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Bad Smile Keeping You From Getting a Job?

A Bad Smile Can Cost You A Job

Bad smile keeping you from getting a job?
Which of these women will make a better impression at a job interview?

Like it or not, a bad smile can cost you a job. One of the most important aspects of your appearance to employers is your smile. A bright, white, straight smile conveys someone who cares enough about their appearance to take care of their smile. As a result, they seem to care about their job performance as well. In other words, the type of person a company would want to employ.

Recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say roughly 10 million Americans (6.3% – April 2014) are unemployed and looking for work. Many are searching for ways to give themselves that extra boost in their job search.

It’s Not Your Fault

However, there are obstacles in achieving the smile of your dreams. Chief among them is being able to afford a trip to the dentist when necessary. It’s difficult to do so when dental prices have risen much faster than the rate of inflation. Furthermore, dental insurance is not readily available to many. Approximately 130 million Americans have no dental coverage at all. They pay their dental bills solely out-of-pocket. Even those who do have dental insurance receive little more than a slight discount on dental procedures. Going to the dentist office is now a luxury – only available to those who have expendable income.

In addition, most dentists have not made it a priority to treat patients in inner city and in rural communities. Less than 20 percent of American dentists offer care to Medicaid recipients. An even smaller percentage serve those who are below the poverty line, chronically ill, or living in a rural area. In short, the needs of many with a bad smile are not being met.

A Bad Smile Keeps People Down

An unattractive smile is a struggle all on its own. This is only compounded when attempting to entering the workforce. Consider BILVeneers as an alternative option for your cosmetic smile needs.

Studies have shown a strong correlation between appearance and income. Without access to affordable dental care there needs to be other options for those looking to brighten their smile and gain confidence. Even the most qualified candidates may find themselves passed-over in favor of a candidate with a more ideal smile.

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Perfect Smile Veneers have dentists laughing, but why?

Perfect Smile Veneers are the butt of Cosmetic Dentist’s jokes, but at $14.99, they shouldn’t be.

Watch this video to see why cosmetic dentists laugh at clients who wear Perfect Smile Veneers, but Brighter Image Lab won’t.

From real dentists: We got this in the mail the other day. I’m pretty excited to try it out. Why don’t you scoot a little closer there to me now. So it looks like they’ve got a new design for this instant comfort fit. It feels – it’s just, you know, like it’s got a little lip.

Yeah, a million dollars buddy.

Don’t you think they look wonderful? The look and feel of the natural teeth.

In defense of Perfect Smile Veneers

This week, I have something pretty serious I want to tell you about. I not only want to tell you about a product, but I kind of want to endorse it. I just get the feeling that this was the kind of vlog that I needed to do.

Every once in a while, you get something that bothers you and you have a voice and you
have a video camera. Then you can actually put it on YouTube. So that’s what we decided to do. I want to tell you about Instant Perfect Smile Veneers that are online for $14.99.

Teeth you’ll be proud to smile about. Perfect Smile fits right over your existing teeth so you can always put your best face forward. The secret is the super comfort…

One of the things I want to tell you is that I’ve seen dentists come out and they’re being very sarcastic about this product. They’re just making fun of this product.

You can’t beat that. Nope, and you can’t beat how quickly…

After. So you too can…

In minutes… and this is what…

Endorsing Perfect Smile Veneers

And what I want to tell you is that I actually want to endorse it. I want to tell people that I think a lot of this product and let me tell you why. We know what it’s like to serve people who have no money and I know what it’s like to hear from people who have no choices.

The doctors are making a mistake. It’s a real ivory tower position.

This is why you pay somebody to do this.

Misrepresenting the product

I think they’re misrepresenting the product. I think that they’re doing what they can
to make it extremely bad and extremely aggressive and actually making fun of
the fact that it could help some people. And that’s what bothers me.

You too can have have a perfect smile. I think you can get these on Amazon. Yeah, these are great. This is a great way to take care of your own dentistry at home.

There’s no dentists that are losing any money to this product. For $14.99, you’re not going to cancel your appointment at the orthodontist and you’re not going to cancel your appointment for dental veneers or implant surgery.

