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​I care about people who need a new smile. It's why I do what I do. And it's why I can't sit back and watch dentists price gouge people on a product they don't even make.

​Snap-On Smile Dentists
D​on’t ​Make ​Snap-​Ons

The #1 Snap-On Smile Dentist in the world - has never made a snap-on ​smile!

But it’s not just her. In 20 years I’ve never met a dentist that's made one but, I’ve made over 100,000. Dentists may understand the concept or the “theory” behind snap-on smiles, but they’ll never understand it like I do.

Snap-On Smile Dentists don't make Snap-Ons
Are Snap-On Smile Impressions worth $1,000s?

​Is a dental impression
worth $1,000s?

​If Dentists don’t design the Snap-On Smiles and Dentists don’t make the Snap-On Smiles, then what is it you’re paying for?

It’s true that many snap-on smile dentists will either take, or participate in making your dental impressions, but are simple dental impressions really worth paying a 200-300% markup on your veneers? Our specialized impression system makes taking your own impressions easy.

The fact is, you CAN take your own impressions and you DON’T need the dentist to improve your smile.

I Save My clients $1000s by offering an alternative to snap-on Smile dentists

See proof: 100s of Real Clients who did just what you’re doing now. Went online, did their research, and chose Brighter Image Lab. No Dentist Visit, No Drilling, No Pain.

Spend Less - Get More - See the Difference

Dentists call them “Snap-On Smiles” - We call our work "​Veneers”. Our goal is to design to be comparable to a traditional veneer.

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Our quality really is that good. Thin, Detailed, Sealed at the GumLine. Bottom line - With Brighter Image Lab, you’re getting the same or better quality product, for a LOT less. Period.

Dr. Terri Alani Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Christy Leedy Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Orlando Stovall Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Roya Niakiani Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Timothy Goh Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Simon Minbauer Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Raminta Mastis Snap-On Smile Pricing
Dr. Marc Liechtung Snap-On Smile Pricing

Compare these Snap-On Smile dentists to our listed price of $795!

​Our Lab Direct Process has provided more than ​80,000 new veneers online for a fraction of the cost of going to a Snap-On Smile Dentist.

I’ll beat any Snap-On Smile Dentist offer by 50%

If you’re serious about Changing your smile, and you’re still considering your options, Consider this:

I’m so confident I can get you a better deal, that I’ll beat any Snap-On Smile Dentist’s offer by 50% - that’s it.

You send me your written estimate for a snap-on smile and I’ll do it for half.