Scam Veneers - Brighter Image vs. Instasmile

Makeover Your Smile NOW With The Best Press On Veneers

“Quality is NEVER an accident.
It is always the result of intelligent effort.”
–  John Ruskin

We know that a lot of people, just like you, have a lot of questions about dental veneers that are sold online.  

Affording yourself a smile makeover is not something you are going to do too often. You want to make sure you get it right the first time…

THAT takes true design.

It takes the latest technology.

And that takes years of innovation.

Bad teeth, crooked teeth, broken teeth, misaligned teeth… you can change your life by transforming your smile with the best Press On Veneers from Brighter Image Lab.

Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

The Digital Design Process

The removable dental veneers by Brighter Image Lab are designed digitally and they are designed to compete with porcelain dental veneers. They are designed to look as if your smile has been completely made over by a cosmetic dentist.

How is this possible?

It’s all made possible with digital design.

Ask anyone that is interested in offering you a dental veneer a simple question:

Is it digitally designed and processed?

If not, we believe the veneer they are showing you is probably a clip-on, removable appliance made from plastic thermoform.

We’re proud of the veneers we make here at Brighter Image Lab. When it comes to improving your smile, we don’t take any shortcuts. Our work speaks for itself. Take the time to look at our website and our variety of client stories and smile makeovers.

We want you to get a veneer that you are proud of. And we get it, it’s hard to know who to choose from!

You’ll see dental veneers from $200 – $300 all the way up to $2,000 – $3,000. What we believe to be most confusing is that some of them will start out with a good, better, and best. They’ll show you websites that claim how they digitally design their product. What they don’t tell you is that the pictures you are looking at — none of them have been digitally designed!

When you look at their premium, it’s not that much different than their plus or their basic. You don’t want to spend MORE money on something that doesn’t look that much different.

So, how are you really going to choose? That’s how they fool you… and to make it worse there are so many ads out there that are absolutely deceiving. You’ll see ads that have pictures that are not even their work:

The ads that you see are nowhere close to the actual product!

This is exactly what we want to prevent from happening.

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The BEST Press On Veneers

Here at Brighter Image Lab we are smile designers.

All we do is design smiles for people who want to change their smile NOW. We want to give you the smile you need, which means giving you the best press on veneers.

Brighter Image Lab is dedicated to helping as many people receive their dream smile makeover, which is why we offer several top quality products:

Press On VeneersOur classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally
Processed, Removable Veneers.
Bil VeneersOur Master Crafted Veneers. Redesigned from the
ground up to be Thinner, More Detailed, and Stronger than ever before.
IncrediBil The newest addition to the Brighter Image Lab family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.​​

To start creating your one-of-a-kind press on veneers, you will receive an impression system in the mail. Inside your impression system, you will find everything you need to take impressions of your teeth. Next, you send your impressions back to our lab in the pre-paid envelope included in the kit.

Our design lab then uses 3D technology to create a digital model of your actual teeth. Combined with photos of your existing smile, our designers will have everything they need to create a press on and removable veneer that fits your teeth exactly and compliments your face beautifully.

Choosing The Best Smile Makeover From Brighter Image Lab

We do smile makeovers for people all over the world because the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall appearance is to improve your smile!

The reason why most people don’t fix it… is because they don’t think it’s possible. But, you can have an amazing smile that is affordable by choosing to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab.

All you have to do is want to take the time
to make a CHANGE.
Click HERE if YOU are ready to make a change NOW!

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