What you’re going to do is, you’re going to go ahead and not cancel your job interview. You’re going to not cancel meet the teacher. Not cancelling a reunion. Forget cancelling pictures. You’ll say I found a solution.

Not everyone can afford the perfect smile

If this isn’t quite up your alley and you’re a little concerned about how this might work out for you, you might be able to head on over to IDSpringfield.com and maybe go to a reputable dentist who knows how to design a smile. That might be a great solution for you.

If you’re a single mom with a bad smile and 200 bucks in the bank and you’ve got lunch money to make sure you have this week and gas and you’ve got to get back and forth. Then $14.99 is your option. I mean the only thing worse than nothing is no choices.

But what you have to realize is, the people who are buying this product, they’re getting online and going, “I finally have a choice.”

…pretty reputable company out there in Hardin, Illinois called Billy-Bob Teeth so… been in business for a little while.

I’m very thankful that the people who made Billy-Bob Teeth actually came out with a way to make some choice available. if you look at them in a certain place, they’re not bad. Nobody’s going to show that much of their smile and show all the gum.

A convenient position

They’re just exaggerating the situation. I think it’s just real convenient to take this position when you have absolutely perfect smiles. If your teeth didn’t look like this and they actually looked like this, or you come from a family that couldn’t have afforded orthodontist treatments.

People may not have any other choice. There are a massive amount of people out there that don’t have that privileged position and I know because we see them every day. Anything that can help people is something that should only be taken and improved – not something that should be laughed about.

I’ve been doing this Invisalign, and gosh I gotta be honest with you. I’m in it for 20 days or so and I’m thinking – my total treatment is 48 days, what am I doing? I mean this could be instantly done. Shoot I was in braces for three years.

And these dentists know more than anybody that there are tons of poly dent and denture cream on the market that can make these things stay in place for more than 12 hours. And you can get creative on making these work if your smile is horrible.

Dentists got it wrong

And we know that the majority of the places that these are marketed to you are not to the people who are somewhere in Manhattan. I don’t think they’ve probably ran any commercials
in Manhattan. Guys, I think it’s gross misrepresentation. I don’t really blame the dentists. I just think they got it wrong.

Just some people have to have some choice. Some people have to go to an interview. Some people just don’t have the means. 99 percent of people who come online to improve their smile – something’s wrong, something’s happened.

And only four percent of those people actually have the wherewithal to become a client for a doctor or even for us. They look and they just never pull the trigger. The one thing I like about this new company, Instant Smile, is they give everybody a choice.

We need a more affordable solution

And if those doctors were to spend as much time trying to take a bad client and go, “here’s what we did for you until you can afford it,” they would have said here’s a stronger polydent. They would have said here’s not just one for $14.99 but here’s ten for $14.99 and they would have had them every time they have to go to something.

And I think that would have been a fair representation of somebody who just needs to put some checks together until they can get ahead, pay rent, pay the grocery bill, make sure the kids have lunch money, make sure laundry gets done.

Those are the people who buy that product and I’m glad it exists. The other thing I’d like to see the doctors do is to take another position. They should be able to take the same product and improve it.

All the doctors know 60% of the people who put these on aren’t going to smile their biggest smile. These are people who haven’t smiled in public, other than covering their teeth. And if you’re doing this, then anything that’s an improvement on that is worth it.

Nothing against dentists, but…

Again I don’t have anything against these dentists, I just think they made a mistake (going after Perfect Smile Veneers). I think if they had to do it over again they would say, “You know what, we need to give 25 people outside our immediate community free teeth cleaning.”

And if they were to take the same energy that it took to hire someone to do a video, to hold the camera, to do the rendering, to do all the stuff, they probably could have went out and
and went door to door and said, “Hey we just want to do free teeth cleaning.”

The reason is then you can have some credibility about why they’re laughing at a product (Perfect Smile Veneers) that’s being sold to poor people. The main thing is sometimes things get contagious and one person does it, another person does it,  another person does it.

And right now we’re looking at four or five dentists that are trying to make fun of the Perfect Smile Veneers. I have to tell you I’m not one of those people. What I’d like to do is tell these
dentist that their position is a little bit ivory tower.

