The #1 'No Dentist'

Alternative to Invisalign

Invisalign Isn't for Everyone

There are other options out there, that most dentists won't tell you about

When it comes to your smile, you want all the information you can get, and unfortunately, the dentist isn't always the best place to get it. There are other solutions for a straighter, whiter smile - solutions that don't involve a dentist.

Thousands of people are choosing Removable Veneers over Invisalign each year. Why?

  • Pain Free
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    Instant Results
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    Full Smile Enhancement
of Patients need more work after their initial Invisalign plan.

These Real Clients Got a Straighter Smile
Without the Dentist

Our Clients Are Proof  -  You Don't Need a to Move Teeth to Have a Straighter Smile

We've helped thousands of people improve their smiles, without a single treatment plan, and without moving a single tooth. How? By offering an affordable, cosmetic, 'no dentist' alternative to Invisalign. Many of the clients here, considered Invisalign before choosing our Lab Direct solution. Clients love that Removable Veneers can give them smile they want - right now - instead of waiting 2 years for Invisible Braces. For some people, Invisalign can be the right solution, but if you're unsure about the time, cost, or pain associated with braces, we encourage you to take a look at some of the thousands of clients who have found a more fitting alternative.

Removable Dental Veneers Online

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Option 1: Press On Veneers
Press On Veneers

Press On Veneers Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers. DDS Regular Price: $1989.00

Standard Press On Veneers include the following processes and procedures:

  • System w/ 3-Way Lab Direct Processing
  • 3D Dental Scanning
  • 3D Digital Design to limit average thickness
  • Machine Buffed
  • Slimline Protective Aluminum Storage Case
  • Standard 30 Day Processing*
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty*

2 Half Payments of:



Full Payment of:




Option 2: BIL Veneers

Bil Veneers: New for 2017- Our Master Crafted Veneers. Redesigned from the ground up to be Thinner, More Detailed, and Stronger than ever before. DDS Regular Price: $2450.00

Master Crafted BilVeneers includes all traditional Press On Veneers features plus:

  • Hand Fabricated Fine Detailing
  • Ultra HD Impression Scanning
  • Micron 4x Ultra-Thin Contouring
  • Pearl Polishing with Hi-Gloss Finishing
  • Assigned Client Service Representative
  • Master Designed w/ Extended Design Time
  • Designed with Sure Fit Seal Technology

2 Half Payments of:



Full Payment of:




*Standard 30 Day Processing

Upgrade to 14 Day Smile Express





*Standard 90 Day Warranty

Add an Additional 2 Year Warranty

*Options Available At Checkout

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