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Our Detoxing Serum helps dissolve these barriers and provide direct, un-compromised access to the surface area of the tooth – making it possible to get the cleanest, brightest teeth you’ve ever had!

Our Detox Serum reduces bio-film, detoxes pores, remineralizes structure, and softens tartar/calculus

Our innovative Detox Serum contains the highest quality ingredients available and each one was sourced for its proven effectiveness. These include: A concentrated tartar softener which is specially formulated to remove the toughest calculus buildup. A re-mineralizing agent, that helps strengthen the tooth and enamel against damage. A first of its kind desensitizer that coats, rather than clogs, the pores of your teeth to reduce sensitivity, while allowing the teeth to cure. All of this ensures that you’re getting the most effective Smile Care System money can buy. Until now, the cost of going to the dentist meant that most people had to choose between cleaning and whitening, but with our Bilistic Detox Serum’s proprietary blend of ingredients, we offer a proven way to clean and brighten your teeth – for a fraction of the cost, and without the dentist.

Name Any Product That Does More For Dirty Mouths!

  • Deep Cleans surfaces & pores
  • Reduces Bio-Film
  • Softens Tarter/Calculus
  • Remineralizes/Strengthens
  • Desensitizes
  • Brightens and shines

3.) Pure Hi-Intensity (Non-Blended) Bleaching Gels

Scientifically designed to deliver exceptional results

Bilstic Pure Bleaching Gel

Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gel is essential to get your teeth to their whitest shade possible. Our proven gel formula has helped over 300,000 clients achieve the best smile possible, and we know if you try it, it will work for you. Our pure blend gel is formulated for the deepest bleaching possible, going past the surface of the tooth to the pulp, improving the appearance of your teeth better with no Lights or lasers.

The secret to effectiveness of our gel is constant continuous temperature control of our Pure Blended Bleaching Gel. In order to maintain stability, our gel is kept at a consistent temperature. Even after your order is created, we continue to provide cold packs wherever necessary to ensure you receive the gel at the optimal temperature for maximum effectiveness.

Brighter Image Lab Pure Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gel

4.) To TRULY GO BILISTIC we have to add a pro-series polisher

“Every once in a while a product comes around that is so revolutionary that it’s no longer – Do you want it or do you need it – instead it begs the question: ‘Why hasn’t this been available before now?'”

Bilistic Pro Series Polisher video
Closeup of Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher
Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher
Side angle of Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher
Bilistic Polisher with Cleaning Kit

We spent almost $1 Million Dollars asking our self the same questions and researching and then developing it…The best tooth polisher, the best prophy heads, the best tartar/calcium softener/dissolver, and introduced them to our trusted and proven Lab Direct Teeth Bleaching System to create the first true Teeth Cleaning, Bleaching, and Polishing system. Now, for the first time ever, you can truly polish your teeth from the comfort of your own home or office without going the the dentist. Better still, you can use the same polisher to clean and polish your family’s teeth!

Bilistic disposable prophy angles are an essential component for best results. Their ergonomic shape helps reduce unnecessary pressure designed to ensure smooth function. Accessing the sub-gingival aspects of the tooth is a snap with Bilistic disposable prophy angles. Our soft cup design, ensures you get the finest polished feeling every time. W/ NO Dentist.

  • Smooth-running, quiet gear design
  • Ergonomic shape reduces bounces/uneven pressure
  • 100% latex free
  • Improved flare for better sub-gingival access
  • Soft prophy angles designed for smoothest rotation and consistent performance
  • Guide the prophy tip along your top teeth using “O” motions, and along the bottom teeth using “U” motions

“Did you know that more people with commercial electric tanning beds wired in their homes than there are people with Professional Teeth Polisher in their bathrooms. It’s insane!”

A Teeth Cleaning Solution Should Include Bilistic Dental Tools

A Teeth Cleaning Solution Should Include
Bilistic Dental Tools

We are proud to have developed our new innovative designs in our Bilistic Pro-Series Dental Tools. Handmade details such as the weighted stainless steel cross patterns for non slip and precision instrument handling that provide for an extremely effective touch, reach and control. Made from the highest quality stainless steel. Our Dental Tool Set provides all the necessary instruments for professional dental cleaning.

All sets includes one handle and its mirror, one spatula scalar, one probe scalar and tweezers

Bilistic Polisher with Cleaning Kit
Bilistic Tongue Scraper

Plus we also include our All Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper for a more complete mouth cleaning.

  • Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue.
  • Helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue.
  • Helps remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath.
  • Enhances the sense of taste.
  • Gently stimulates the internal organs.
  • Promotes overall oral & digestive health.

“As you sleep, your body is detoxifying. Much of the film on your tongue is toxins excreted from your body. You don’t want to re-ingest that do you? NO! Scraping your tongue first thing in the morning will remove this sludge from your tongue and from your body, improving your overall health and improving your immune system”