And it’s one thing when I say something. I can tell you the the sun’s made of cheese and you can decide whether you want to listen or look up or pick up your phone and google it. But when a doctor, a dentist, tells you that something is bad, you put down your phone and you listen to why it’s bad.

It’s for the 20%

80% of the people who buy online are probably going to be disappointed. It’s 20% of those people that are going to make a better life for themselves. They’re going to make a meeting, or pictures, or presentations, or a special event.

And they’re going to use this to get through a couple meetings until they can get a job. Until they can get a savings. After they get dental insurance. Once they’re back in the game. And I think a lot of the people who’ve done it, they like it because it’s a choice.

And I like it, because if you use it properly, it will get you through a two-hour interview or a two hours with friends. I think they serve their purpose and I think it creates a choice. The only thing good about a choice is one: that you have one.

The bottom line about Perfect Smile Veneers

And two: you’re the one that gets to make it. Right now, with these Perfect Smile Veneers available for $14.99, there are some people who are listening to this conversation that can’t afford me and they can’t afford the doctors, but they have a choice and they get to make it.

Thank you guys.

Learn more at brighterimagelab.com

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Brighter Image Lab is located in Fort Worth but serves clients all over the world in places like: Sydney, Tweed Heads, Wollongong, New South Wales; Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Victoria; Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Queensland; Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle-Maitland, Canberra- Queanbeyan, New South Wales; Hobart, Tasmania and any area in Australia.

New Smile Makeover for Wendy in Florida

New Smile Makeover for Florida Lady by Brighter Image Lab

This video documents one of our clients from Florida who received her New Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab.

Look what just came in the mail. My dental veneers! I am super excited, and I can’t wait to try them on. I have to call Brighter Image Lab now because I’m supposed to let know when I receive them. We’re going to open them live on Skype, so I cannot show you now, but we will let you know how they feel.

Hey guys, today we’re going to Florida and we’re working with a little girl who’s asked us to do a new smile makeover. She’s been married for about a year. She’s got about a seven month old baby, and one of the things that compelled us to want to work with her is she actually wrote us in a letter and told us that she had never smiled for her husband or for her baby.

No Smile For Her Newborn Baby

We just thought, “If someone can’t smile with a newborn, when can they smile?” So we’re going to work with her today, and we’re going to see the results. I think she’s got her package, and I’m going to Skype her in on a phone call, and I can’t wait to see the results. So work with me, let’s see how this video goes.

Wendy Receives Her Brand New Smile From Brighter Image Lab

Hey Wendy, how you doing?

I’m good, how are you doing?

Good morning, I’m glad. Finally, it took us some days. Can you see me good yet? I can see you perfect. I hear we’re going to get you a new smile today. What you got? Was that the FedEx?


We talked this week, tell me a little bit about how long you been waiting for your smile.

Oh, I actually had a lot of dental work done. It’s been about 4 or 5 years now.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Too Expensive

And if you look at anything that you’d have to do…To do the cosmetic dentistry, it’s too expensive. There’s no dentist that’s going to be able to do anything that’s anywhere close to what someone can afford.

You’re 27, and you got a little boy.

He’ll be nine months on the 24th, so he’s a, they grow too quick. After I had him, all my fillings started falling out, but they just started just disintegrating.

When we saw this when we saw your first picture

A Pretty Girl Needs A Pretty Smile

We thought this is truly too seriously of a pretty girl to not have a pretty smile. When we saw that we knew that if we can get this little girl a brand new smile, then she can go on and do a lot of things.

What do you hope that this new smile does for you?

Um, I hope it brightens up my, you know, career opportunity. I’m a very people person oriented. I like to, you know, um…

You just want to be able to get to where you can be somewhere where your smile is not part of the conversation, or that you have to hide it.


But I really feel like you’re you’re going to get a lot of benefit from your smile.

I, I think so too.

Wendy Sees Her New Smile

So let’s go ahead and get started. Let’s open it up. Let’s see what we got. There it is, yeah, that’s the system.

It’s almost gonna feel like a retainer, right?

