Yes, Yes and yes again. You get what you pay for plain and simple!

I'll tell you right out of the box make sure you read direction first of all guys. It's built well, strong as all get out. Comes with four little polishing compound caps and two tubes of this whitening polish or gel. Even comes with one of those funny mouth spreaders so you can actually see and get back in there. Of course beware cause you're going to drool all over the place.

You get 4 tips with it that are angled and also built well all of plastic with the polishing cup. Now to the basics when I pulled it out of the box I could tell it was built well. It is also all electric powered but it does disconnect from the cord. There's a speed control where it plugs into the wall and the thing has more than enough power. I do mean more than enough.

Needless to say I was skeptical there were no other reviews at the time I bought it I thought I was going to have to wait forever because it was third-party shipping but I actually received it in three days. Which was actually unexpected but great that I did. Secondly I thought if it does suck I'll just return it to Amazon and let them deal with it.

I'll tell you what though I'm very happy with it and I'm glad I paid more money upfront for an awesome well built next to professional as far as I can tell device for polishing at home.Rather than spending $25 here 17 there another $25 and being disappointed with all the battery-operated crapola that's out there and yes about your only other option so far on Amazon or in the store.

Yeah just so you know it to say it again you're not gonna bog this thing down you're not going to have to worry about changing the batteries it's not a throwaway device. It does the job and it does it well plain and simple.I'm very glad I purchased it.

Dan Bauer


Dan Bauer