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Perfect Smile Veneers have dentists laughing, but why?

Perfect Smile Veneers are the butt of Cosmetic Dentist’s jokes, but at $14.99, they shouldn’t be.

Watch this video to see why cosmetic dentists laugh at clients who wear Perfect Smile Veneers, but Brighter Image Lab won’t.

From real dentists: We got this in the mail the other day. I’m pretty excited to try it out. Why don’t you scoot a little closer there to me now. So it looks like they’ve got a new design for this instant comfort fit. It feels – it’s just, you know, like it’s got a little lip.

Yeah, a million dollars buddy.

Don’t you think they look wonderful? The look and feel of the natural teeth.

In defense of Perfect Smile Veneers

This week, I have something pretty serious I want to tell you about. I not only want to tell you about a product, but I kind of want to endorse it. I just get the feeling that this was the kind of vlog that I needed to do.

Every once in a while, you get something that bothers you and you have a voice and you
have a video camera. Then you can actually put it on YouTube. So that’s what we decided to do. I want to tell you about Instant Perfect Smile Veneers that are online for $14.99.

Teeth you’ll be proud to smile about. Perfect Smile fits right over your existing teeth so you can always put your best face forward. The secret is the super comfort…

One of the things I want to tell you is that I’ve seen dentists come out and they’re being very sarcastic about this product. They’re just making fun of this product.

You can’t beat that. Nope, and you can’t beat how quickly…

After. So you too can…

In minutes… and this is what…

Endorsing Perfect Smile Veneers

And what I want to tell you is that I actually want to endorse it. I want to tell people that I think a lot of this product and let me tell you why. We know what it’s like to serve people who have no money and I know what it’s like to hear from people who have no choices.

The doctors are making a mistake. It’s a real ivory tower position.

This is why you pay somebody to do this.

Misrepresenting the product

I think they’re misrepresenting the product. I think that they’re doing what they can
to make it extremely bad and extremely aggressive and actually making fun of
the fact that it could help some people. And that’s what bothers me.

You too can have have a perfect smile. I think you can get these on Amazon. Yeah, these are great. This is a great way to take care of your own dentistry at home.

There’s no dentists that are losing any money to this product. For $14.99, you’re not going to cancel your appointment at the orthodontist and you’re not going to cancel your appointment for dental veneers or implant surgery.

What you’re going to do is, you’re going to go ahead and not cancel your job interview. You’re going to not cancel meet the teacher. Not cancelling a reunion. Forget cancelling pictures. You’ll say I found a solution.

Not everyone can afford the perfect smile

If this isn’t quite up your alley and you’re a little concerned about how this might work out for you, you might be able to head on over to IDSpringfield.com and maybe go to a reputable dentist who knows how to design a smile. That might be a great solution for you.

If you’re a single mom with a bad smile and 200 bucks in the bank and you’ve got lunch money to make sure you have this week and gas and you’ve got to get back and forth. Then $14.99 is your option. I mean the only thing worse than nothing is no choices.

But what you have to realize is, the people who are buying this product, they’re getting online and going, “I finally have a choice.”

…pretty reputable company out there in Hardin, Illinois called Billy-Bob Teeth so… been in business for a little while.

I’m very thankful that the people who made Billy-Bob Teeth actually came out with a way to make some choice available. if you look at them in a certain place, they’re not bad. Nobody’s going to show that much of their smile and show all the gum.

A convenient position

They’re just exaggerating the situation. I think it’s just real convenient to take this position when you have absolutely perfect smiles. If your teeth didn’t look like this and they actually looked like this, or you come from a family that couldn’t have afforded orthodontist treatments.

People may not have any other choice. There are a massive amount of people out there that don’t have that privileged position and I know because we see them every day. Anything that can help people is something that should only be taken and improved – not something that should be laughed about.

I’ve been doing this Invisalign, and gosh I gotta be honest with you. I’m in it for 20 days or so and I’m thinking – my total treatment is 48 days, what am I doing? I mean this could be instantly done. Shoot I was in braces for three years.

And these dentists know more than anybody that there are tons of poly dent and denture cream on the market that can make these things stay in place for more than 12 hours. And you can get creative on making these work if your smile is horrible.