It should.


They’re in, they look amazing. Can you see yourself at all? Have you seen them yet?

Mmm Hmm.

Wendy’s Smile Expectations

What was your expectations? What were you thinking it was going to be like?

You know I really had no clue. I watched tons of the, you know, before and afters and some of the videos, everybody, and you know some people made. And I, I really wasn’t expecting this.

Let me see the detail at the bottom. Oh, they look perfect. Cool, and they feel good?

Oh yeah, actually they feel really good!

Oh cool!

They’re not stabbing me in the gums or anything. So they almost feel like they’re, they’re real.

The Fit of Removable Veneers From Brighter Image Lab

They should feel very snug in to where you don’t have to worry about them. Like you’re not worried about them coming out?

Oh, no, no.

Perfect. They look happy, look. They make you look so much happier.


Smile For Job Interviews and Special Events

And I’m hoping that you think that you can do on any job interview go to any special event any pictures or presentations because your smile looks beautiful.

I, I have more confidence.

Uh, who are you closest to?

Oh, my mom.

I guess it’s been a few years since she’s seen you with a nice smile.


You’re good. Your smile looks beautiful. You got to get used to t…The first thing that you’re going to do is get used to showing your smile. Um, it’s just way too pretty of a smile for you not to be able to show it to the world.

It’s truly amazing.

Brighter Image Lab is Offering Smile Choices

We’re very happy that we were able to get this work done for you, but we’re probably more proud that you were brave enough to let us show what the differences could be so other people who think they don’t have any choices can actually see that they can make a difference with their smile.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you letting me share this with other people. Thank you so much.

Thank you guys so much. I am stunned I am completely amazed on what you guys have done.

The Proof of Our Work is Our Reward

The gift to my staff is when they go look here’s where she’s taking . Here’s where she’s done this. She keeps wearing these. She’s posting pictures of her smiling now, and like I can’t wait to see you have a big picture of you smiling with your little boy.

I can’t wait either.

Thank you so much Wendy, and that’s everything so we’re going to talk to you soon.

Thank you guys so much!

OK Bye!

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This client received her new smile makeover in Florida, but we help clients all over the world including: Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec City, Quebec; Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta; Vancouver, Surrey, British Columbia; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and any area in Canada.

New Life Smile partner Brighter Image Lab gives smile to homeless woman

New Life Smile Partner Brighter Image Lab Gave Homeless Woman a Reason to Smile Again

New Life Smile partner Brighter Image Lab offered her a new smile and asked to document her story.

Watch this video of Dee, a homeless woman who had very little reason to smile. Dee tried to save to get her smile fixed at a dentist office, but she never could save enough. She knew she needed a smile to improve her life.

When Dee walked in to the corporate office, she was looking for a job. She was looking for a way to earn enough money to rent an apartment, to be able to visit her kids again. The moment Dee walked in the door, it changed the direction of not only her life, but the direction of Brighter Image Lab.

New Life Smile Partner Transformed Dee

A transformation occurred when Dee Erwin shared her story with the staff at Brighter Image Lab. She was homeless and had lost custody of her children. Every attempt to get back on her feet was met with rejection and ridicule.

“Temp agencies wouldn’t send me out to any good jobs. Anything in an office environment was out of the question. I couldn’t even get a job interview to work as a cashier, because people didn’t want their customers to see my teeth. Even with my years of management experience, they would put me in entry-level overnight positions or have me work with the janitorial staff. It just became very depressing.”

Her embarrassing smile forced her into menial jobs making low wages and kept her from achieving her dream of one day getting visitation privileges with her children. Her life’s path was was at a dead-end.

Bil Meets Dee

Bil Watson, Director of Brighter Image Lab, recounts the day he met Dee.

“When we first spoke with Dee, we could tell that there was a lot more going on than just a problem with her smile. You could see there was a spark hidden somewhere, and it was just covered up by years of hardship. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something we see quite often. People with bad teeth eventually begin to segregate themselves, and it’s a hard thing to pull yourself out of. So we wanted to do more. We knew we could help.”

