PopOn Veneers and PressOn Veneers:


If you go to the PopOn Veneers website and take their eligibility quiz, you will find that candidates are immediately denied if they have less than 6 teeth on the top or bottom arch, suffer from bleeding gums or recession, or have more than 4 missing teeth.

The company also warns against smoking while wearing their removable veneers, because “the heat can distort the shape.” This is interesting because the temperature of tobacco smoke in the mouth is only 86 degrees Fahrenheit for the most part, 12 degrees cooler than the average human body.

PopOn Veneers claims their veneers are made out of co-polyester, which is a plastic that reacts poorly to sunlight and turns yellow with too much exposure. This undesirable reaction can ruin a set of removable veneers that cost hundreds .

Despite the plastic material and undesirable reactions of PopOn Veneers, a set of top and bottom arches retail for almost $600.


Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers are available to virtually anyone and have less requirements than most competing brands. The only cases that are deemed ineligible right away are those with no existing teeth or dentures.

PressOn Veneers are digitally designed to compete with porcelain dental veneers and have the power to make your smile look as if it has been completely made over by a cosmetic dentist. They are truly one of a kind and made out of material that is safe and strong.

Each tailor-made PressOn Veneer is artisan hand-crafted and contoured for the most life-like results possible. The unique crystalized resin is designed for unmatched durability and customization and is able to be thinned when necessary without compromising the veneer (unlike cheap thermoformed material).

PressOn Veneers are one of the thinnest removable veneers available and one of the strongest ever made. They’ve been known to last over 5 years and hold up against the wear and tear of everyday life. They’re also affordable, with a low starting price of $795 per arch and 100% approval on financing.


If you’re considering removable veneers, the number one thing you can do is make sure they’re not thermoformed.

There are more advanced processes for making removable veneers which produce a superior product, and Brighter Image Lab uses one to make every single veneer.

Don’t be fooled by pop up companies trying to convince you to pay hundreds for a cheap product, like PopOn Veneers. PressOn Veneers are digitally designed and detailed by hand for a superior look and feel and have the power to transform your life in an instant.

Order yours today by clicking below!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

3 Affordable Snap On Smiles Alternatives

Bil Watson

Snap On Smiles Alternative Press On Veneers Enters the Market

Does an affordable SnapOn Smiles alternative exist? Read on to see how Press On Veneers is changing the landscape of the dental industry.

In 2010, The Daily Mail UK featured a piece on the Snap On Smiles. Touting Snap-on smiles as the latest “dental fast fix,” they begged the question, “Do snap on smiles look fake”? Going over the pros and cons of snap-on smile and its cost, the article featured before and after pictures.

Finding an Alternative that isn’t a “Dental Fix”

However, even the writer admitted to being a little leery to begin with, wondering how fake snap on smiles look. Most importantly, the writer didn’t want a “dental fix”. She wanted her teeth to look better, but never considered a snap on smiles alternative. While people want to cover challenged smiles without resorting to dentistry, no one wants clip on teeth that look ridiculous.

Is $1,800.00 Really Affordable?

The major benefit highlighted in the UK review of Snap On Smile was that it is a removable form of affordable cosmetic dentistry. Through the article, you learn that you are not only paying the dentist to take the impression. The dentist is also sending it to a lab for processing, raising the price for snap on smile. At over $1800 per arch, this seems high for a removable veneer that you just slide over your existing teeth.

Does An Affordable Snap On Smile Alternative Exist?

Surely a Snap On Smile Alternative is much less expensive? With Snap On Smile, you are obviously not paying to have your teeth fixed, so what are you paying for?

Being Comfortable in a Social Setting

Snap On Smiles Alternative works just as well or better

The High Cost of Affordable Dentistry – Snap On Smile

At $1800.00 per arch, the Snap On Smile price is extraordinarily high for a process that does nothing to change your teeth. Now there’s an alternative to Snap On Smile… a product like Snap On Smile that is lab direct and a fraction of the cost of Snap On Smile. Created by Brighter Image Lab, the Press On Veneers mimics the appearance of a perfect smile. It uses cutting edge technology to create a thin, removable, secure smile to show the world. Without going to the dentist office.

Introducing Press-On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Available throughout the United States, the UK, Australia, and Mexico, Snap On Smile alternatives help you look great in social settings. Now you have a dental choice.

Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Visit to see authentic, unretouched before and after pictures of clients who have a new reason to smile. Brighter Image Lab offers a Snap On Smile alternative that will have you looking forward to your summer family reunion. Call and ask to speak with Laurie Hall if you have questions as to how the Snap On Smile compares to Press On Veneers, or go to the website and see the difference Press On Veneers has made for thousands of clients.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Opalescence teeth whitening

New Opalescence Teeth Whitening Alternative Gets Results

Bil Watson

How do you know what teeth whitener to choose? Should you choose the one your dentist recommends, such as Opalescence teeth whitening gel?  Or choose the one that has the best price? 