Dentists got it wrong

And we know that the majority of the places that these are marketed to you are not to the people who are somewhere in Manhattan. I don’t think they’ve probably ran any commercials
in Manhattan. Guys, I think it’s gross misrepresentation. I don’t really blame the dentists. I just think they got it wrong.

Just some people have to have some choice. Some people have to go to an interview. Some people just don’t have the means. 99 percent of people who come online to improve their smile – something’s wrong, something’s happened.

And only four percent of those people actually have the wherewithal to become a client for a doctor or even for us. They look and they just never pull the trigger. The one thing I like about this new company, Instant Smile, is they give everybody a choice.

We need a more affordable solution

And if those doctors were to spend as much time trying to take a bad client and go, “here’s what we did for you until you can afford it,” they would have said here’s a stronger polydent. They would have said here’s not just one for $14.99 but here’s ten for $14.99 and they would have had them every time they have to go to something.

And I think that would have been a fair representation of somebody who just needs to put some checks together until they can get ahead, pay rent, pay the grocery bill, make sure the kids have lunch money, make sure laundry gets done.

Those are the people who buy that product and I’m glad it exists. The other thing I’d like to see the doctors do is to take another position. They should be able to take the same product and improve it.

All the doctors know 60% of the people who put these on aren’t going to smile their biggest smile. These are people who haven’t smiled in public, other than covering their teeth. And if you’re doing this, then anything that’s an improvement on that is worth it.

Nothing against dentists, but…

Again I don’t have anything against these dentists, I just think they made a mistake (going after Perfect Smile Veneers). I think if they had to do it over again they would say, “You know what, we need to give 25 people outside our immediate community free teeth cleaning.”

And if they were to take the same energy that it took to hire someone to do a video, to hold the camera, to do the rendering, to do all the stuff, they probably could have went out and
and went door to door and said, “Hey we just want to do free teeth cleaning.”

The reason is then you can have some credibility about why they’re laughing at a product (Perfect Smile Veneers) that’s being sold to poor people. The main thing is sometimes things get contagious and one person does it, another person does it,  another person does it.

And right now we’re looking at four or five dentists that are trying to make fun of the Perfect Smile Veneers. I have to tell you I’m not one of those people. What I’d like to do is tell these
dentist that their position is a little bit ivory tower.

And it’s one thing when I say something. I can tell you the the sun’s made of cheese and you can decide whether you want to listen or look up or pick up your phone and google it. But when a doctor, a dentist, tells you that something is bad, you put down your phone and you listen to why it’s bad.

It’s for the 20%

80% of the people who buy online are probably going to be disappointed. It’s 20% of those people that are going to make a better life for themselves. They’re going to make a meeting, or pictures, or presentations, or a special event.

And they’re going to use this to get through a couple meetings until they can get a job. Until they can get a savings. After they get dental insurance. Once they’re back in the game. And I think a lot of the people who’ve done it, they like it because it’s a choice.

And I like it, because if you use it properly, it will get you through a two-hour interview or a two hours with friends. I think they serve their purpose and I think it creates a choice. The only thing good about a choice is one: that you have one.

The bottom line about Perfect Smile Veneers

And two: you’re the one that gets to make it. Right now, with these Perfect Smile Veneers available for $14.99, there are some people who are listening to this conversation that can’t afford me and they can’t afford the doctors, but they have a choice and they get to make it.

Thank you guys.

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Smart Smile Makeover with Kimby Kloss

Smart Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab
No Drill – Just BIL

Not wanting your teeth to be drilled isn’t unreasonable, it’s smart. Kimby wanted a smart smile makeover, so she contacted Brighter Image Lab. This is her story.

When you smile, you teach people to smile around you. Or, when you don’t, it teaches them to be more concerned around you.

It’s contagious.

I’ve seen that with even parents who can’t smile who is in your pictures where you take a serious look. It tends to make people draw from that look. Even though it works for you…

It’s not as approachable.

Right, and so, if you had…If you can go back and take a quarter of those chances back, or fifty of those chances…

I would do it in a heartbeat.

Right. There you go, “Hey, let me show you what I really want to do,” you know, “but I don’t want to be…”

Meet Kimby Kloss

This is who I really am I really am, a smiley person and happy and bubbly. This is who I am.

How’d you hear about us?

