Jennifer D was Insta-scammed

I reached out to Brighter Image Lab after sending almost $1000 across the pond and being Insta-scammed with vacuum formed toothcovers instead of dental grade veneers. My husband was blown away by how realistic BilVeneers are. I can remember a time when I didn’t hate my smile, but I’ve never loved my smile until now. If you’re researching clip-in veneers. Look no further than Brighter Image Lab. Let Bil customize your smile. You won’t regret it.

I’m very happy with it and I’m glad I paid more money upfront for an awesome well built next to professional as far as I can tell device for polishing at home. Rather than spending $25 here 17 there another $25 and being disappointed with all the battery-operated crapola that’s out there.

I was skeptical there were no other reviews at the time I bought it I thought I was going to have to wait forever because it was third-party shipping but I actually received it in three days. Which was actually unexpected but great that I did.

I’ll tell you right out of the box make sure you read direction first of all guys. It’s built well, strong as all get out. Comes with four little polishing compound caps and two tubes of this whitening polish or gel. Even comes with one of those funny mouth spreaders so you can actually see and get back in there. Of course beware cause you’re going to drool all over the place.

BIL has made a BILiever out of me

My experience was positive from start to finish. Coming from a family of dental technicians, I found BIL veneers are a quality product designed and manufactured with the care one would expect from any dental lab. Don’t be fooled by similar products. You will get what you pay for. BIL has made a BILiever out of me and I hope they will do the same for you! Cheers!

Janet T Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

I decided to go with Brighter Image Lab and I was not disappointed! As a public speaker, my smile was very important to me! I speak now with more confidence and recommend them to everyone. They have excellent customer service, they sincerely want you to have a good experience with a 100% result. Thank you Brighter Image Lab for changing my life!

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

5* service and products from Brighter Image Lab! I couldn’t have asked for much better. Everything from the purchase to the service, delivery, and product was top notch. I love my new smile. Thank you so much Brighter Image Lab!

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

First off let me say I’ve never been more interested & invested time into researching about my oral health. For the past 3 hours I’ve been searching affordable teeth whitening systems but Brighter Image is the one that catches my eye the most. I haven’t even bought the product yet and I’m already satisfied.

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

This entire experience has been excellent. There isn’t a thing they could have done better. The staff at Brighter Image Lab is friendly and easy to get a hold of. The veneers are absolutely beautiful and fit perfectly. I highly recommend them.

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

I go to dentist 2 times a year. The dentist suggested I get implants. Even with good dental insurance it was gonna be a lot. Brighter Image Lab helped me and saved us money. I love my new smile. So thank you Brighter Image Lab for giving me confidence with my beautiful smile back. I highly recommend them.

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

This investment will be the best decision you will make. The staff will do anything they can to make you a beautiful smile. You cannot go wrong! Just be patient, send in good impressions, and work with them! You will have your very own beautiful smile as well!

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

Let me start with the end. These upper veneers are amazing, so real and natural looking, they fit perfectly. I always called asking for Chris who made me feel comfortable, but realized that all of the representatives are kind and professional. I am no longer intimidated to smile or laugh. Thank you Brighter Image and Chris

Hippy Chick Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

Thank you. You brought a smile to someone’s face who never smiled beyond a tight lipped grin. I am so pleased, so impressed, so proud to “face” the world with a smile. You make people smile everyday! Wow you must love your work because you sure are making this woman smile like I never have before!

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

Had a football injury and had one of my front teeth chipped and another knocked out. I was floored with the prices dentists were charging. My only regret it that I didn’t find out about this earlier. I am 100% pleased and would recommend this process to everyone who can’t afford the ungodly prices dentists charge.

Geselle Barile Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

My experience with Brighter Image Lab beat instasmile. Brighter Image Lab did everything right in one single attempt. Everything Instasmile couldn’t do for me with three failed attempts. BIL enhanced my smile and it continues to change my life. Thank you, BIL!!!

Brighter Image Lab Testimonial for Melanie S

I cannot rate Brighter Image Lab highly enough. I am from Warrington, England UK. Yes I had doubts about spending money for veneers from abroad but I took a chance and wow it worked out! I love wearing my veneers and couldn’t be without them.

Bridget Justice Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

I couldn’t be happier the experience I had with Brighter Image Lab. No more hiding my teeth when I smile! The process was easy and I love my results, I can FINALLY take happy family photos and pics with my friends. It was way better than going through the ordeal of the dentist. I wish I had done this a long time ago!

Peter Golding Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

A lot of times I read reviews and I think, “How real are they?” Well I can say after getting them, I have been a different person. I wish I done it earlier. Everyone has mentioned I have my spark back. Brighter Image Lab is the way to go. Thank you so much for your hard work to let me have my confidence back.

Ciara Johnson Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

I definitely give Brighter Image Lab 5 STARS! I went to dentists and each one of them would tell me the same thing “you’re not a good candidate for braces”. I know I did not have thousands of dollars for cosmetic dental work. I am honestly glad I invested my money into them which was very worth it!

Nicole Tipene Brighter Image Lab Testimonial

I am so ecstatic with my veneers and all the communication with me being unsure about if my teeth would even work. I was so scared but it took only 1 time to get them right and they were actually easy to do the impressions. I am amazed at how beautiful they are. You are the only company I would trust!