If you want to get from point A to point B… there are always several paths you can take.

The same rings true for when you want to whiten your teeth. A quick search on the Internet will turn up thousands of “best ways to whiten your teeth” results! 

Let’s take a closer look at what the best teeth whitening option is for YOU.

What Is Opalescence Teeth Whitening?

Opalescence teeth whitening

While this teeth whitening gel is a favorite among dentists… it also means that it comes with “dentists prices”.

Opalescence is a teeth whitening gel that is administered with the guidance of your dentist and contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to help whiten your teeth. 

But why pay dentist prices when you can cut out the “middleman” and get professional level teeth whitening delivered directly to your doorstep?  

It’s all possible when you order Brighter Image Lab’s Lab Direct Smile Care System, which includes Pure Hi-Intensity (Non-Blended) Bleaching Gels.

Our clients who have previously used Opalescence teeth whitening have found that our teeth bleaching gel is not only just as good… but BETTER!

Next, let’s find out what makes our gel the best best teeth whitening gel option for YOU.

Choosing A Better & Affordable Teeth Whitening Gel

Here at Brighter Image Lab we have ONE goal, to help people brighten their smile!

Over the past 20 years and over 300,000 clients later… we’ve seen it ALL. And we understand that when you have Starbucks, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, or aging stained teeth, the last thing you want to do is go to a dentist and get “the lecture” (and pay the HEFTY bill).

Our Lab Direct Process gives YOU the power to transform your teeth from the comfort and care of your own home. It is the most effective at home treatment process you can find because we’ve taken the time and attention needed to design a teeth whitening kit that provides your professional level results from home. Our opalescence teeth whitening gel is the best – of the best teeth whitening products.

What makes our teeth whitening gel a better option for you is:

  • Scientifically designed to deliver exceptional results.
  • Our proven gel formula has helped over 300,000 clients achieve the best smile possible.
  • Our gel has been produced by the same source for the same length of time, and has been tested for safety and effectiveness
  • Formulated for the deepest bleaching possible, going past the surface of the tooth to the pulp.
  • Improves the appearance of your teeth better with no lights or lasers.
  • The secret to the effectiveness of our gel is constant continuous temperature control of our Pure Blended Bleaching Gel. In order to maintain stability, our gel is kept at a consistent temperature. Even after your order is created, we continue to provide cold packs wherever necessary to ensure you receive the gel at the optimal temperature for maximum effectiveness.

NOTHING will get your teeth whiter or last longer!

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we are looking for people who want to improve their SMILE.

We offer our Smile Care System for people all over the world because the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall appearance is to improve your smile!

The reason why most people don’t fix it… is because they don’t think it’s possible.

But, you can have an amazing smile that is affordable by choosing to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab instead of expensive opalescence teeth whitening. Try yours today!

Starter Teeth Cleaning System
Starter System
  • 4 Syringes of Bilistic Detox Serum
  • 4 Syringes of Pure Bleaching Gel
  • Upgraded Arch Cut Infusion Trays
  • Set of Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools
  • Bilistic Pro Series Polisher



Bilistic Executive Teeth Cleaning System
Executive System
  • 16 Syringes of Bilistic Detox Serum
  • 16 Syringes of Pure Bleaching Gel
  • Upgraded Arch Cut Infusion Trays
  • Set of Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools
  • Bilistic Pro Series Polisher



Snap On Smile cost from a Cosmetic Dentist

Snap On Smile Dentist

Bil Watson

The Truth About Snap On Smile Dentists

This is a Snap On Smile – guys if you’re online and you’re looking to improve your smile with a snap on smile, I want to tell you a couple things.

I’ve heard from the #1 snap on smile dentist in the world, and she still can’t make one of these. She can’t make one, so why are you paying her for it?

We Will Beat Any Cosmetic Dentist Offer by 50%.

My name is Bil Watson. I’m with Brighter Image Lab, and I make removable dental veneers. I’ve made over 100,000 of them. If you want to improve your smile, do it with the people who have done over a 100,000 cases. Don’t do it with the doctor who has only done 10, 12, or 14 just because he’s in your backyard, just because he is around the corner.

New Technology Makes Snap On Smile Dentists Obsolete

You no longer need a cosmetic dentist to help you improve your smile. New technology has made it so easy that the average person can take their own impression with one or two tries. There just no value in paying your dentist hundreds if not thousands of dollars just for him to take your impression. There is no reason to work with the middle man.

They will tell you that they can do it better, but those people still call theirs snap on smiles. We don’t call them smiles, we call them snap on veneers, because they are designed to compete with traditional dental veneers.

Are Snap On Veneers Better than Snap On Smiles?

These are thinner, they are contoured, they are sealed at the gum line. I promise you if you look at our work, I believe it speaks for itself!

Look at these pictures! Look at all these real clients, look at their before and afters. We do it for people all over the world, and if we did it for them, I promise we can do it for you.