I was on Instagram, and there was this social media, you know, person that I loved her teeth. And she was just really real about, you know how she approached getting, you know, a better smile. I looked at her YouTube, and on her YouTube videos she had she was one of your clients.

I was so intrigued I had to, you know, I was brought to…


Dental Solution to Drill – BIL Solution is a Smart Smile Makeover

Your web page and I was just like it was almost like automatically I felt like my perspective had changed upon, you know, getting a sense of doing dental veneers. I’m just so impressed that there she avoided doing the drilling and the step-by-step process that it would take that’s so invasive that to me I like…It…The cost is high.

Yes, that’s incredibly deceptive.

Oh my god…

Cosmetic Dentistry Needs to Show The Real After Photos

What happens is cosmetic dentistry shows the before, they show the after, but they never show the ride home. And the difference is when they show before and after it’s a deceptive position. Like before and after it’s like these are your teeth and now these are your teeth, drilled down.

And so there’s really not an after past that because the third picture is here your here’s your teeth when you apply a veneer. Here’s how we hide your teeth, but the before and after should be real teeth, cone teeth.

“Perfect” Teeth Weren’t Good Enough

My entire life I have…Growing up I had, you know, pretty baby teeth. My dentist always said that and it stuck with me because when my teeth came in the way that they did I was not as pleased.

You just want them different.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly!

Smart Smile Makeovers Shouldn’t Involve Drilling Healthy Teeth

And so, it’s like…And that’s one of the theories that we get into is that nobody should drill healthy teeth.

Yeah, that’s terrifying to me. It really, really is.

Here’s what’s happened. What cosmetic dentistry does is they drill a tooth to grind it down, but it the grinding comes from the drill, and so we just say stay away from the drill. We all the time see people who send us their cases, and want to know if they can get their dental veneers removed. Because they want to go back to what they had and you can’t. It’s like, “You can’t. Are you crazy?”


Rejecting The Drill, Leaving Invisalign

When you said that you didn’t want to drill, then that got my attention. Like for instance I don’t know if you know, but I think you told me you were in Invisalign? Jumped out of them?


The reason being is cause..?

Oh my god, orthodontics was the biggest mistake ever. It was not productive.

Orthodontics, Braces Isn’t The Solution For Everyone

What what I tell people is is that they’re, you know, you have to know what to expect if your teeth didn’t come in fully. They don’t continue to come in fully. Straightening them with orthodontics don’t make them nicer, it just makes them more obvious. And sometimes, if they’re not shaped right, they have to be straighter teeth, and that makes it more obvious. “Oh, I really need cosmetic dentistry…”

And so most people go straight from orthodontics, braces straight into cosmetic dentistry…

Which is crazy.

They could have bypassed it, and so especially for little things if you’d done it ten years ago, or even five years ago. The choices we make today for those same dental veneers are so different in color and shade and translucency and a bunch of things.

So why commit yourself to something that’s going to potentially..?

Technology Produces Better Alternatives

it’s backdating. The technology has changed. Why continue to service that?

I want to show you something on your smile.

Okay. Let’s see.

You have almost no changes. The shape of this one and this one’s underdeveloped. This is probably one of those cases that are strictly cosmetic like, and…But if you could make those changes on a case like this, you can do any case. And so…

Kimby Gets Her Dental Veneers

I can’t believe this is really happening. Those are my impressions? These are my teeth? Are those are gonna go in my mouth?

The reason i said they work, this is supposed to be your mouth. They fit on, and so that’s where we take it from. So the best thing to do is try it. Ok? Boom!

Ah! This is crazy! I have to take a deep breath. I…

It’s gonna feel weird.

No. I can’t even describe…Since I have…Like this is a big moment for me, because since I have been like a little girl on, I have always had such…Since I was six years old and my front teeth came in, and this tooth has always been such an insecurity of mine.

I never smile with my teeth and it’s you know maybe it’s all a mental thing but I just, like I can’t believe this moment is really here!

Kimby’s Transformation


Is it on?

They look amazing.

What do you see?

I’m going to let you see.

I’m ready.


You gotta let the camera see.

This is unreal!

You look amazing.

I can’t…

Look how shiny they are, they look so perfect and shiny.

I can’t.

I noticed in your Instagram your lip to lip on almost everything.