Brighter Image Lab Becomes New Life Smile Partner

Brighter Image Lab did more than help. Mr. Watson set the designers to work on improving her smile. Meanwhile, his team at the corporate office partnered with several local businesses to surprise Dee with a full makeover. Dee was transformed in front of cameras from a homeless woman with no foreseeable future into a professional business woman with the ability to pursue a career and her dream of seeing her children again.

“They bought me new clothes and sent me to a high-end salon. It is just incredible, and I feel complete with my amazing new smile! Putting my veneers in for the first time, totally overwhelmed me. Everyone in the room was crying, including me. It was one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences.”

Brighter Image Lab Asks For New Life Smile Stories

Moved by the experience, Mr. Watson began asking people on brighterimagelab.com for their “Smile Story”, and received thousands of submissions. Searching after business hours, he found a suitable charity, New Life Smile, to partner with Brighter Image Lab to help people like Dee achieve the smile they deserve, but often cannot afford.

Less Expensive Smiles Aren’t Affordable

“To tell someone like Dee that they need to come up with $17,000 is the same thing as telling they they need to come up with $17 million. It’s an equally unattainable number. People need a reasonably-priced dental choice that doesn’t include dentistry; that’s what we do at Brighter Image Lab. It’s not just about changing smiles, it’s literally changing lives.”

Looking to improve the smiles of under-served people worldwide, New Life Smile has helped nearly 100 people to date. New Life Smile is actively seeking new applicants to help as well as new donors to help fund these new smiles. They are on the forefront of changing the world, one smile at a time.

Brighter Image Lab has also endorsed Austin Children’s Services to help provide smiles by preventing child abuse and neglect in the Austin area.

Finance Your Smile - Learn More
Composite Resin Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Composite Resin Veneers and Porcelain Veneers

Many people ask every day what the difference is between composite resin veneers and porcelain veneers. Dentists have long touted the benefits of porcelain veneers, but read on to find out if new composite resin veneers may be the right dental choice for you.

Composite Resin Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers

Everyone who has ever attended a job interview has witnessed the importance of first impressions. For better or for worse, we make an impression with everything we say and even more with what we don’t say. As we age, we become even more aware of malocclusion as crooked teeth and broken teeth begin to interfere with critical aspects of our lives. If you suffer from crooked teeth, you know the effects can be devastating and long lasting, even more so as a young adult. Social stigma related to a bad dental condition takes a sharper and more devastating turn as the appearance of your teeth begins to dictate what jobs you will get and impacts your ability to date.

Porcelain Veneers is usually the first choice

For this reason, many people begin to look at porcelain veneers for crooked teeth. Often, people dive right in without fully evaluating the process. Far more than just “up front costs,” getting porcelain or composite veneers is a long-term commitment. Asking “how dental veneers work” is the first step to learning if Lumineers and veneers are the right choice. Some people suffer from conditions such as severe discoloration, protruding teeth, or crowding requiring grinding to attain the desired effect. The condition of your teeth and your expectation can run the cost for porcelain veneers into the tens of thousands.

Composite Resin Veneers are a viable option

According to the ADA, composite resin veneers are made from a tooth-colored filling material bonded to the tooth. At $250.00 to $350.00 per tooth, the composite resin veneers cost seems like a more affordable option of all dental veneer prices. Composite resin veneers last between four and eight years and require “maintenance”. Maintenance means two teeth cleanings and checkups a year and paying out of pocket when the composite resin veneers chip. Which they do. Less strong than porcelain veneers, the composite veneers are not as resistant to daily wear and tear. Habitual grinding or clenching of teeth, can easily break dental veneers and send you back for repair or replacement.

Learn more about Composite Resin Veneers

Before committing to a process you cannot undo and veneers that may chip and come loose, call Laurie Hall. Ask about a dental snap on smile that doesn’t make you commit to grinding your teeth down. Visit Brighter Image Lab at brighterimagelab.com to view Press On Veneers online with no dentist visit. From Australia to the UK, we have helped thousands who want to change their smile without fixing their teeth. We understand everyone wants a noticeable personality, not a conspicuous smile. We help you achieve that while you figure out the best choice for you.