Let Me Make You Another Offer. I Will Beat Any Offer by 50%!

All you have to do is send me their written quote, and we will beat it by 50%! It’s that simple!

You’re where you need to be to make a decision. Everything you wanted about improving your smile is right here in the palm of your hand.

Finance Your Snap On Veneers Today!

There is no cosmetic dentist across the country that’s going to finance these for you like I will. I can get you started for as little as $149 down. There are live reps right now that can talk to you.

We don’t work with dental hours, and we don’t work 4 days a week. We are here everyday, around the clock working with you, with questions that you have.

snap on smile dentist

Send Me Your Pictures

Send me your pictures today if you have any questions. I am hoping I will receive your after pictures soon because we changed your smile, and hopefully when we change your smile, It will change your life.

Guys, you are where you need to be to improve your smile, and the best way to do it is to do it with Brighter Image Lab.

You Have a Choice!

The last thing I want to say is it’s important to know that you have a choice! Go ahead and do your due diligence. Look at our online reviews. After everything you seen and everything you done I hope that we will earn your business.

Thank You for considering us at Brighter Image Lab

Thank you for watching this video from Brighter Image Lab. Please make sure you’re following our YouTube Channel to receive all of our important updates and offers. – Click here to subscribe

Whether you are looking for a snap on smile dentist in new york or a snap on smile dentist in los angeles, we can help! It doesn’t matter where a snap on smile dentist near you is, we can get you a beautiful new smile!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Snap-On Smile Reviews

1 Star Snap-On Smile Reviews and FAQs Exposed

Bil Watson

Snap-On Smile Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

In the suburbs of Chicago, from Skokie to Glenview to Wilmette to Northbrook, Snap-On Smile reviews and questions fuel debate regarding the effects and reliability of Snap-On Smile vs. traditional porcelain veneers.

As a result, Chicago dentist, Dr. William Cohen, this #Chicago cosmetic dentist works to clarify the answers to many of the most troubling questions posed by possible Snap-On Smile and Lumineers clients. His expert opinion for questions ranging from Snap On Smile For 2 Missing Teeth to Snap-On Smile Reviews Online highlights some of the more puzzling aspects for folks in Chicago whose #SnapOnSmile broke and left them wondering what their options were.

Especially relevant, Dr. Cohen replies to the question:

Before you decide to invest in another Snap-On Smile, remember that a Snap-On Smile lasts longer when it is only used for special occasions or perhaps on the weekends. Everyday use will wear it out quickly.

Curated from Chicago Cosmetic Dental

snap on smile reviews are negative

Worst user rating online – 1 red Star negative snap-on smile review

Problems With Veneers

In fact, most dentists will quickly explain that the Snap-On Smile should be worn for “special occasions” because they want their clients to purchase the permanent porcelain veneers. However, even Dr. Cohen had to contend with a question regarding problems with traditional veneers from a client who now wanted to cover them up with a Snap-On Smile. Sandy, on Dr. Cohen’s blog, wishes she could go back to a Snap-On Smile because of problems with her veneers.

have been wanting to do something about my smile for years. Most of the research I did was about the snap on smile so that’s what I told my dentist I wanted. He convinced me to get veneers instead because they look better and last longer. I got 8 veneers and they do look better but they are not really lasting. I just got the veneers in November and one of them fell off twice. Now another veneer looks loose. If I had a snap on smile it would be done and I wouldn’t have these problems. I should not have let my dentist convince me to get veneers. Can I get a snap on smile over the veneers? I would definitely get them from a different dentist this time. I don’t want to be talked into something I don’t want again. Thank you. Sandy

Curated from Can I Get A Snap On Smile Over My Veneers?

A Temporary Removable Veneer

At Brighter Image Lab, we have long-contended that the Press On Veneer is not a substitute for natural teeth. While some dentists claim that the Snap-On Smile is a fix for missing teeth, we’ve yet to see a dentist that could actually bill your dental insurance company for a Snap-On Smile and declare it a replacement for teeth. It does not restore teeth, and it does not replace them. Perhaps the most humorous, and the most accurate description of the purpose of a Snap-On Smile comes from another dental blog that compares the Snap-On Smile to a wig:

[Snap-On Smile] perfect for special occasions, or even worn daily. I got a little chuckle out of watching this infomercial. This appliance reminds me of someone bald or with thinning hair fitted for a wig. Is Snap-on Smile a good alternative over permanent procedures that involve cosmetic dentistry?

Curated from Does the Snap On Smile Really Improve Your Smile?

How Does Press On Veneers Compare to Snap-On Smile Reviews?

A convenient, removable, reversible answer to achieving the appearance of a beautiful smile, Press On Veneers allows you to be comfortable with your smile in a social setting without changing your teeth. Brighter Image Lab merged technology and software to create a Snap-On Smile alternative for people who have spent years hiding their smiles. Call today and ask Laurie Hall about financing Press On Veneers to make self-help for your smile more affordable.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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