Everything, and my family always gives me such a hard time and it’s always been an insecurity thing.

You’re not having a problem smiling?


Or, I mean…

I’m never going to do the duck face again!

We’re talking…I just learned that that was a real face. I thought it duck meant hide.

Oh my god!

They look perfect.

I can’t believe it.

Kimby Tries Another Set of Dental Veneers On

Do you mind changing to the other ones? I always tell people wait three or four days before you get used to the bottom, but some people get adjusted the first and they wear the second one. It all depends on how good it looks. Should look surreal, but it’s gonna feel big, and it’s gonna feel bright, so let’s look at it.

Ok let’s do it!

This is yours. Look how white it is.

Oh my god. I know. Oh my gosh.

Just push them down.

Like this?

They should be tight.

Ok. Oh my god, I can’t believe this! No!

That’s a lot to get used to. How does it feel? It’s crazy to me.

Feels great. I can’t believe this.

Brittney’s Smile Journey

You know, a large percentage of the people that come to me and never came to me to look good. They never one time asked to look better. I met a young lady in Ohio called me and said
that I need I mean a really great smile.

Was this Brittney?


I watched it!

And she’s like, “You can do this!” And she was in the dentist for four years and he couldn’t fix her smile, and so that’s when we really got on: “Let’s make these more perfect.”

So with that, I’m getting to see the work for the first time. Normally, I don’t get to see it up this close.

I am so happy!

No Prior Communication with Kimby

I have to tell you something else.

Tell me!

People are gonna ask, we don’t know each other.


And we never met before today, right?

No, no, no, no, no.

Like we instagrammed one time.

Yeah, I reached out to you. I didn’t know I was reaching out to you. Didn’t know who I was reaching out to, because…

It was like a Saturday or Sunday morning.

It was a Sunday morning.

You didn’t try these on before today?


Ok, and so with that…

Oh my god!!! Like, I, this is unreal.

Smart Girls Choose Smart Smile Makeovers

Another thing I liked about your graduating from college. These smart girls that they do their work, they don’t drill. You obviously know enough people to know any cosmetic dentist in Florida. If you wanted to make that choice you could’ve easily made it, and it wasn’t an accident that you put that in our first message.

Like, I’m not drilling, so help me. And I’m thinking how does she know to say that like I’m always concerned that somebody in my office might have heard me say that, so they go “I’ll just tell them this,” but we were looking at trying to start a campaign that says don’t drill, and I knew you were doing your investigation.

Finally – The Perfect Smile

And I knew that you could make other choices, and I know there’s a time to where you don’t want to be making mistakes. You got too many people coming in, but I will tell you I have been here for the last 15 minutes or so and I don’t see anything about you that’s going to have anything but positive on you making an impression.

Or you didn’t no longer have the negative. I don’t think you’re ever going to worry about that one tooth being too small. It looks perfect now.

They’re perfect.

Let me see. They’re perfect, perfect. Like the tips match exactly bite for bite.

I’m so excited.

It’s still way hard for you believe, I can feel the energy of shock.

I can’t believe this is real. I love them so much!

This is insane crazy.

They’re so perfect.

A Smile Ready For Graduation

Your parents are gonna see you for graduation. Your mom’s gonna see you for Mother’s Day, and you’re gonna walk your stage, you’re gonna have your friends…

Oh my god!

And there are going to be one more, “I have to…Oh, these are my…These people will judge me…”

Smiling the entire way down.

We did pretty good.

I have to see again. Oh my gosh.

We did good.

You did good.

We did good.

Kimby Reveals Her Smart Smile Makeover to Her Friend

I know Kariann always had the best teeth. She’s my twin, I got robbed. Hey, can you believe it?

They look so good!

You’re the first one I’m showing.

Oh! How do they feel?


Oh my gosh.

Aren’t they amazing, KK?

You’re so happy, you’re smiling!

I know I’m so happy!

You’re smiling, that’s awesome.

I know!

Get Your Smart Smile Makeover

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Kimby got her smart smile makeover in Florida, but you can get one in: Mexico City, Ecatepec, Nezahualcoyoti, Cancun, Mexico; Guadalajara, Zapopan, Jalisco; Puebla; Tijuana, Mexicali, Baja California; Juarez, Chihuahua; Leon, Guanajuato; Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; Acapulco, Guerrero;  Nassau, Bahamas, Belmopan, Belize, St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Panama City, Panama; Kingston, Jamaica; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Argentina, Buenos Aires, Bolivia, La Paz and Sucre, Brazil, Brasília, Chile, Santiago, Colombia, Bogotá, Ecuador, Quito, French Guiana, Cayenne, Guyana, Georgetown, Venezuela, Caracas, Peru, Lima, San José , Costa Rica, and most areas in Central and South America.

New Removable Veneer Review for Brighter Image Lab

New Removable Veneer Review For Brighter Image Lab – Watch What Happens Next!

Watch this video from our client, Brittney. We were moved by her new removable veneer review. Brittney was a senior in high school. She was afraid she would miss out on prom and all the other senior year events that she should be smiling about. We decided we had to do all we could to help her.

New Removable Veneer Review Update

So everybody’s been asking me for the week update on my new smile.

So the biggest question I usually get is how do you possibly eat with those in?

Honestly, I can’t even feel them when I have them in. It’s not simple and material these are made out of are made from NASA, so these aren’t supposed to break. These are supposed to stay in your mouth as long as you want them to stay in your mouth. Which is amazing because if you’re at social events obviously you don’t wanna be popping out your smile.

New Removable Veneer Compared To Retainers

I kind of refer it back to when I had retainers. I hated popping out my retainers when I was at dinner with friends or I was at social events where I couldn’t eat with my retainers in. But you can eat with these, I promise you.

Eating With New Removable Veneers

Also stay away from like biting into an apple that is one of the most fragile parts of your smile in general. All your two front teeth so beware of that. I have not broken these at all and I eat perfectly fine with these. Just be aware of what you’re eating, you know? Sometimes don’t bite into that apple, you know? Cut that apple and, you know, put it in the back of your mouth.

Beware of hard steaks, like, anything hard at it just be kind of cautious on, but you should be fine.

Can You Talk With New Removable Veneers?

Another big question regarding the removable veneers is do I have a lisp?

Now, between three to four days you’ll gradually have…that’s natural because you have a foreign object in your mouth and mine over time which you probably see in my vlog the lisp as with each word I said was going away.

Now, granted, I do have a little bit of a lisp. It’s 99.9% gone. I just got the retouched up veneers yesterday so I’m still getting used to these ones, but it’s already gone at you but for the Lisp it goes away three to four days depending on how you talk.

It Just Takes Practice

I actually practice talking with them the day that I got my dental veneers I was in my car and I was singing along to songs I feel like that’s one of the easiest ways to get used to the veneers in your mouth, um, just talk you’ll naturally figure out a way. Your mouth will naturally figure out a way to talk with them in just like any foreign object like a retainer or your braces.

Do They Look Real?

Another thing that I wanted to bring up was how real my teeth look it’s absolutely insane. A video clip of me showing my teeth up close and personal because it amazes me the amount of compliments I get in the day. Like who did your teeth who was your orthodontist, and I refer back to Brighter Image Lab every single time.

Brighter Image Lab Is Amazing

I’m like I am so proud of the work that Brighter Image Lab did for me and I am hoping to work with them a lot more in the future if it’s from doing more sets for my teeth or different designs of my teeth or just helping, you know, get them out there because if they help me I know they’re gonna help a lot more.

My teeth were a struggle to work with and they did this in a matter of just a month. It wasn’t that easy. A smile is very important to me I use it for my job. I use it for school to make friends and so far, so good!

I can’t wait to come back with you guys. It will let me show you the month, six month, or year update with these.

Brighter Image Lab you kicked butt like always!

I’ll see you soon!

We hear countless new removable veneer reviews from clients in area like Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Detroit, MI, Milwaukee, WI, Kansas City, MO, Omaha, NE, Cleveland, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Wichita, KS, St. Louis, MO, Cincinnati, OH, St. Paul, MN, Toledo, OH, Fort Wayne, IN, Lincoln, NE, Madison, WI, Des Moines, IA, Akron, OH, Aurora, IL, Springfield, MO, Grand Rapids, MI, Overland Park, KS, Sioux Falls, SD, Rockford, IL, Joliet, IL, Kansas City, KS